Beanacre0's HP challenge:

Hermione Granger isn't just Hermione Granger, but has Multiple Personality Disorder (In mine her name is Hermia). She has had it all her life, but no one has ever truly noticed except her parents. Mr and Mrs Granger die and Hermione is sent to Hogwarts/Grimauld Place and her other half comes to the forefront in the aftermath of her grief. Hermione/her Alter Ego falls in love over the year or so. Who with you decide and what happens you decide too.


Hermione x Harry

Hermione x Draco

Hermione x Severus

Hermione x Pretty much anyone you want


No Slash

Must be at least 10 Chapters

Must have fun!

Must be named Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Written by: SevLoverKat, who has too
many stories to write. Lol. :)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Harry Potter.
If I did, my stories would turn out way
better than they are.

Prologue: A girl with four sides

Mr. and Mrs. Granger always knew their daughter was special. Doesn't every parent think their child is the brightest, the best behaved child in the world? Well, Hermione Granger was bright, and she was well behaved, but sometimes her eyes would flash slightly and then she was back to normal again. Her parents didn't know what was going on with her until she was eight years old. That's when they found out about MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder.


Eight-year-old Hermione Jean Granger was sitting on a playground swing at her primary school when a long shadow loomed over her. She looked over her shoulder to see the school bully, Johnny. She tilted her head slightly in confusion, not understanding why he was bothering her. He never had before. "Hello, Johnny."

"Don't talk to me, bookworm. You're nothing but a worm, and I squish worms." Johnny sneered, popping his knuckles. He nearly laughed out loud when he saw the other kids watching. He chuckled darkly, "You need to learn your place, nerd." He pushed her from the swing, and when she fell forward onto her face, he went around the swing and turned her over onto her back. He started punching her, not caring that there were witnesses to his assault on the girl.

Something in Hermione snapped, her eyes flickered slightly, and she punched him in the gut. When he gasped, she pushed him off of her. Then she jumped up to pound on him. "Don't hit me! Didn't your mum teach you not to hit girls?" She cried as she punched him. Then teachers came and pulled her off of him.

"Miss Granger!" One teacher exclaimed. "How could you attack a fellow student?"

Hermione lifted her face to look at the teacher, the rage in her was gone, and said, "He hit me first. I was just sitting on the swing, when he came up and pushed me off of the swing and then started punching me." Her face was bruised: around her left eye, at the corner of her mouth, and at her right temple. Her lip was split too.

The teacher looked Hermione over, before nodding grimly, and telling another teacher, "Check him for major bruises."

Another teacher pulled Johnny's shirt up, and didn't see any major bruises... just small fist-shaped red marks. He looked at the teacher holding Hermione. "He's only got red marks, Miss. Teak."

Hermione's parents and Johnny's dad were called, and they arrived. Johnny was suspended for three days, and Hermione's parents took her home. When Hermione told her parents about the sudden rage that flowed through her, they didn't think much of it. Until her personality changed drastically again. Then they took her to a Psychiatrist.

The doctor checked her over, and patiently told her parents, "She has MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder. The changes most likely occur when she is scared or in danger. Sometimes when she is uncomfortable, one of the other personalities will step forward to take control of the situation. If she can live with the changes, she should be able to lead a perfectly normal life."

End Flashback

Mr. and Mrs. Granger watched as their only child walked toward the brick wall between Platforms 9 and 10. Mrs. Granger called out to her daughter, running forward. When she reached her eleven-year-old daughter, she hugged her and said, "Remember, Hermione. Try to act as normal as possible. Don't let anyone know about the MPD." Then she kissed her daughter's forehead.

Hermione waved goodbye to her parents, and was just about to go through the barrier, when she saw a black-haired boy with glasses pushing his trolley around and looking confused. She left her trolley next to her mum, and walked over to the boy. "Hogwarts?"

The boy turned bright green eyes towards her. He sighed with relief. "Yes. Hagrid never told me how to get on the Platform."

"That's ok, you can walk with me." Hermione led him back to her trolley, and continued, "You just walk straight at the wall between Platforms 9 and 10, at least, that's what Professor McGonnagal told me." She smiled nervously at him. "Want to go together?" The boy nodded, and they both walked through the barrier for the first time.

So, how did you like the first chapter? Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, Acceptable, Poor, Dull, or Troll? I couldn't remember the last two, so I guessed... Anyway, can someone look in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and tell me Hermione's parents' names?