Heroes: ancestral successors

Hello guys and welcome to another fiction by me. This is a story I have been planning for ages so be nice please. Set 100 years after the events of Heroes Season 4

Chapter one: What happened after the carnival incident?

After Claire clicked the bones into her body she started to answer the questions the press asked her without hesitation. Furious, Noah ran to his daughter and asked her what she was doing. She opened her blood soaked lips and was about to speak but just then 3 beeps were heard behind the tent "GET DOWN NOW "Noah shouted to everyone around him as the beeps got louder, then out of nowhere came an explosion.

Matt Parkman was blasted back and was knocked out. Tracy Strauss was also blasted back but reverted to her water form before anything happened; she slid to safety and came back into her natural form. 3 more explosions rocked the carnival killing innocents and knocking back some heroes. Noah pulled out his pistol and stole Matt Parkman's and started firing in the direction of the explosions. 3 body's fell towards him as he felt something pass through his skin. Claire turned around and saw her father falling to the floor with a hand inside him, she did not see the killer he/she had a mask on "DAD" she shouted as she ran to him. She grabbed a rock and cut herself but the cuts healed, she could not help her dad, angry she picked up the pistol and shot but the bullets went straight though the killers body. The mask was slowly removed as the killer showed her face "Gretchen? How? Why?" the said girl smiled as Claire was swiped by some air, in that air was a man nobody would of thought off, it was Simon pattreli, the late Nathan Pirelli's son and Claire's brother. And then another huge explosion was caused the ferry wheel collapsed killing nearly everyone but Tracy, who then went into the water

Gretchen and Simon smirked as a third person joined them, Janice but, with the help of Arnold hiro grabbed them all and with his last breath sent all three 100 years into the future

Ok guys well that solves chapter one

Next chapter: successor of the earthquake