This is slightly based on 'Pushing the Limits' by Katie McGarry (such an amazing book!), but not totally. All the characters that have stared in the books are obviously owned by Ally Cater and this is the official disclaimer. This is AU so the characters are totally off.


Cameron Morgan, she was once the most popular girl at Roseville high but she changed after spring break.

Zachary Goode, the all around nice popular boy at Roseville high who has his own problems.

Macey McHenry, the senator's daughter who is known for being a slag because she got knocked up at sixteen.

Nicholas Hale, the rebel boy who just wants someone to see the real him.

They all have secrets. They all have issues but when they come together they're each other's destinies.


She tugged the long sleeve jumper over her scars as she walked to school. Each step becoming more painful, and just because of the sprained ankle she'd mysteriously hurt.

No cheerleading for me today, she joked as some girls she recognised as Tina and Courtney walked past, obviously on the other side of the road. Cammie hadn't been cheerleading in ages. Not just because of the bitchy ex-bestfriend's, just because she didn't need any more lime light. The bell rang just as she entered; she slowly walked to her locker only to see Zachary Goode leaning against it.

Zachary Goode, that's all I need. Zachary Goode was as his name suggested, good. Good grades, good body, good looks. He was loved by everyone, even the girls who get high on weekends and have one night stands. But Zachary would never be caught with them, oh no, Zachary had standards…maybe that's why he always dismissed Rebecca Baxter because of her ridiculously short skirt and even more ridiculous heels. But Cameron Morgan…she fascinated him. Cammie used to be like them, a slut, a slag but something changed. It's like as soon as she came back after spring break…she changed. Not in the 'I'm-going-study-crazy' type of change, hers was on a much bigger scale.

"Hello Cameron"

She cut to the chase and asked what he wanted. Was this a Bex thing? She mentally beat herself, why am I calling her 'Bex', like we're friends?

"Mr Porter sent me, something to do with tutoring, I'm not sure." And breath, thought Zach. He'd been anxious and had practised everything he was going to say to the girl.

"Fine." She began walking to the classroom, her dirty blonde hair swishing just at her skinny waist. She knocked, no answer.

"I think he's in the teachers' lounge" suggested Zach. He sat down on the red plastic chairs outside his office. He played with the string on his chinos. He watched Cameron, the way she always looked irritated, even though in her heart she knew that school was a godsend. He liked the way her eyes changed from blue to green, he liked her long eye lashes and how if she wore make-up she probably wouldn't look as pretty.

"What are you looking at?" she asked. She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

"You, is that a crime?"

"Yes it is a fucking crime actually!" and it was. If Zach-if she could call him Zach-ever saw her scars then her whole world would come crashing down and she'd lose everything…not that she had much anyway. She carried on scowling at him but found herself staring. She couldn't help but stare, he was extremely good-looking. Beautiful green eyes, dark brown hair, muscles that she could just about see in his shirt and a strong jaw.

"Who is staring now?" he joked. He swore he saw a hint of a smile and a glint in her eye.

"You're very funny" she replied sarcastically.

Oh shit! That's all I fucking need.

"Hey Zachy" purred Bex, she flicked her leg up flashing her new heels.

Wow, what a lovely shade of slut you're wearing, Cammie laughed at her own joke only to regret it when 'Bex' turned towards her.

"What's so funny?"

"You want honesty?"

"You know what, just fuck off with your depressing self, I mean seriously. Get a grip Cammie, for once it's not all about you." She gave Cammie a horrid look and then smiled at Zach. "What are you doing with her Zach?"

"We've been asked to see Mr Porter" he answered. He didn't like what Bex said to Cammie but what could he do? In reality Zachary Goode was a wimp, and he couldn't do anything about it.

"Screw him! Come on, Grant, Jonas and Preston are looking for you"

"Sorry but I can't" he smiled and saw Bex melt. He did feel guilty though, he knew she was crazy about him but what could he do?

"Aw Zach, you're so studios, it's cute! I'll see you at lunch" she smiled and walked away, making sure she was swaying her hips.

Such a slut, though Cammie. She shook her head and scowled again. Zach wanted to ask but he saw that Cammie had put her scowl back on and decided to shut-up before she told him to.

After 10 minutes a bolding man, who wore a pink shirt and grey trousers unlocked his door. Zach shook Cammie gently to wake her up, she fluttered her eye lashes and then remembered where she was and who was in front of her…she scowled once again.

Well, a guy can try, thought Zach. He didn't bother wait for Cammie, he walked in and sat down in the leather chairs in front of Mr Porter's desk. Cammie came in and stood near the door, not bothering to sit down.

"Cameron would you like a seat?" asked the teacher, he took out some files and started to look through them. When she didn't answer he continued with, "Well, looking at your recent school work I have decided that Mr Goode here will be your tutor," when she started to comment he held his hand up to shush her, "I have already spoken to your mother so it is all fine." Cammie looked dazed for a moment; she started hyperventilating but soon stopped when she saw Zach and Mr Porter looking at her. She tried a smile but ending up turning it into a scowl. Well, I think it's time you two went to class, off you go."

Once outside Zach pulled Cammie over and said, "Are you okay?"

"Me, yeah I'm fine" her guard was down with Zach.

"You sure?" he asked. She nodded even though when he looking deep into her eyes she was in pain.

She shoved him away and straightened herself out. Cammie was back, she feared that being with Zach she would lose herself.

"I'm fine, gosh!" she walked off towards her lesson and left Zach wondering who on earth this girl was.

Yeah, so this is totally new and I hope you like it. It's got swearing, self harm and some personal issues that I am going to handle sensitively. I'm sorry about not finishing The Goode Family but I just wasn't feeling it and I didn't want it to be crap so…if you want to write some chapters then I don't mind, send them to me, I'll upload them and you can take ALL the credit. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and please read on, it's got Zammie obviously and some Nacy/Mick? I dunno, I didn't want to use Preston or Grant or Jonas so I used Nick from Heist Society and because many people use him.

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