I stand up. "Can we go to him?" Ryan smiles. "Well, we gave him some painkillers but he still responds, luckily he's doing a lot better. X?" "I'll come with you", she answers. They take me to the room where Dylan's laying.
There he is, laying on a bed, on a drip. He sees me, and he smiles. "Hey Curly." "Hey. How are you feeling?" I go sit on a chair. His face, he's in a lot of pain. He won't tell me. "Well, not that bad. And you?" I sigh. "I'm okay. All showered. I'm glad we're all…" I turn my head to Swain. "How're 2Dads and Bird?" "They're fine. They're in the junior's mess, 2Dads's wound is gonna be all right and Bird only has some scratches", says Swain. That's only physical. I think this whole island stuff is going to chase us longer than we expect. But I need to stay positive, so I say, "Oh, that's good. So we're all doing fine."
Dylan nods. He closes his eyes. The X speaks up. "We called the Feds, they're going to investigate the whole area. The 2 men who did this to you… You'll never see them again. But Dutchy, we need a report. From you to, Melody. I know perhaps it's strange to you, and I know you'd rather forget everything what has happened, but we need it, so we can put them away in prison." I understand, and I'm sure Dylan will too. "I'll tell Bird and 2Dads as well. We'll be back in port in 2 hours. Swain, can I have a word with you?" Saying that, the X leaves together with Swain. The door closes. Only silence has left.
I see Dylan thinking. "Dylan?" He opens his eyes. "I was just wandering… We weren't the first." "What do you mean? The first at the island? Or…" "Their first victims", he finishes my line. I sigh. "Dylan, when you were out, and we got you back, I got real angry at those guys. I shouted at them. And one guy answered that you…" I find it hard to say this out loud. Dylan notices. "It's okay, just say it." "You were going to be his third victim." Dylan nods. "I knew it", he whispers. I'd better not tell him about the two dead bodies I saw.
Swain comes in. I look up. "Oh, shall I leave you alone for a minute?" I look back at Dylan. "Swain, there's something the X needs to know. It's important to the Feds", I say. "All right, shall I call her or do I need to tell her?" I stand up. I'm doubting, is it okay to leave him all alone here, in his own minds?
It's like Dylan can read my it of my face. "It's okay", he says. "I only sleep anyway." "I'll be back in a minute." With that, we leave the wardroom.

XXXX-Sea Patrol-XXXX

Swain takes me to the bridge, where the X is. "X, there's something important Melody needs to tell." Swain nods, it's a sign that says go ahead. I take a deep breath. "There are two other bodies at the island. I don't know where, I don't know how they were killed, but I'm sure the 2 sicko's did it." The X looks at me with an open mouth. "Well, that's good to know. The feds are gonna need this information. Thank you." I nod. X turns around, and speaks to the CO. "Sir, I need NAVCOM to inform the Federal Police. We have some information that they need to know." "Go ahead X", the CO answers. The X turns around. "Can you come with me? Swain, you can go back to your duties." "Yes ma'am." Swain leaves, and X takes me to a cabin where RO's assistant is working. "I need NAVCOM on the line. Now", the X says. "Sure Ma'am. One minute." He presses some buttons. "NAVCOM on the line for you, ma'am." He hands over a phone. "White? Yes, we have some information the Federal Police needs to know. … Yes it is important. … Melody Holiday gave me the information ma'am, if you want her on the line she's right here. … Yes ma'am." She hands over the phone to me. She nods. "Commander White?" I ask. "Hello Melody. You have some new information for me?" "Yes, at the island, I lost it, so I yelled at the two sicko's. They answered that Dylan Mulholland was going to be their third victory. And, in my case, I saw them. There are two other bodies at the island. . My guess would be that they're murdered." No reaction. "Commander White?" "Yes, yes. I'll report it immediately to the Federal Police. Thank you very much. Oh, one thing…" "Yes?" "After you get checked out at the hospital, I need a report. The X told you?" "Yes, she did." "All right. I'd like it if you drop it off by yourself. I need to talk about your time off… You know your short leaf is almost over?" "Yes ma'am, I'm aware of that, and I'm thinking to rejoin soon." Wow. I just said it. No more sailing for me anymore. Back to duty. "That's good to hear. We'll talk about the details later. See you than." I hand over the phone to RO's assistant. I look at the X. She's smiling. "So you're navy?" "It's a long story. Maybe later?" "Sure. You know the way to the wardroom, I guess?" I smile. "Yes, I know. Thank you Kate."

I open the door, I don't see Swain anywhere. Dylan's asleep. I sit the down on the chair. Wow.
What a day. Two days, actually. Yesterday, first the crash. Then I see Dylan, well, I discover it later but still. Then I meet RO and 2Dads. Later I get confronted how bad Dylan is doing. The gunshot, how 2Dads gets his injury. And how the guys tortured him. How we saved them.
And the night. The long and dark night, with as only light the campfire. The night I almost lost Dylan. And the morning almost another time. If Swain came later… I don't want to think of that. Everything turned out right, for so far.
The judgment hasn't came yet.

XXXX-Sea Patrol-XXX

"Attention to all sailors. We'll dock in ten minutes. Swain and Charge will lead 2Dads, Bird, Melody and Dutchy to the ambulance to get them to hospital. We'll stay in touch. That's all", I hear the CO's voice through intercom.
I'm helping Swain with getting Dylan ready for transport. He's still asleep. Charge is with 2Dads and Bird.
I look at Swain. We're done. We're ready to transport him. "I assume you'll ride with him to the hospital?" I nod. "Melody, we'll be in touch, all right? You can talk to me any time if you want to." "Oh, thank you Swain. I appreciate that." He nods, and sits down on another chair standing in the corner. A knock on the door. It's the CO. "Melody?" I stand up. "Yes sir?"
"You'll ride with Dutchy to the hospital. Swain will keep me up-to-date. I got a message from NAVCOM. You know they are expecting you?" I nod. "As soon as I know Dylan is fine, I'll head off to NAVCOM. But I don't have money. Or a car." The CO smiles. "Swain can help you. Swain?" Swain looks up. "Yes boss?" "You take care of Melody?" Swain smiles. "Sure boss." "Melody, good luck with everything." We shake hands. "Thank you very much, sir."

We arrive at the hospital. I'm in the front of the car. They take me to a special wait-room. Waiting takes a long time. Especially when you know someone's waiting for you. Ah, there's a doctor. "Mrs. Holiday?" I stand up. "That's me." "You're family of Dylan Mulholland?" "Well, not really, but I'm the only one he's got right now. His family is on its way."
The doctor is thinking. Shall he tell me or not? "Well all right then", he finally makes his decision. "You can come this way." I look around. "I'll wait here", says Swain. "Thank you", I whisper. The doctor takes me to Dylan, and in the mean time he explains to me how he's doing. "He's been through a lot, and scars will remain. Not only physical", he warns me. I know. He continues. "We removed the bullet, he has some stitches for that wound at his chest. I don't think any infections will appear, but you never know. The wound at his leg… That was a dirty wound. I think it might get infected, and we need to see how his leg repairs. I don't know if it caused much damage to the muscles. But for the rest… I think he'll get over it. He has some bruises, three cracked ribs and a huge headache. And the pain, well, we gave him something for that, but it's still heavy. He's a strong men." Wow, that's a relief. I'm sure Dylan can beat this all. "And inside? No real damage?" I was really afraid of that. I mean, ribs you can feel that, but internal bleedings… That's way out of my area. "You know the one rib that punctured his long? We put bandage on it, he's on the oxygen but it needs time to heal. For the rest, no internal bleeding. He's been very lucky, well, as far as you can say that." Only more relief. "He's a strong and stubborn man, doctor. I'm sure he will recover properly." I smile. "I have faith, I must say. Well, this is his room. I can't let you in too long, he needs his rest." "I understand doctor. I won't be in that long anyway." The doctor nods and walks away.
I enter the room. I see him, laying on a white bed. Such a contrast with his brown skin, although he looks pale. An IV-line is running from his finger to a huge machine. The machine is beeping. I don't like the sound of it. All those machines and all those lines. I don't like hospitals at all. I sit down at a chair. I look at his face. He's still asleep.
Then he starts blinking. "No, you don't have to wake up", I whisper. It's like he heard me. He stops blinking, and starts sleeping. I hope he won't get any nightmares. "I will be here for you. Just like you were there for me." I put his hand on his chest. I see it easily coming up and down. I stand up and leave. I'm about to leave the room, when I hear a familiar voice. It's Dylan's mother. "Ah, Melody!" I hug her. "Hi. He's inside." "How're you doing?" "I'm doing fine. Really. But I got to get back to NAVCOM. I'm rejoining." Dylan's mum smiles. "Dylan will be pleased to hear that." "He already knows. But I really need to go now. All love to the family!" We say goodbye and I leave.

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