Sam got to the table and still had some food left, they bought her ribs, she eat them and left the table, taking her notebook with and walked upstairs to the balcony and shut the door slightly

She started to play the first few notes to stronger, a song she wrote about everything in her life, then she started to sing"you feel out of breath, used up and broken down, just like a shattered glass, you feel up and down you want to scream but you just can't shout but your not alone."

She wasn't unaware of downstairs, they weren't watching tv anymore and could hear her,. They three of them sat downstairs amazed and unaware that Sam could even sing, "right now it feels like the end of the world like your battles are lost, you've been cheated, mistreated, just when you think that you can't hold on any longer, hold on a little bit longer, trust me, you'll see , you'll be so much stronger-. She held the note then finished off. She smiled then looked out at the dark blue ocean then grabbed her stuff and walked out of the balcony.

Spencer, Carly and Freddie watched as Sam laughed to herself then went into her room, and Carly ran straight up the stairs and into Sam's room., Sam said"oh hey carls, why you in such a -.

"OMG YOU SING, SAM WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME, YOUR AMAZING AT IT AHHH." Carly screamed at Sam, "calm down, and you heard me- what." "yeah we all did." Sam felt suddenly uneasy knowing "they" all heard it included"him". "Thanks, um ive been singing for a while I guess." Carly smiled then walked out of Sam's room.

Freddie knocked on Sam's door"come on." he walked into the room." "hey." Sam said,"hey." he replied back, He sat down beside her"your really amazing at singing you know that." "thanks. sam felt her cheeks getting red but she hide it, or thought she did, "how long you been singing like that?.", Sam replied "I didn't have lessons, It was just my dad well he taught me how to play the guitar and one day he asked me to sing along with him and then he told me I was really good and made me sing almost everyday with him." Freddie smiled and was really happy Sam opened up to him.

He looked at her"your dad was right, your not just good though , your amazing, and your guitar skills are to." "Thankyou." Sam replied."hey tomorrow im going to go a walk into town, Spencer's going to town to but he's going to some weird junk shop, carlys going shopping but im thinking of heading to the arcade, I know you don't like any of those things so your welcome to come with me to the arcade." Sam smiled softly at him"yeah i'll take you up on that offer benson.", "wouldn't have it any other way princess puckett." He laughed and closed her bedroom door...


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