Hi, my name is Melody Holiday.
This is a diary, about my life. This is my first adventure on my own, I'm very excited about it. I'm travelling through Australia with my canoe. I got it from my twin brother Josh. Because of him I travel, he always said: Life's too short. Well, it was, for him. He passed away a couple of months ago in a dive-accident. But enough. You'll meet me better while reading the diary.

So, back to what I'm doing. I'm a half year away from home, sailing. This is month 3 of my adventure. This night I slept in a beautiful hotel, and I sailed out again this morning. The owner of the hotel told me about a nice long river, which would end in the sea. That would be fun. Now there is a long river, with rocks and waterfalls, a beautiful place. But nature is rough, and I'm having trouble to keep my canoe straight.

I go around the rocks. But then, suddenly, the water is speeding up. Oh no, I almost hit a rock. I can go around it. But then I do bump on something. Shit. I see a huge crack in my canoe. I can't move on, what now? Darn, it's sinking! Quickly, I take my stuff out of the canoe and drag it with me to land. I see a kind of a beach. Let's go to there.
I put my stuff down. Pfieuw, that was close. Oh, I'm tired. What time is it, anyway? Darn, my watch, it's broken. Let's see. At this island are probably more people.
'Aah!' someone shouted. Who was that? Let's check it out. I go into the jungle.

After some walking, I hear people laughing. I see bottles hanging in a tree. That's weird. I don't trust this. I hide behind some bushes. I see a big, muscled man, sitting on the ground. He's handcuffed… And what is that in his leg? Is that an arrow? No, that can't be true. In my try to look better, I see someone else. He's walking around, with a gun. My instinct tells me, that I really need to get out of here. I slowly move away and start running. Maybe there are more people on the island.

I come at another beach. I see 2 people they're fishing. I run to them. "HEY!"
They turn around. "2Dads, RO?!" What are they doing here?
"Melody? What are you doing here?" asks 2Dads me. "I'm canoeing. Well, I was, because now I crashed. So I ended up here. What are you doing here?" RO answers. "We're on exped. (expedition) Yeah, Dutchy thought we didn't do a very good job at combat-training." "Haha, well, I can imagine that." Dutchy is an old friend of mine. I don't see him a lot anymore. When you're both in navy and sail out a lot, it's hard to see each other. "So, he gave us an order to fish. He's catching a rabbit with Bird." Suddenly, I shock. Could it be Dutchy, who was handcuffed? Oh no.
"Guys, I went through the jungle to get here. I saw someone handcuffed. And that's not even the worse part, I think he had an arrow in his leg. It was a big, muscled man. Wearing no shirt."
2Dads and RO think the same as me. "Oh no…Dutchy said there were no other people at the island," says 2Dads. RO asks me something. "Melody, do you think you remember the way?" "Uhm, well, I guess so. There were bottles hanging in a tree, and with this wind we should hear them."

XXXX-Sea Patrol-XXXX

After some walking, I stop. "You hear that? Look, right over there", I whisper. I point in the direction of the bottles in the tree. "Which sicko would put bottles in a tree? That's just useless. Let me check it out." 2Dads doesn't even wait for an answer, he just goes. "Come", says RO. "Let's sit here." We go sit down, and we'll wait for 2Dads.

2Dads comes back. He doesn't look that happy. "Not good news, I'm afraid. I don't see Bird anywhere, maybe she's still out here. But they do have Dutchy. Yes, they. There are two guys. Dutchy's handcuffed and has a rope around his neck. And Melody, you were right. He's got an arrow in his leg. I see a lot of blood, I'm sure that doesn't say much good. But, about Bird, I'll search for her, she has to be somewhere here." RO starts talking to me. "Hey Melody, you work as a second medical, right?" "Yeah, that's right." "Why don't you take a look? Now you know we're here too, you don't have to be afraid anymore."
Ah, that's so sweet of RO. "Thanks RO! I'll take a look and 2Dads, you said you'll try to find Bird?" "Yeah, I was already going", says 2Dads and leaves.

I go to the camp. I stay low and try not to stand on any twigs. I go sit behind a large bush. I see Dylan, he doesn't wear a shirt and his jeans are covered with blood. The arrow is still in his leg, so if he doesn't move it, which he won't, it will be allright. But he does need medical treatment. Fast. I look at his face. I don't like it to see a friend in so much pain. I need to help him, I owe him that.

I slowly move back to RO. "And?" "Well, he's in a lot of pain. He does need medical treatment, of course, and fast. But as long as he doesn't move, he won't have any keeping damage. And he can't pull it out. So, no infections."
"Ok." It seems like RO is thinking about something. "We need to get them free", he says. "Yeah, I figured something like that out. Have you got a plan?"
He doesn't respond, he's still thinking. "RO?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe, we can distract them. I don't know how yet, but when the 2 guys go away from Dutchy, we'll free him." "Sounds good, except for the distraction-part." Suddenly I hear some noise. Like someone's moving to us. "Hey RO, do you hear that?" He listens. "Maybe an animal?" he says. Then 2Dads appears. "Hey guys. I can't find Bird, but I went to the camp we set up. All the stuff are still there, but Dutchy his knife is gone."
RO and I don't know anything to say. "Where can she be?" I ask out loud. I haven't even finished my sentence or we hear someone screaming.
"Aah! No, stop! Let go of me!" We all stand up. "Damn it, guys, that's Bird."
I look at 2Dads. "No.." I whisper. "Okay RO, we need to work your plan out. When, how, who?" 2Dads looks surprised. "You guys have a plan?"
"Kind of, we still need to work it out. Let's first find a saver place to hide."


We come at the beach. "So, let's sit down. So, you guys have a plan. To get them free, right?" "RO figured out to distract the 2 guys. And then free Dutchy…" "… and Bird." RO completes my sentence. "Hey, I can be the distraction. Just run? I can do that. Oh, maybe I can shout a little bit like help me. But we're not helping if they don't want me. And I don't want the guys to catch me," 2Dads says.
"No, neither will I. But if the plan works, let's say the 2 guys are both going after you. How do we free Bird & Dutchy?" RO has an idea. "Well, we can obviously cut the rope, but the handcuffs, I guess we need to break the chain." I think. "With what? I've got a fishing-knife, but I don't know if it's strong enough." 2Dads knows. "A fishing knife will hold it. RO, we've got one too. Look, I kept it with me all the time." 2Dads gives RO the knife. "Melody, you take Dutchy. You need to be careful…" "…with his leg. I know, RO, I'm a second medical." I smile. "Oh and Melody… Try the hand cops first. Otherwise the 2 guys will know that there are more people on this island." "Copy that. 2Dads?" "Yeah what's up?" "Be careful." He smiles. "Always."

RO and I go back to the 'camp'. We go sit behind the bushes. 2Dads promised to wait about 4 minutes. Then he starts screaming. "Help! Is anyone here? Hello? There has got to be some people here! Help me please!" The 2 guys start talking. And laughing. What a sicko's. Guy #1 takes his rifle, guy #2 takes his arrow. They go away. I quickly run to Dutchy. "Dutchy, Dylan! Look at me. Stay with me, okay? I'm going to take care of you." He looks at me, he seems very confused. "Mel... What are you doing here?" "Well, I could ask you the same question. Hold on, I'm trying to get you free." I try to break the chain, but without any luck. "Damn it!" I shout. I look around and see that RO is doing the same as me. No luck. "RO, what now?" Then Bird has an idea. "Maybe the keys are somewhere here!"
I start looking. Suddenly, out of the blue, we hear a gunshot. "BOOM!" And after that a loud scream. From 2Dads.


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