Chapter 5

Teridax watched in horror as the Tarakava attacked him. He quickely drew his sword and fend the attacks off but one Tarakave hit him in his chest. He layed on the ground still moaning from the pain. But then came to an idea.

"You are a Makuta, blockhead, use your rahi control powers" he thought.

He stood up and activated his rahi control powers and suddenly the rahi disappeared. Teridax glared in surprise and then a female Toa came out of a canopy. She walked to Teridax and gave a slight bow.

"Welcome, rising shadow," she said.

"Who are you?" asked Teridax still dazed by the hit from the Tarakava.

"I am Mapelshade and I have come to train you," replied the female Toa.

"Where am I and how did those Tarakava disappear?" asked Teridax.

"You are in The Place of Peace, and those rahi weren't real they were an illusion to test you," replied Mapelshade.

"So you're here to train me?"

"Yes, but before you can begin with your training you must make a promise," replied the Toa.

"What promise?" asked Teridax while more and more questions about this strange Toa began to fill his head.

"You must never fall in love and have persons in your life you care about, otherwise you will be weak."

"And this training that you will give me is it worth to make that promise?"

"Ofcourse, you will have the strength nobody can have."

"I will make the promise then," replied Teridax.

"Tahu how will we get to the base without getting caught?" asked Gali as she and Tahu were sitting near a fire by the forest.

"I don't really now Gali, it was a little message from the Brotherhood," replied Tahu, "Gali are you still mad at me?"

"Why should I, I'm with you here so..."

"No I mean because of the thing you wanted what I didn't want and we had a fight about it and, well you know what I mean," interupted Tahu, "So, you forgive me?"

"Alright, I will forgive you, Tahu," replied Gali.

"Excellent," said Tahu and he kissed her.

The night past by and Tahu woke up. He looked at Gali and saw that she was still sleeping. He then saw somesort of spear sticking in the ground he touched it and suddenly it opened and a little panel appeared. Tahu pressed his finger against it because he found out what it was.

A little noise of machinery answered Tahu's finger scan and a screen appeared. A map of a building appeared on the screen and someone began talking.

"Welcome commander Tahu, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the League's base and destroy it before they can strike at the Matoran. Here is the map of the base, you must search for a young Toa named Tuyet. She was captured and imprisoned in this facillity but she managed to escape. If you meet her you must tell her about your mission and ask her to help you infiltrate the building using the old sewers under the base. She escaped using those. Your gear will come out of a portal that will open now."

Then a dimensional portal came out of the spear and Tahu picked his gear out of it. The voice continued

"You can find Tuyet in a house in the town Xiana on this island. She stays there for now and will later return to her home island. The house is large but very old looking and has an Order symbole on the door. So hurry before she's gone. And remember if anyone of you get caught or killed then you're on your own. This message will selfdestruct in five seconds."

Tahu waited five seconds and then the spear exploded an turned to ashes. Tahu ruched to Gali's side and woke her up.

"Gali, Gali wake up we've got a job to do!"

Miserix looked through the scope again and saw red flames coming out of the warship he saw in the fog. He realised what it was and yelled: "Down!"

He picked up Firena and jumped down with her. Then the cannon shots hit Rimus' ship and some parts exploded. Some of his Matoran crew were hit and flew into the water others were badly injured. Rimus got up and went down to the cannon deck.

"Fire at that warship!" yelled Rimus to his men.

The Matoran at the ship's cannons fired the cannons. The cannonballs striked the other ship and did a lot of damage. Miserix teleported on the warship and saw a portal closing, he took his Rhotuka shotgun from his back and fired on a Skakdi that was aiming at him with a rocketlauncher, the Skakdi few burning through the air and ended up in the sea. Miserix heared something behind him, he turned around and a Pridakus hit Miserix' shotgun with his sword.

The shotgun flew in a corner of the warship and the Pridakus charged with his big sword at Miserix. Miserix drew his sword and threw a blow against his opponest's sword. Sparks came from the swords as they hit each other and then Miserix cut of his opponent's hand and stapped the Pridakus in his head.

He pulled his sword out of the dead body that was now laying on the ground and put the sword back on his belt. He rushed to his shotgun and picked it up. Rimus his ship fired and hit the warship in one of the lower decks. The ground under Miserix his feet began to fall apart and he quickly teleported back to Rimus' ship.

Then hundreds of arrows striked the deck Rimus was standing on and on the warship the robes that were attached to the arrows were attached to the ship and the troops used the robes to invade Rimus' ship.

"We're doomed" thought Miserix as he watched the troops from the warship landing on the ship he was standing on and they attacked.

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