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This is a work of fiction and is in no way associated with real life happenings.

*Parts with more dialogue will be accompanied by names of the speakers*

*I will be adding multiple Japanese words into the story, though not overly difficult so think of this as a way of self-education*

"The...not so Fantastic Five"

Chapter 1
"It was supposed to be just Friday, damn it !"

"Fire is bright, strong, and takes control."

"Air is always moving and changing."

"Water is easily touched, sensitive, to a fault."

"Earth is the most persistent, consistent and sometimes rigid."

"Lightning is spontaneous, assertive, yet calm."

Five teenagers.

All simple yet unique with a just tinge of mischief.

This is their story.

And believe me, tis a story to behold.

Once upon a time...there was a group of five retards who just couldn't help but get themselves into a situation they couldn't even begin to think of handling.

They really are retards.

Well, I'm sure you're see for yourself soon enough.

"Akane ! Aoi ! Get your butts...WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TWO DOING ?!"

Two girls - roughly fifteen - one a fiery red, and one a calming brown, stood at both sides of an unsuspecting Koi pond with seemingly innocent expressions plastered upon both their faces that made you think they were both doing charity work. One would make the mistake of marking them off as simple, rule-abiding teenagers but...

The notorious duo - RED&BLUE - their name known well through the Kamiki Area, they were that one pair that everyone knew about but never dared to speak about. You always saw them around school, around the block but all you could do was stare at them in awe and hope that you didn't accidentally make eye-contact with either. You never knew whether or not they might charge you for it.

They weren't bad.

For heaven's sake, no.

They were unique.

"Yeah, yeah, gotcha. A-chan, we gotta go. Education and all."

Akane Yori, the bad girl with a spunky nature only rivaled by the brilliant red of her hair. The so-called rebel child though gentle deep down if you get to know her well enough. Doesn't show her good side to anyone but her closest friends. Known for her witty remarks and sarcastic retorts as well as her bright grin. Interpreted as a delinquent and more than enough as the more inclined troublemaker out of the duo. She isn't really. Really.

"Hai, hai ! Honestly, Aka-nee, stop molesting the fish, pun intended. They're decoration, nee ?"

Aoi Yori, the good child. She is known for her well-thought follow-ups and beautifully crafted smile. Regularly good-natured unless you get on her bad side. Ever heard of the the expression 'don't judge a book by it's cover' ? Well, Aoi was the one to add the newly appointed extension; 'or it just might devour you whole'. But make no mistake, she is the good child. You just have to get through to figure it out.

"If I catch you around the Koi pond again..."

The woman that was currently positioned on the doorway, tapping her foot irritably on the hardwood floor was named Mitsuko and she was the mother, god bless her soul, of the two Yori sisters. What that woman had to put up with those two, you wouldn't imagine. But it didn't matter to her, because she knew, that despite all their tom-foolery...

"We're going, kaa-san. Love you."

"Stay safe and well-hydrated."

...they always came through in the end.

"Honestly, you girls, you're going to make me grow grey hairs."

"You don't need help in that area, bye !"

It was just harmless teasing, she knew that.

But that still didn't stop her from running over to the bathroom and examining for any grays. Those sisters just had that kind of effect. You knew they were fooling around, but you still couldn't help but believe their every word. Such was the way of the Yori sisters.


Kamiki High School - known for harboring only the brightest of the bright and the best of the best. It's news has spread well around the city for having the highest passage rates and thus it was rumored to be the most influential school in all of Tokyo. It's students were top class and the faculty was premium. But I suppose that was only fitting for a school of this caliber, no ?

Actually, no.

That fame was really only skin deep.

The grade rating may have been high but in all aspects, the school was filled with - roughly said - complete and utter retards of the first degree.

Why ?


"Aka-nee, did you do yesterday's report ?"

"Ou, Ryuu and I both did our halves."

"You didn't meet up ?"

"We both had practice."

"That's too bad."

Narrowing her eyes, Akane carefully observed her sister's perfectly maintained smiling expression, making sure to nudge Aoi a couple of times. Sometimes, her sister was truly fear invoking. And she was supposed to be the bad twin. Highlight on the 'supposed'.

"You giant S."

"It's fun to tease him."

"Karma's a bitch, y'know."

"Karma can't keep up with me."


A male, same age as the two sisters, blonde in hair and athletically built, shuffled across the floor over to the red-haired misfit. A frustrated expression, he then proceeded to place his hands on her shoulders and shake her all the while having a fit. One was all it took. Akane's palm flew up instantly, smacking the blonde upside his head.

Ryuu Yamada, or the rumored pretty boy. You name it, he's got it all. Blonde hair, blue eyes, bright features, really a pretty boy. He's got a bright personality that just seems to attract people and alongside his ditsy side, it blends in perfectly. So, of course you'd expect confessions flying from left to right. One problem though. He was never good with girls and the transition from Middle School to High School seemed to have just made it worse. God only knows how he ended up in Kamiki High School. Funny, ain't it ?

"Dude. The fuck."

"Maru ate the report."

Maru, as in the four fucking feet tall mutt that got taken in by Ryuu only a year ago.

"You've got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME."

"Aka-nee, you didn't let him explain."

"Don't try to be the mediator A-chan ! The goddamn report !"

What was she supposed to say at this moment ? "It's okay !" or "We'll figure something out !"

No. HELL NO. She worked on that report for three fucking hours...granting it wasn't really difficult, maybe lengthy - THAT WASN'T IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW.

"That is like the most cliche excuse ever !"

But she knew it was true. That damn dog would eat a friggin' horse if the chance revealed itself. She once saw him nonchalantly nibbling on Ryuu's head during one of his naps.

Ryuu shifted on his feet uncomfortably. Did she think he didn't realize just what kind of shit they were currently knee-deep into because of his leniency ? He knew it all very well. He may have well been an idiotic ditz, but he was no fool. He knew the situation of things and at this moment, the future didn't seem all that bright.

"Okay...I can work with this. I'll just have to call Kyon because there ain't a chance in hell I'm doing your report for you."

Why did he wait till now to tell her anyway ? If he put in any effort into calling her earlier, maybe they could've done this stress-free. Fucking lazy-ass. Probably did a shit of a job anyway. So when you think about it, things turned out for the best, right ?

But she was still pissed. Fuck him.

They still had a few hours before classes started so maybe they could make something happen under the right conditions. For starters...

"From now, Ryuu, you have no opinion in this."

Sorry dude, things have to be done and you're a fucking idiot who can't tell his left from his right in situations like these. Some people work well under pressure. Ryuu ? No. He'd rather piss his pants than actually try and do something to improve the predicament they were in. So, right now, he was no more than useless, quite literally.

Akane dug through her pocket for her phone and flipped it open, buzzing through the number of contacts decorating her phone book. You had to know how to organize and thankfully, she was raised to do so. It didn't take her long to locate the bolded words and thumb out the number, ultimately bringing the phone close to her ear.

The phone rung a number of times before finally connecting.

"You're slow."

"Sure. What do you need, Akane ?"

"I need you to come and help me out. Ryuu was a retard - "

"As usual."

"...and now we don't have his part of the report."

"Meet me in front of the school in 10."


"Oh, that reminds me, mind if I bring Akasuki along ?"


"Akane. Is it fine."

"...Fine. Asshole."

"Don't be late."


And disconnect.

Why Akasuki ? Why. Akasuki. Anybody was fine but around that girl, she just couldn't...


"I'm guessing it's done ?"

"Yeah, I guess. He said they'd both be here in 10."

"Chibi-chan too ?"

You might be wondering why the nickname. Well, it wasn't exactly something Aoi preferred using but it was something she picked up from her sister when they first met the girl. It had a nice ring to it. Plus, it just pissed the girl off so much that she couldn't help but tease her a bit. It was harmless, wasn't it ?

Stuffing her phone back into her pocket, Akane let out an exasperating sigh. Akasuki. That girl was so exhausting. She was but...for some reason, Akane still liked her. She didn't know what the girl did to earn her fancy which was usually hard to earn but from the moment they met, ever since Kyon brought her along to one of their outings one day, things just seemed to click between them.

What was the reason ?

Snapping out of her thoughts, Akane felt her hand being pulled at by none other than Ryuu himself. What. So you grow a pair now ?

Oh right...they weren't supposed to be late.

Well, regarding that.

"A-chan, let's go get one of those rainbow sticks. That shit is heavenly."

"Pft, okay. What ever you say, Aka-nee."

"Come on, Ryuu."

"Aye, aye !"


"Yo, Kyon !"

"You're late."

"Are we ? I had a last-minute sugar craving. Tough love."

"Yeah, yeah...Anyways, what did you need me for ?"

"Ryuu was a genius and let his report be fucked up by Maru. So I need you it. Simple as that."

"How about no."

"Dude. Not cool. It'll be a favor."

"Under one condition."

"Okay, fine, now get to it."


Kyon Tsubasa, a.k.a. the smart guy. Student Council president of his school purely for his bright nature and quick thinking when faced with a difficult situation. Known for having the most reasonable actions always backed up by a fool proof reason which might be one of the reasons why he was elected Student Council president. His grades aren't top-notch though it might be is unwillingness to do anything that causes them. Works well under pressure.

Playing it around in his head one more time, the brunette male nodded briefly to himself before placing a hand on Aoi's shoulder all the while looking at both Akane and Ryuu.

"You have it tough."

Sure enough Akane wasn't as obviously dim-witted as Ryuu but more than anything...actually, he didn't know what was wrong with her. Too bold ? No...that couldn't have been it. Straight-forward ? Trusting...? Yes, that must have been it. She was too trusting of people and therefore it made her naive.

No, wait, what was he talking about ?

Akane wasn't trusting.

Rather, she wasn't trusting enough.

That was surely the issue.

"I keep thinking that you have it tougher than me."

Poking at his shoulder, Aoi made an effort to point behind his back to the brunette female snickering behind.

"Konnichiwa, Chibi-chan."

"Don't call me Chibi. I'm compact at least."

Pft. She was adorable. And so easy to handle for some reason.

"Yo, Akasu, how ya been ?"

"Akane !"

The brunette exclaimed cheerfully, buzzing across the terrain into the red-haired female's arms.

Akasuki Akiyama, the cute girl. Her long chocolate locks and big onyx eyes work only to excel her overwhelming adorableness not to mention her child-like voice soothing to every ear. Smaller in build, Akasuki has a bit of a phobia of people calling her short and therefore takes a morning supply of milk every morning in an effort to get taller. She has a strange liking for Akane, for whatever reason. Despite her soothing voice, her singing is downright horrible which is why she sticks to what she knows, which is word play.

Aoi; "For the time being, let's go out somewhere, shall we ?"

Akane; "Ah, ah, what's this ? A-chan, skipping class are we, eh ?"

Aoi; "I'm allowed one slip up, aren't I ?"

Ryuu; "OOH, guys ! There's this ice-cream shop I've been wanting to - "

Kyon; "Shut up, Ryuu. This is all your doing. Be thankful that I'm doing your dirty work."

Akasuki; "Hah, Ryuu, we'll go if you promise to buy me two scoops."

Kyon; "What a drag..."

Aoi; "Now, now, let's all get along, shall we ?"

Akane; "Not that that's settled, onward to adventure !"

Kyon; "OI, since when was this an - "

Akane; "Onward~!"

The went out with the best of intentions, having fun, of course. But what they didn't know was that, when outing escalated into something more, something they couldn't comprehend, it would very well change their lives and sadly, they wouldn't have much of a say in it, despite how much they regretted it afterwards.

But then that's all in the spirit of being a teenager, isn't it ?

This is a chapter of two parts, due to my excessive business, I've decided - with a little nudge from my friends - to make the first chapter into a two-part story.

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