Chapter 19 – The Eagles are coming!

For the second time Harry couldn't quite believe what he was seeing, before he knew what he was doing he sprinted over to the orc which held the sword, drew his own blade and swiped its head clean off. But his rage was too great to be satisfied by one kill, he wanted blood, he wanted vengeance, he wanted death.

And thus his rampage began, with none seen like since the legendary battles of the First and Second Age. Spell after spell was being shot from the now glowing Elder Wand, head after head was being severed by Harry's similarly glowing sword, and yet still more enemy came recklessly into the fray hoping to get a single shot at the rampaging wizard. Harry had no other thought in his mind other than to fight and kill. He never stopped to think that his rage at the apparent death of Thorin was non-sensical, maybe it was a build up over time or maybe something had snapped. At that moment he didn't care.

The constant barrage of orcs, goblins and Wargs was starting to tax on Harry's strength. This cost him. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach, just as he had turned to decapitate another Warg an arrow shot from the bow of an orc pierced his stomach. This made him and those in his immediate vicinity pause. Harry looked down at his stomach, reached for the arrow and pulled it out with a wince.

Looking at the arrow curiously he did not even flinch when the wound started to knit itself together, the pain was still there but he was no longer losing blood. Smiling viciously at the stupefied looks of the enemy he jumped into action again, this time with even more ferocity than before, though this time it was not mindless rage and grief which fuelled his anger but purpose and vengeance. He now had a plan, get back to Voldemort….Sauron and finish this. He found the dark lord locked in a battle with Gandalf and apparently winning. The old wizard was on the back foot and losing energy fast, he must not have used so much magic in a long while. Harry, abandoning the idea of using magic this time, stored his wand in his holster and gripped his sword with both hands as he continued to mow down the enemy. He was almost there, he just had to deliver one vicous blow to the dark lord and the dark creatures would be leaderless.

Before he could reach them however he was knocked to the ground by a blow to the head. Lifting his head to look at his attacker he found his ex-girlfriend smirking down at him fangs glinting in the setting sun.

"Brilliant" he muttered as he heaved himself to his feel, the cries of the goblins and the yells of men and dwarves alike in his ear. Thuringwethil laughed cruelly.

"Are you not pleased to see me my love" she said mockingly. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Can't say I am," he replied calmly though his heart was thumping quickly, "though I will be pleased when I see your head separated from you shoulders"

The vampire growled and lunged with her sword. Harry was ready though as he parried the blow and attacked with a strike of his own. This was blocked however, the clash of steel ringing in Harry's ear. Thuringwethil swung her sword in and arc which threw Harry slightly off balance before recommencing with her attack. Harry had gained control of himself in this millisecond and managed to block her attack. But the block did not throw the angry vampire off as she attacked again and again and again, but still Harry did not budge. He just had to get her off balance and he could end this fight. That change came when she slightly overstepped and Harry managed to bring the butt of his sword crashing into her head. She fell, sprawled onto the now churned up ground.

Harry readied himself for the final stroke when a very familiar face turned to look at him. The face of the first elf he had met in Middle Earth, the one which he had fallen in love with. For a moment he stood there with his mouth slightly open. Somewhere in the back of his mind was a voice saying that this was a trick, but when 'Dee' said "Harry?" in such a lost and frightened voice his resolve started to crumble.

"Harry I'm so sorry! He made me do it, cast a spell on me and brought me here to kill you!" she said with a sob. Harry stopped. Something wasn't right. The Dee he knew would never sob. Eyes set he pulled out his wand and said very calmly;


A thin but sharp stake shot from his wand and impaled 'Dee' through the chest. As soon as the wood had pierced flesh the glamours faded once again and the face of Thuringwethil was back. Harry watched emotionless as all signs of life left the purple eyes of his once love. He would grieve for his loss later, but for now there was still work to be done. Turning back to the fight between Gandalf and Sauron he vaguely heard a cry from one of his men.

"The Eagles are coming!"

Glancing up at the sky he found that indeed they were. Around about 20 great Eagles swooped into battle. Magnificent they were too, Harry had heard the tales from the company of their escape after Harry had been felled by an arrow. He had been disappointed not to have met the great Eagles of the North but now he saw them in all their glory. With a wingspan of about 180ft these birds easily took down a good 30 goblins, orcs and Wargs each in one swoop. Harry smiled. Now was as good a time as any.

Rushing towards the now concluding fight between the two wizards he saw that Gandalf was almost spent. He aimed his wand right at Sauron's hood and fired the strongest spell he knew, which just happened to be an Unforgiveable. Green light flashed brightly from the end of his wand and flew towards to servant of Morgoth. But the dark lord had managed to dive out of the way just in time. Harry frowned, that was meant to end it. Lifting his sword he charged at Sauron and swung for the final blow. What he didn't hear was the dark lord yell orders to retreat before disappearing just as Harry swung.

The momentum from a swing of such ferocity only to not hit anything caused Harry to over-rotate and fall onto his back. For a few seconds he laid there, the sounds of war all around him. He would have been content to lie there if not for a hand grasping his and heaving him up. Looking to the person he saw a very worn and very tired looking Gandalf.

"Thank you" Harry said gruffly as he looked around at the retreating enemy, firing spells at any who happened to be in range.

"It is I who should be thanking you my friend" said the old wizard tiredly. "It seems I am not as in shape as I once was, magically anyway" he added. Harry chuckled dryly as he watched the last of the enemy disappear into the distance.

He suddenly remembered Thorin, looking around quickly he spotted the dwarf being carried back to Dale be two men. Rushing over he grabbed Thorin's arm and apperated into the city's makeshift hospital. Setting the rapidly fading dwarf down he examined the wound. The sword had not pierced his heart but the wound was deep and had already begun to turn green, this indicated that the it was poisoned by the blade which ran him through. There was nothing he could do, unless there was a goat nearby which happened to have a tumour in its stomach there was no helping Thorin Oakenshield.


Just as Harry was beginning to get an idea Thorin stirred. Harry leaned over to see black eyes staring at him. He then took up the role of healer.

"Try and stay still now Thorin," he said as he readied his wand "this is probably going to hurt"

"No," the dwarf said faintly "do not waste your efforts on me, I have not the right to accept your help when many others deserve it more"

Harry looked at Thorin sadly "Do not make this journey be all for nothing Thorin Oakenshield, you have just reclaimed your kingdom have you not?"

"Indeed I have," Thorin said with a faint smile "this quest was not for nothing Mr Potter. I have accomplished what my father and grandfather wanted me to do. But after the way I have treated you and Mr Baggins I feel it is better for me to go than to stay and be corrupted by the wealth of my ancestors. Speaking of the young hobbit, will you fetch him for me? I wish to apologise to him also." Harry sighed, this wasn't how it was supposed to end. But nevertheless he did what Thorin asked. Telling the doctors and nurses who were tending to the wounded to look after Thorin in his final hours Harry went to find Bilbo.

He eventually found to hobbit talking to Fili and Kili in hushed tones. Both dwarves looked banged up and bruised but nothing life-threatening, Bilbo on the other hand had now but a large bruise on his head.

"Bilbo?" he said, the hobbit turned around and smiled at the sight of him, Harry resisted the urge to smile back and instead cut straight to the point "Thorin has asked for your company, you two may as well come as well" he added to Fili and Kili who nodded gravely. Obviously they had seen the incident with Thorin. The group of 4 made their way swiftly to the hospital and found not only Gandalf around Thorin's bed but also Thranduil. Harry nodded respectfully to both men before stepping back and allowing the hobbit and the dwarves to see Thorin.

"Maybe we should leave them to it" Gandalf said quietly to Harry who silently agreed. He, Gandalf and Thranduil left the hospital for a wander around the newly rebuilt city. There was silence for a long while as each person was consumed in their own thoughts. Thranduil finally broke the silence.

"My people will be departing for home soon" he said to Harry. Harry smiled.

"A well deserved rest" Harry replied "I cannot thank you enough for your aid, if you need anything you can rely on the city and men of Dale"

"You are staying then?" Gandalf said after Thranduil had bid his goodbyes. Harry remained silent for a moment, he did not know what he was going to do, he had been feeling rather numb for the last couple of hours and a full nights sleep wouldn't go amiss. Finally he replied.

"I do not know, maybe for a time," he said "but I fear I will grow restless staying in one place with that madman still out there. There is still much of this world I have not seen yet, even in all the years that I have been here. Speaking of which, am I allowed to enquire how your mission went?" Harry asked with a small smile. Gandalf frowned.

"The results are right in front of you" he said, pointing to the body-littered battlefield. This sobered Harry up again. "I am afraid that my actions may have increased Sauron's anger and interest in Erebor."

"Oh I assure you he had much interest in this quest already, if only for the fact that I was here" Harry said. "We have a bit of history, me and him"

"You and Sauron?" Gandalf replied, surprised. "I was under the impression that you only arrived a few years ago and this was Sauron's first act of war since the end of the Second Age."

"In another life, another world," Harry said vaguely "however that is a story for another day. Now if you may excuse me I have someone I need to speak with"

And after saying goodbye to Gandalf, Harry made his way over to Bard who was standing on the wall overlooking to devastation.

"Pretty horrendous isn't it" Bard said gruffly when he noticed Harry there. Harry only nodded.

"I am hearing rumours of your imminent departure" Bard said flippantly, almost curiously. Harry smiled, trust word to travel that quickly.

"I am considering it," Harry lamented "though I may stay a few weeks to get my strength up. You are the true King of this town and it will be yours to rule whether you like it or not" he grinned. Bard frowned slightly.

"Where will you go?" he asked. Harry thought for a moment before replying with a heavy heart;

"Wherever the wind takes me I suppose"

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