*To all readers, Thanks For Reading My Story!*

-Kurai Amechan-

Chapter One

''I have to admit Junyi, when I heard you were leaving us, I was alittle confused, I mean, after all you've been in our organization for almost twenty years now.'' Said Xiubo from across the table, taking a sip of his tea.

''Yeah, well, you know I just want a better way of life for my family. One where we don't have to rely on my safety for our money.'' Junyi replied, watching Xiubo cautiously.

''But where will you and your wife go? And what about your son, Xiaoli, do you really intend to just pull him out of school?'' Said Xiubo.

''Well, I have a cousin in Italy who will give both me and Mei jobs and we already have a good school for Xiaoli picked out too.''

''In that case, I wish you the best of luck. Your like a brother to me, Junyi. I'll miss you.'' He said. ''Oh, I almost forgot. What about bussiness?''

''Don't worry, your files are all right here.'' Junyi said, tossing a folder and some computer disks across the table.

''Any copies?'' Asked Xiubo.

''Of course not. Xiubo, you are also like a brother to me, the last thing I would do is betray you.'' He said very matter-of-factly.

''Good luck to you then.'' Said Xiubo with a smile, as he stood. ''Goodbye then brother.''

''Goodbye Xiubo.'' Said Junyi with a small bow before leaving the room.

''Xiubo.'' Said a dark haired man as he entered the room. ''Should we go pay a visit to his home?''

''No, thats the last place his family will be.'' Replied Xiubo. ''Follow that b****** and kill them all, no survivors, but get back the files I know he copied.''