Izaya grinned and spun around, throwing his hands up into the evening sky, "Doesn't it feel great, Shizu-chan?!"

Shizuo stared, then smirked, "Yeah," he sneered, making his way towards Izaya, "But I bet it'll feel better if I give you one. Little. Shove."

"Oh?" Izaya smiled as he balanced on the edge, "And why would you do that, Shizu-chan?"

"Because I hate you, fucking flea!"

"I hate you too, Shizu-chan!" Shizuo twitched as Izaya smiled, sweeping his hands out grandly, "But really, what will people think if you push me off?" He turned his gaze to the ant like figures below. He sighed, "If I really die, Shizu-chan will become a murderer! A murderer in an amusement park! Hahaha!" He smirked wryly, "Isn't that amusing?"

Shizuo gritted his teeth in frustration. He stomped forward and took hold of Izaya's collar, "You won't be laughing when you're a bloody splat on the ground!"

Izaya pouted at him, "Really Shizu-chan, can't you stop being so barbaric?" He said in mock disappointment, "We're on a date, aren't we?"


"Ah, so you finally agree it's a date!" Izaya smiled wryly. Shizuo glared at him and he eyed the brunet in amusement, turning his gaze.

"Look at the view, Shizu-chan. Isn't it magnificent?"