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Rainbow after Rain

Chapter One

A rumor has been going on around the arcade for quite some time now. They say that if you are ever outside your game during a power outage, you die. Not only that, the games themselves can be affected once the power goes back on. That has not happened to Litwak's arcade ever since it opened, until today.

"…A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for all those living near the area. We advise those to stay in their home until the storm has passed. For safety precautions visit the..."

Click. Mr. Litwak turned off the television once everyone had left to go home. He locked the doors and headed out to his car.

"Alright, all clear!" yelled one of the moles from the Whack-A-Mole game.

Once the doors are locked, the games come to life. That's how it was every night at Litwak's arcade. You were able to get out and travel to other games. Go see a race, talk to other games, fight, drink, and the list goes on. There was one thing you have to be cautious of once you left. The moment you die outside your game, you would be gone forever. Since the game you are in cannot supply your coding and data into the system, there is no way you can regenerate. That's how it was for every game. Most games believe this to be the only way to die and not come back. However, a few know the alternative. They believed that if you are ever outside your own game after a power outage, you die. Not only that, the games can be affected in some weird ways once the power goes back on. That has not happened to Litwak's arcade ever since it opened, and most think it never will happen. Can it?

"Here it comes." Ralph mutters under his breath. Splat. His face goes in face first into the filthy mud. Just another day in a life of Wreck it Ralph. Destroy, lose, get picked up and thrown into a puddle of dirt. Who gets all the glory? That would be Felix.

Its times like these where I feel unappreciated for what I do, with me being a villain and all.

Standing in front of him is none other than the game's hero, Fix It Felix Jr. He reached his hand out to his partner and smiled.

"I'm guessing that's enough for one day. What do you say we go to Tappers once we clean up?" Felix offered Ralph. Ralph, all covered and bedraggled in mud, takes Felix's hand and nods in agreement.

"Alright, but they're on you." Ralph said jokingly.

However, I'm glad to have a partner like Felix. I'm glad for who I am.

Felix pulled him out and both headed their way down to the penthouse to clean up.

"So, Ralph," Felix started, "how are you and the little tyke?"

"You mean Vanellope? She's fine. Being the President and all, she must be worn out from all the responsibilities of being ruler of all of Sugar Rush." Ralph responded.

"No, I wasn't just talking about her; I was talking about both of you. You know, what kind of stuff have you guys been doing together?" Felix restated.

"Huh? Both of us? Well… we're doing just fine. We've gotten to bond more during our game jumping adventures. Every time we travel, we get to know each other a little bit better. Why're you asking?"

"Well I was just thinking… well, maybe… there could be a slight possibility that…"

"What are you getting at Felix?"

"Well, you know how you guys are always together most of the time-"

"Felix. Get to the point."

"Um, well- hey! There's a window I forgot to fix. See ya'!" Just like that, he was gone.

What's wrong with him? What was he getting at when he mentioned both of us? Did he mean..?

"No, that can't be it… it could never happen…" Ralph said to himself. He tried to shake off the thought of Vanellope out of his head. No matter how hard he tried, the thought of her never left his head.

"Felix! I'm done cleaning up; I'm going to go ahead to Suga- I mean Tappers." He ran towards the platform where the trolleys were and headed off to Game Central Station.

"Alright Ralph, I'll be there in a few."

I'll be fine on my own tonight. Go ahead Ralph. She'll be expecting you.

Felix swept the last pile of bricks aside and watches Ralph leave with a smile.

Boom. Thunder.

Should I continue? I'll leave that up to you guys. If you want me to continue, I promise to make the next chapter longer cause' I felt this one was a bit too short. Until then, later!