If you're reading this for the first time, I should let you know this is an updated intro. For longtime readers of this, thanks for following me on my Borderlands 2 journey. The reason why I'm doing this is because it has almost been a year since I started the thing. A lot has changed in my life in that year. I'm not even using the same username. Anyway, I did not intend to still be writing this thing. Part of it has been writer's block and part of it is it just won't stop growing in my head. I was thinking initially of something in the couple of chapters, maybe twenty thousand words or so so that I could write something else. Nope, this thing insists on being a one hundred thousand word story for some reason. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and sorry for the delays. I'll try to finish as quickly as possible so I can move on.

Update 12/26/13- Spoiler: There will be a two-parter Episode 7, then an action-packed Season Finale. After that, I will wash my hands of Borderlands for a while.

Update 12/31/13- Yay. 100,000+ words. I know, lame milestone, but it makes me feel like its almost done. Only two more chapters to go.

Update 1/1/14- Don't know where you are but here in Texas (Central Time Zone), it's 12:05 AM. Happy New Years and thanks for your continued views and support!

Update 1/14/14- I have just posted part 2 of episode 7. That means that there is one more chapter in my Borderlands 2 saga. Thank you for following my journey and I will try to post the finale as soon as possible.

Update 2/9/14- It's complete! Thanks if you followed Borderlands 2: The Series and I hope you enjoy my finale. If you really liked it, please check out my next upcoming series based on the fighting game Skullgirls.

Update 3/2/14- I kind of revisited the earlier chapters and I was appalled. Some of the grammar is terrible. I'm misspelling things, leaving out words, a bunch of stuff that I hate to see, so I'm doing a little project where I'm going through and revising some of those earlier chapters. You can call it a revised edition or whatever.