Vanex: Hello all! Yes, this is one of those 'Harry goes to Azkaban' stories. However, as you all probably expect from me, by now, this story will have my own unique twists on it. You might be surprised by the things I come up with.

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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"


"Dementor Talking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 1

In a dark corner of the world, there is a prison. A prison that is sometimes called Hell on Earth. This prison's name is Azkaban. It is where witches and wizards who have committed crimes are sent. Patrolled by the Dementors, it is a frightening place to be. If you go inside the front doors, head to the back of the prison, and then go down multiple flights of stone stairs, you'll reach the deepest part of the prison, where the worst criminals are kept. It's also where criminals that the Minister hates are kept, like the seventeen-year-old in Cell 5527. This prisoner is known to the magical world. He was supposed to be their savior. He was the one prophesied to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. But now, he is a murderer, guilty of killing all the Muggles who lived on Privet Drive. Every single witch and wizard knows the name of this prisoner. His name is Harry James Potter.

Harry twitches in his cell as a Dementor passes by it, forcing him to live through not just the night of October 31, 1981, but also the day of July 31, 1996. The day where everyone he ever trusted or cared about turned on him. It was his sixteenth birthday and it was a birthday far worse than any of the birthdays he ever had, including the lack of them when he was growing up in the Dursley house.

*Scene Change*

Harry sighed as he left the hardware store. His uncle had sent him to buy a new hammer to replace the old one that had finally broken apart. Harry shivered, remembering the one time that Vernon had hit him with that old hammer. He slowly walked home, not in any hurry to get there. When he arrived at Privet Drive, he was horrified. The doors of all the houses were blown in and the Dark Mark was in the sky. He quickly raced inside #4, only realizing too late that he didn't have his wand with him. He heard a voice cry, "Stupefy!" before being struck with the spell.

He woke up, only to find himself in front of the Wizengamot, with Professor Dumbledore and Minister Fudge glaring at him. "What's going on?" he asked.

Dumbledore glared for a few moments, before answering. "Harry Potter, you have been found guilty of killing all the Muggles who lived at Privet Drive and for casting the Dark Mark."

"But I'm innocent!"

"We have evidence that proves your guilt, the chief one being that your wand was the one used in the killings."

"But I didn't have my wand with me!"

Fudge scoffed. "That was a poor attempt at lying, Potter. We retrieved your wand from your pocket. Plus, you were the only person at the scene."

Dumbledore nodded. "It's sad to see that you have fallen so far as to commit such a massacre, Harry. To see that you have become one of Voldemort's Death Eaters. You are hereby sentenced to Azkaban. Aurors, take him away!"

As the Aurors started to drag Harry away, he noticed the Weasleys, excluding Fred and George, and Hermione glaring at him.

"How could you do it, Harry?" asked Ron.

"Why did you become a Death Eater?" asked Hermione.

"I can't believe I ever had a crush on you!" yelled Ginny.

"I'm ashamed I ever let you into my house! I'm ashamed that I treated you like one of the family! I hope you burn in Hell, you Dark monster!" yelled Molly.

The others nodded in agreement. Harry cried, the feeling of betrayal overwhelming him, as the Aurors dragged him out of the room.

*Scene Change*

The Dementor leaves the area, allowing Harry to slowly recover. He has been exposed to the Dementors enough times that he no longer falls unconscious whenever they affect him. It's been one year now. If he wasn't in here, he would be in his seventh year at Hogwarts. He shakes his head at the thought of Hogwarts. That school means nothing to him now. The people there mean nothing to him now. Well, there are a few possible exceptions, as some of his friends weren't present at the trial, like Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. There is also the fact that Fred and George Weasley weren't at the trial either, while the rest of the Weasley family was. But that alone doesn't mean that they don't believe that he's guilty.

Harry manages to crawl over to the crappy mattress and blanket that is his bed. Lying on it, he gazes up at the ceiling, wondering how long he'll have to put up with this hell before he can finally die.

*Scene Change*

In #12 Grimmauld Place, the Order of the Phoenix is having another of its meetings. Albus Dumbledore, the leader of the Order, addresses the other members. "A serious situation has arisen."

"What's wrong?" asks Hermione, who was made a member of the Order during the previous summer, along with Ron. They replaced Remus and Tonks, who both quit after Harry was locked in Azkaban, as they believed he was innocent. Moody also believes Harry is innocent, but is still part of the Order, for now.

"Thanks to Intel from Professor Snape here, we know that Voldemort is planning to attack Azkaban, so he can free all of his captive Death Eaters."

"Bloody hell! That means he's going to free Potter!" says Ron.

Albus nods. "It is because that he intends to free Mr. Potter that we are going to intervene. Mr. Potter must not be allowed to rejoin his master. We are going to Azkaban, where we will assist the Aurors that will also be dispatched to stop Voldemort. As for Mr. Potter, the warden will move him to his office, where a portkey will take them to the dungeons in Hogwarts. He will be kept there until Voldemort is driven away, then he will be brought back to Azkaban."

*Scene Change*

Harry stirs as his cell door opened and the warden enters. "Get up, kid. You're being moved."

Harry barely manages to stand. "What's going on?"

"Don't question me, prisoner! Just follow my directions!"

The warden grabs Harry's arm and drags him out of the cell.

*Scene Change*

At the shoreline of the island Azkaban is situated on, multiple black mists land, revealing Voldemort and some of his Death Eaters. The Dark Lord is in a good mood today, for today is the day he will kill Harry Potter, and Harry will be begging for that death. Voldemort loves how his plan has come together. He and his Death Eaters attacked Privet Drive and framed Harry for it, resulting in Harry spending a year under the torment of the Dementors, as well as seeing Voldemort kill many people through their mind link. This kind of treatment would send the average man into insanity after the first month, but Lord Voldemort isn't that merciful with his enemies.

Voldemort looks at his Death Eaters. "You know the plan. Free the others and bring Harry Potter to me alive. If one of you gets the idea of killing him yourself to gain a reward from me, then the reward you'll get is a painful death! Now go!

The Death Eaters start walking towards the prison, when the Aurors and the Order appear in front of them, blocking their path. Dumbledore walks forward. "Lovely day, isn't it Tom?"

Voldemort snarls. "Dumbledore!" He turns to the Death Eaters. "Kill them all, but Dumbledore is mine! Then proceed with the mission!" He quickly points his wand at Dumbledore. "Avada Kedavra!"

Dumbledore dodges the spell, and the battle begins.

*Scene Change*

While all the commotion is going on, no one notices a certain owl arrive, having taken advantage of the barrier around Azkaban being down, due to Voldemort's attack. The owl swoops down and flies into the prison. While most of the Dementors in the prison take no notice of the owl, a single one does, as something about the owl calls to it, something familiar. The Dementor immediately begins to follow the owl.

*Scene Change*

Dumbledore glares at Voldemort as the two circle each other, firing spells at each other. "You won't succeed here, Tom. Your Death Eaters will remain in prison, and that includes Mr. Potter."

Voldemort laughs. "It's amazing how easy it was to convince you that Potter turned evil!"

Dumbledore is caught off-guard. "What?"

"I framed him! It was my Death Eaters and I who attacked the Muggles! It was easy to steal Potter's wand, as those idiot Muggles he lives with kept it in a cupboard with the rest of his stuff! And since it's the brother wand to mine, it was easy for me to use it!"

"But, we retrieved the wand from Harry's pocket!"

"That's because I put it there! And now after two years of being in Azkaban, Harry Potter will most likely be insane and begging for death. I plan to oblige that today! I didn't come here to free Potter! I came here to kill him! And what makes it worse is that he will die remembering how you all betrayed him and locked him away when you could have easily used methods to determine the truth. But I knew you wouldn't use them. Just the possibility that he might be following the same path as me was enough to frighten you!"

Dumbledore is horrified, now realizing just what he has done.

*Scene Change*

The warden is dragging Harry down a hallway, when he gets a face full of owl, causing him to let go of Harry. He snarls in pain as the owl scratches his face. Harry recognizes the owl immediately. "Hedwig!"

At that moment, a cold feeling passes over him. He turns to see a Dementor floating just down the hallway, but it's not making any moves to attack, nor is it trying to feed on his happiness. Hedwig stops attacking the warden and lands on Harry's shoulder. It's at this moment that the warden notices the Dementor. "What are you doing here? Return to your post!"

The Dementor doesn't obey him. Instead it reaches out a hand towards Harry, or more specifically, towards Hedwig. Hedwig stares at the Dementor for a few moments, before taking off from Harry's shoulder and flying straight at the Dementor. Harry cries out. "Hedwig, don't!"

But, it's too late. The owl collides right into the Dementor and there's a white light at the point of contact. The Dementor begins to scream. The scream sounds so inhuman that both the warden and Harry cover their ears. The scream changes, becoming that of a young woman, before the white glow fully engulfs both Hedwig and the Dementor. Everything starts shaking as magical energy is released from the two.

*Scene Change*

Outside, the two groups fighting feel the island tremble and they all turn towards the prison, where a white column of light shoots out from the prison. The light affects both Dumbledore and Voldemort, as they feel something very familiar about the magical signature they can sense.

*Scene Change*

The white light fades, revealing that both Hedwig and the Dementor are gone. In their place, is a white haired young woman, wearing gray robes. The woman takes a deep breath before opening her eyes, revealing them to be an amber color. She begins to look over herself, feeling her face with her hands and smiling. She then reaches into her robes and pulls out a white wand. She holds it gently in both hands, like she hasn't been able to hold it in a long time. She then points the wand above her head and shoots something through the ceiling.

*Scene Change*

Outside, the two groups watch as an emblem appears above Azkaban and both Dumbledore and Voldemort are frightened, as they recognize the emblem and now know just who the magical signature belongs to. Dumbledore is the one to voice it. "She's back! The Snow White Queen is back!"

*Scene Change*

The mystery woman smiles. "Good, my power hasn't weakened as much as I thought it would."

Harry steps forward, angry with the thought that something has happened to his beloved owl. "Who are you and what have you done with Hedwig?"

The woman is startled, now remembering that she's not alone in the hallway. She ignores Harry for a moment and focuses on the warden. She raises her wand and fires a stunning spell at him, knocking him unconscious. She then turns to Harry, and her eyes seem to brighten. "Harry, you're okay! I was worried that I would be too late!"

The next thing Harry knows, the woman has him wrapped up in a hug. He struggles against her. "Let go of me! What have you done with Hedwig?"

The woman gives Harry a sad look. "You don't recognize me, Harry?"

Harry really looks at her and notices her eyes. His own eyes widen. "Hedwig?"

The woman nods happily. "Well, my actual name is Gwen Edwards, but to you I'm Hedwig."


She puts a hand on his cheek, causing him to trail off. She smiles. "I'll explain everything, Harry. But I would prefer to do it in a better location than this place." She looks around with a look of disgust.

Harry nods in agreement. "Yeah, let's get out of here. But won't the Ministry try to hunt me down?"

Gwen giggles. "Don't worry Harry. Now that I'm restored to my true self, I can deal with the Ministry, as well as Albus. Speaking of which, he and his fellow members of the Order of the Phoenix are fighting against Tom's forces just outside the prison. Let's go say hello first, shall we?" She holds out her arm, but Harry is hesitant to take it. She gives him a reassuring smile. "Trust me, Harry. They won't be able to do anything to you."

Harry nods and grabs Gwen's arm. They both disappear from the prison.

*Scene Change*

The two groups are surprised when two people appear in front of them, with one of them being Harry Potter. Most of the Order immediately start to turn their wands towards Harry, but Dumbledore quickly stops them. He looks in shock at the woman. "It really is you. But, you haven't aged a day."

Gwen laughs. "You can thank Tom here for that. Though I must say, there are some benefits that come from still having the body of an eighteen-year-old. Sadly, I don't have the time to explain everything to you two. Harry and I have places to be."

The Death Eaters are surprised at the fear that their leader is radiating as he stares at the mystery woman. He then turns to them. "Death Eaters, retreat!"

They all quickly leave before anyone can do anything to stop them. Gwen sighs. "Still as much of a coward as ever, I see."

Dumbledore turns his attention to Harry. "Harry, get away from her! She is not to be trusted!"

Harry doesn't move a single step. Instead, he glares at the members of the Order, who are puzzled at Dumbledore's sudden desire to protect Harry. "What's going on Professor?" asks Hermione.

"Yeah, isn't Potter one of You-Know-Who's goons?" asks Ron.

Gwen laughs before Dumbledore can answer. "You were all fooled by Tom. Harry didn't harm a single person on Privet Drive. It was the work of Tom and his Death Eaters. I know because I was there that day. You can expect me to force the Wizengamot to give Harry an actual trial this time, Albus, where I will prove his innocence."

Dumbledore points his wand at Gwen. "I can't allow you to take Harry. It is for the Greater Good that he comes with us, his friends and family."

Gwen is surprised at the fact that Dumbledore actually had the balls to say that, but it's quickly eclipsed by the anger rolling off of Harry. She watches as Harry snarls at Dumbledore. "If that's the case, Dumb Old Dork, then I won't go with any of you, as none of you are my friends or family! The only one here who qualifies for either position is Gwen! She came here to save me, while you were all here only to ensure that I remained locked up! I don't care about any of you and you can all go to Hell!"

The members of the Order are shocked at Harry's response. Gwen laughs again. "Well, it's quite obvious Harry doesn't want anything to do with you and the Light, Albus. But don't worry, he wants nothing to do with Tom and the Dark either. I find it funny how both the leaders of the Light and the Dark were the ones responsible for causing Harry's life to become a personal hell, both with his childhood and being locked up in Azkaban. And you proclaim yourself to be better that Tom. What a laugh!" She looks at Harry for a moment, before looking back at Dumbledore. "Harry and I are leaving now. You'll be seeing us soon, Albus. It'll be for Harry's fair trial. You know, the one he never got, just like Sirius Black."

Both Gwen and Harry disappear. Dumbledore turns to the members of the Order. "Let's head back to Headquarters. We have a lot to discuss."

Vanex: That wraps up this chapter. Just who is Gwen? How is she Hedwig? What happened with that Dementor? Why did Dumbledore, or as I call him, Dumb Old Dork, refer to her as the Snow White Queen? What will this all mean for Harry? See you all next time!