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Nick waited outside the big heavy oak doors. His palms were sweaty, his heart rate was raising and he had a sick feeling in his gut. He went over his story in his head, making sure to add the fact that he did push Macey down the stairs despite what Zach said. He'd been shouting down his ears all day, telling him that it wasn't his fault that Nick was innocent but Zach didn't understand, he has loving parents, a beautiful girlfriend and people that care about him. Nick thought hard, he thought about everything bad he's done but surely they could forgive him.

He was pacing now, up and down the long corridor. He felt a hand on his shoulder, he jumped.

"Mr Hale are you ready?" asked his lawyer. She had her long blonde hair held up in a tight bun, her face was blank and her steely eyes watched Nick.

No, he wanted to scream but his mouth wasn't working. He nodded and they started walking, Nick followed behind. He kept glancing over his shoulder, he wanted something to happen, something good but there were no signs. He sighed, prayed and walked in. As soon as he steps on the whole room turns to him. He walks to the podium and takes a sip of the water they provided.

"Nicholas Hale" says the judge. Nick stands and bows his head.

"Do you still plead guilty?"

Nick hesitated, why thought? He's guilty isn't he?

Before he could answer the doors burst open and Macey McHenry limped in and shouted that Nick was not guilty.

Murmurs went through the jury. The judge banged the mallet and the room went silent. "Miss McHenry would you like to explain?" he asked ignoring Nick's protests.

"Thank-you, it started when Nick came to my house…" Macey skipped some parts, like the questions and the kiss. When Macey explained she made Nick sound innocent, more innocent than he actually is.

White explaining Nick glanced all around the room. When Macey had finished she walked towards Nick and held his hand.

"I don't want to lose you" she whispered and he pulled her close. The room slowly went silent so nick let go of her.

The judge cleared his throat. "The verdict…Nicholas Hale is free to go"

Papers shuffled, chatter went through the air but the only thing Nick could think about is Macey. What was his life now? He'd planned this all out, he planned going to prison, he planned coming out years later…he didn't plan or even think about being free, and he didn't think about Macey and Lily being by his side.

"I so sorry Macey, I'll never let you go"

"Good, because I think Lily and I are staying for a while"

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