Takanuva looked around as he heared voices coming from nowhere.

"Ah, an audiance gathers for your final failure, Toa of Light," said Teridax as he twitched with his fingeres.

"Maybe they won't see me win today, but the Matoran will go on. And one day they will triumph!" shouted Takanuva.

"Do you actually believe I would let them return," said Makuta while he loaded another shadow ball in his staff, "They will not leave!"

Then he fired the ball and Takanuva jumped to the shadow ball and yelled: "Nooo!"

Then Takanuva did his move that he did as Takua on the last Kolhii match and fired the ball straight to Teridax. The Makuta flew to the wall in the back of his lair. Takanuva walked to his body but then the Makuta's body moved. "Well played Toa, now must I protect Mata Nui from you," said Makuta when he stood up.

"Protect him?"

"Sleep spares him pain, awake he suffers."

"What you're not protecting him!" yelled Takanuva.

"My duty is to the Mask of Shadows," replied Makuta.

"Then let's take a closer look behind that mask!" then Takanuva jumped on Teridax and took his mask off.


Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the BIONICLE. In the Time Before Time, the Great Spirit created creatures who were ment to protect us the Matoran and create Rahi in this Universe. But a Makuta who Mata Nui considered a brother became jalous of the honors and gifts that the Matoran gave Mata Nui and prepared a plan to overthrow him and become the Great Spirit himself.

A helpless Makuta was brought to a large fortress in the capital of the island Xia. There the guards placed him in a forcefield where he couldn't get out. The Makuta looked around and reconized the bieng that came in his direction.

"Kalmah," said the Makuta.

"So you remember me Firtran," said Kalmah.

"Why have you captured me? We both fight to protect Mata Nui and the Matoran."

"Well we will kill all of the Matoran until we have gained power over this Universe," replied Kalmah.

"No you can't do that, I will get out of this Kalmah and then you will wish that you never even existed."

"Ohh, my dear Makuta, do you really think you can escape?" asked the red Barraki.

"You cannot hold or kill me, you stupid wretch!"

"We sadly enough cannot but this machine however," Kalmah took something that looked like a small rocket from his back, "this can kill you. Very slow and painfully!"

Author's Note: This was the Prologue for my newest story on CBW, Rise of the Shadow. Next chapters coming soon.