Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction

A quickly pulled out her phone as she watched Aria walk into the classroom. Aria had no idea that the new AP English teacher was that guy she made out with in the men's room yesterday. A couldn't wait to see Aria's reaction. A quickly typed the text:

Aria: Surprise! I wonder what your pig puppet will have to say about this…-A

When she pressed send it took a few seconds for a little PING! She watched as Aria pulled out her phone and then the new teacher spoke up.

"You can't have your phone out." He said as he turned around. Aria looked up and immediate shock filled her face. The teacher uttered a "shit." A was filled with glee and looked forward to texting Emily.

A was watching Emily head to her gym locker to grab her Swimming bag. Emily stopped when she saw the note taped to the locker. A let and evil smile escape her lips and continued watching. The note read:

Hey Em,

SOB! I've been replaced! You found another friend to kiss!


Emily unfolded the note and gasped. She had a bewildered look. A could hardly contain her joy of watching these girls be so shocked. A quickly ran out of the locker. She couldn't wait to get Spencer. Spencer was the bitchiest out of the bunch and A was going to get her good.

A was watching Spencer from Ali's old bedroom. In Study Hall she befriended the new girl who lived here. Her name was something like Myra, but A didn't care she was too busy watching Spencer. Spencer was sitting in her family's hot tub with her sister's fiancée and things were getting steamy. It looked like he was giving her some type of erotic massage. A tried to remember his name but was broken form her train of thought when Spencer jumped out of the hot tub and ran into her house.

When the light came on in Spencer's room, A quickly pulled out her phone and sent the E-mail. A expected Spencer to immediately but instead Spencer spent the next half hour organizing her books. When she finally got on the computer, she read the e-mail:


Covet is an easy one. When someone covets something, they desire and lust after it. Usually it's something they can't have. You've always had that problem, though, haven't you? –A

Spencer stood up quickly and had an expression that read "WHAT THE FUCK?!" A stood up and ran out of the room. 3 down, 1 to go.

A watched as Hanna sat there in the police station. Hanna had been arrested for steeling that Tiffany bracelet and earrings. Hanna had a depressed look on her face. Hanna's mom came up and started rooting in her purse and pulled out a lotion bottle. Hanna rejected it as she attempted to flip her hair with her tightly handcuffed hands. Hanna's mom got called away and now it was A's chance. A pulled her phone out and e-mailed the message:

Hey Hanna, Since prison food makes you fat, you know what Sean's gonna say? NOT IT! –A

A put her phone away and waited. Soon enough Hanna pulled out her phone and just sat there staring at it. Then she opened the NEW MESSAGE screen and suddenly stood up, knocking her purse on to the ground and spilling everything out of it. Hanna started looking around for someone so A ducked her head. Hanna sat back down and had a scared expression for the rest of the time she was there. A let out an evil giggle, those bitches are in for the ride of their lives.