Here it is. The final chapter to Rainbows after Rain; the tenth chapter. My longest, and somewhat saddest chapter ever in this story. The storm may be over, but the rainbow has still yet to come. Ladies and gentlemen, chapter ten to Rainbows after Rain. Enjoy.

Rainbows After Rain

Chapter 10: It's Over

The current time: 6:39 A.M. Arcade status: Due to the harsh weather, the arcade has been closed until further notice.

"Well, it may look like the storm has passed; but the aftermath is unbelievable. Word's cannot describe the effect the hurricane had made over time. We are getting word that most of the states major cities have gone out of power on minor areas; not to mention the bigger effect it had on neighboring communities and towns. It is truly a devastation. We are going live to Kelly for our weather update. Kelly?"

Bzzt. The television powers down.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. That storm really was something. Good thing the arcade didn't suffer as much." Mr. Litwak said, pretty relieved. He takes the remote and stuffs it down his pocket. He walks into the back room and checks the main power grid for any defects the storm may have caused.

"Hm. The power grid seems okay. I better check the games' infrastructure." He walks over to a panel the monitors the infrastructure of every game in the arcade.

"The infrastructure seems okay as well. I can get the arcade up and running by tomorrow. All the time indoors is probably making the kids anxious." He walks over to the open sign, flips it over to "closed" and grabs his keys.

"I hope all the games haven't been affected as much. I'll be back in the morning guys," he says reassuringly to the games ", 'll see you tomorrow." With that said he switched off the lights, walked out, locked the door, and began to head out to his car.

One of the only times where Litwaks' arcade ever got a day off. Normally, kids would come everyday to play, have fun, and make a great time. That wasn't the case for today. Now that the arcade is closed until tomorrow, the games have a whole 24 hours to live their live how they see fit. It's a simple life for games, only if the arcade is closed.

Once Litwak left, the arcade went silent for a moment. The DDR station lights up and flashes brightly. One of the girls looks around to see if the coast is clear; which fortunately, it is.

"Alright! All clear! We have a whole day to ourselves so let's make it count." Following shortly after, one after another, all the games light up. As the saying goes in Litwaks arcade:

Once the kids are gone, the games come to life.

And I mean that literally.

"Has the storm passed? Are we safe?" A koopa asks.

"By the looks of it, I say everything's alright." A hammer bro replies.

"The news came on saying that the storm has passed on somewhere else. The arcade is safe." A goomba adds.

"Well it's nice to know we can continue to get Mario without random pits and glitches everywhere." A Lakitu says, floating in.

"Uh, guys, hate to burst your bits, but Mario's coming over right now." A scared paratroopa hops in saying.

"Alright, scram everyone!" A spiny shrieks out. All of the enemies run out in opposite directions away from Mario. Mario hops in the spot where the gang was.

"Hey a' Luigi! I have a' good news! He can a' finally continue saving a' Peach again!" Mario says in glee.

"That's a' great Mario, but you do know that Bowser is away for the day? She's in the castle, if you need her." Luigi runs and hops away back into his game, with Mario following behind in happiness.

"OH A' BOY! MARIO'S A' COMIN'!" Mario says in an excited tone.

Grand Central Station is rustling with busy bee's again, unless your a Stingby actually trying to get somewhere. But never mind that. The arcade is up and running and ready to thrive. Well, for most, anyway.


"I am so glad that I got my mugs back. I'd be out of business without them!" Tapper says kissing a mug

"Never mind that! I got my notebook back! I can write totally obscure stuff now without the consent of others!" Maxwell says mischievously.

"Can it ScribbleNOT. We know how you get with that notebook." Link says pissed.

"Uh guys, did you hear what I just said? Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun are back! Look! Guys, listen!" Inky says.

"Hey, that's my line!" Navi says, also as pissed as Link.

"My god- GUYS DID YOU HEAR INKY? THEY'RE BACK. LET'S GO GREET THEM." Blinky says, even more pissed that usual.

Maxwell, Tapper, Link and Navi jump in surprise. They nod and walk over to the trio of the day.

"Hey guys! How was it? Were you able to save the arcade?" Maxwell asks.

"Fortunately, yes." Felix chuckles. "Any update on the arcade itself?"

"Yeah! The storm passed! The arcade is out harms way." Clyde replies.

"That's good to hear. Any update on the games?" Ralph asks.

"It seems that all of the games have gone back to their usual selves. You guys did it!" Link replies.

"Looks like everything is back to normal, right?" Calhoun hopingly asks.

"Everything is back to normal." Felix says. "And I couldn't have done it without the help of Ralph, Vanellope, and Calhoun!"

"Now that everything is back to normal, every game should be fixed, Vanellope's back to her twelve year old self, and the building is fine." Ralph adds. "Now let's all go celebrate at Tappers! Vanellope, wanna' come with?" Ralph asks, turning around.

Total silence.

"W-Where did Vanellope go?" Felix asks.

"I don't know! She- she was right behind us when we were walking back!" Ralph exclaimed.

"Are you sure? The last time I saw her was back at he power grid." Calhoun added in.

"Wait, if you didn't see her. why didn't you say anything?" Felix asked.

"I was thinking she wandered off somewhere, seeing how she had to make an emotional decision right before Felix fixed that grid."

"What decision?" Ralph asked.

"You really are oblivious, Ralph. Didn't you know that Vanellope would go back to her twelve year old self once everything was back to normal? You know what that means, right?"

"Erm... I really don't." Ralph says. Calhoun, mad, dashes up to his face and grabs his collar.

"You are kidding me, right? Right? Are you blind? Don't you know that she loved you? She gave up her older self just to save the arcade. Now that she's younger, she wouldn't be able to love you like she did when she was older. Did you ever think of that, Ralph?" She says, even more pissed that usual.

"I'm sorry... I just thought-"

"You thought what? That love would just come and go as you please? Is that it?" She interrupted.

"I just thought... it wouldn't be possible."

"Well there's a shocker. Then what was that all about? Back at Sugar Rush, you told her you loved her. Now what's this? It wouldn't be possible?"

"Listen, I only-"

"And I thought you cared for her! Even if she was younger, you could have made her happy. Love isn't defined to an age, Ralph. Nor appearance, nor personality. If Vanellope loves you for who you are, then you should love her for who she is."

"I do! But-"

"But what?! Can't you make one girl happy? She's only one girl Ralph. You don't need to please millions of others. Just love her. You don't need to get all lovey-dovey with her. Just let her know you love her for who she is. I don't care if she needs to be your age or not. Go find her and tell her you love her. NOW!"


"NOW RALPH! Me and Felix will go back into the maintenance room and look for her there. Search the arcade. She couldn't have gone far, given the time Felix fixed the arcade, nor she couldn't have escaped. Felix, let's go." Calhoun ran off to the end of the hall, with Felix following after. Ralph stepped back a bit and turned around to the Sugar Rush terminal. He reached into his shirt and took out the cookie medal Vanellope made for him.

You're my hero.

"Peach has Mario, Zelda has Link..." He clutches onto the medal "...Vanellope has me." He steps in the terminal and looks for the nearest train.

"I love Vanellope Von Schweetz for who she is. If she needs a wrecker like me in her life, then I must fulfill that need. If there's one thing I can't wreck, it's a girls' heart. If Calhoun only let me say something..." The train comes by and stops in front of Ralph. He steps in and sits down, sighing at the floor.

"I can't be the bad guy in this relationship. Not for her."


Vanellope entered the hall, crying. She ran up the stairs, into her room, and onto her bed. The door shut by itself right as soon as she came in. Sour Bill, out of curiosity, entered the room right after she did.

"Your highness? Are you alright?" He asked.

"Go away Sour Bill... I don't want to talk right now..." She sobbed quietly.

"Is there anything you need? Anything at all?" He asked.

"If you can make me older again, then go ahead. Otherwise, just leave me alone." She shoved her face into a pillows, sobbing a bit louder.

"Princess... you are only nine- erm, twelve. Er... sorry for forgetting. Aren't you too young for love? You still have the rest of your life ahead of you as a racer. Love will only trouble you more... and it looks like it has."

"As a princess, I need a prince. I can't run this kingdom single-handedly..."

"But, princess... you have me as your assistant. You don't have to run it by yourself."

"I need someone who will be by my side through everything. Someone who I can cuddle against, hold on to..." she then turned to her side, "someone I can love as my own."

"I understand your pain, princess. B-"

"Which can't be made possible because of my age? This isn't the human world, it's a world where video games can live without the 24/7 control. It may not look right to others, but what are we? We're just a bunch of pixels programmed to entertain others. If humans have the right to control our actions, why can't I have the right to control my feelings and emotions?"

"Princess, you can." He walked closer to her bed, without the grumpy expression, but a more serious, sympathetic expression replacing it instead. "If you love someone, regardless of age, appearance, or personality, then you have every right to love them. I'm sure your prince loves you as much as you do."

"Oh, what do I know? On the outside, I was seventeen. But on the inside, i'm still just a kid. Ralph won't love a girl like me. I saw it in his eyes before we fixed the arcade..."

"Wait, all this is because of Ralph? Wreck-It Ralph?"

"Yeah, that guy. The guy I thought loved me for who I was." She pouted with sadness.

"Well... um, i'm pretty sure he understa-"

"It's okay, Sour Bill. You don't have to comfort me, I can manage on my own." She said with a smile as fake as her statement. She turned her back to him and sighed. Sour Bill began to walk out of the room, only half-closing the door before he leaves.

"If you need anything, princess, just call. I'll be here."

"You can go now." She waved him off. With that said he left the room and closed the door. She quietly sobbed into her pillow after he left.

A typical day of a princess in Sugar Rush. Lonely and boring.

"I wonder what Ralph is doing..." she whispered to herself. She stood up from her bed an jumped out. She slipped out of her sweater and tied it around her waist as she left the room. She slid down the stairs and down the hall. She walked to her kart and jumped in it.

"A little racing is what I need..." She gripped onto the joystick and drove forward and out of the hall. She drove down the path and towards the empty track. Racing was canceled for today due to recent events. What can you say? She's the princess.

"Just one lap is all I need." The engine starts and rumbles. She grips the wheel, switches gears, and steps on the pedal. The kart skids against the ground and shoots forward into the track. The track had been alternated to a simpler track so that the drive wouldn't take as long as she needed to. The first turn came up, followed by another.

"Too easy." She stepped on the pedal to go faster. She grinned a bit as she sped up. The wind blowing through her hair, the feeling and need for speed. It made her happy.

"This should be a breeze." She jumped over her first obstacle, along with a few other along the way. She was just about to reach the final stretch of the track, until she tried to attempt to drift into the finish line. She was meters away from the finish line. She turned her wheel left, switched gears, and attempted to force the car to the right. She must of forgot that she wasn't driving on asphalt.


The car immediately forced itself left, rather than right. The front rammed itself into the guardrail and gapped it wide open. The car headed in nose first into a pit of fudge, slowly starting to swallow the car as a whole. There was absolutely no way of getting out. The walls caved in, for she widened the hole which she slammed into. She was too small to jump out, and the walls were absolutely impossible to climb on. She was trapped.

"Help! I'm trapped! Someone help me!" She cried out, hoping someone would hear her. Unfortunately for her, the track was closed. She cried out even more, but to her avail, could not. The car was a thirds into the pit. It would've been only a matter of time before she would sink in with it.


There was, indeed, a rumored way to die in your own game. During open hours, if you were controlled and you died, you would regenerate, for the game supplied your coding. The opposite goes for when you die outside your game, or even when a storm occurs. There were those few who knew the method for death. There were many, but one was especially tailored for Vanellopes' unlikely suiting. Due to the absence of her coding in the games' system, her essence eventually began to wore off as a whole, along with the memories. King Candy/ Turbo wanted to make sure that she would be gone forever so that he could steal her place on the roster. If she was to be removed from the game, it was to be in time, but not right away. One of the reason why she glitches. Just a reason for her fading away every second she's been active in the game. Full effect would've taken place quickly, if it wasn't for Ralph and the others. The game reset and everything was peachy, or so they thought. Though the game reset, and the coding traced back to Vanellope, the full essence of herself was never truly complete. How do you think games receive their own lives? It was no mistake. It was the essence that brought them to life. You must have the essence and coding of a character to fully supply their regeneration. Vanellope has never died once, and she's always been an expert driver. Even the worst can handle her with ease, although she never really prefers to. With her about to get swallowed up, she wasn't going to take a chance.


Her cries were desperate as she tried to reach out to someone, anyone who could help her. Her cries were of no use. Her voice was quiet, and not much sound escaped when she tried to yell. She could just glitch her way out, but the thought never got to her. Under all this pressure just makes you nervous, including her. The car sputtered as it went in halfway into the pit, engines deing and buttons fading as the car faced it's inevitable doom. It turned to it's side and jittered upward to give her a chance. She jumped and grabbed for the edge, but ended up slipping and falling back on her kart.

"It's hopeless, i'm going to die in here." She cried. She sat on the edge and sobbed again.

Just when I thought things would get better. I'm sorry Felix, Calhoun, and all of Sugar Rush and the arcade. I'm especially sorry to you, Ralph.




A faint whisper is heard from the hole.

She looks straight up into the blue sky, her eyes longing for someone to come and save her.

"Vanellope! Vanellope, where are you? I came to say I-"

"Ralph! Down here!" She yelled back. Ralph looked over behind him to where the voice came from. He saw it, the skid marks, the guardrail broken, and the smoke fuming from below.

"Hold on Vanellope!" He ran over to the wreckage and stepped back immediately at the sight of the hole.

"Vanellope! Can you hear me?" He coughs as the smoke hits his face. ", I'm going to get you out of there!" He yelled out.

"R-Ralph. I'm sorry..." she coughed.

"We can apologize later! We have to get you out of there!" He jumped over the rail and ran to the other side of the hole.

"Can you try to get out?"

"I *cough* can't... too deep, too weak..." She groaned. Anxious, he looked around for a means to get her out. He found a vine and pulled it out. He ran over to the hole and lowered the rope.

"Here! Grab on to this!" The roped lowered in front of her. He aimlessly tried to grab the rope, but could not, for she was too weak to even move her hand.

"Ralph... *cough* ..please, hurry." She sobbed softly.

"Don't worry! I will get you out!" He stood up and started to walk in anxiety.

"I can try to grab her, but the hole is too deep for me to even reach her. I can call for others, but that'll take too long." He looked down. Time was running out for the kart, and soon Vanellope.

He reached for a lollipop, licked it, and reached down, hoping that it would stick to her. There was too much smoke, and it wouldn't stick to her. He tossed it aside and groaned in pressure. Vanellope coughed louder and looked up at the sky.

"Please hurry..." Ralph looked back and took a moment to think.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! I have to think of something!" He paced around and came to a thought. "I know! I can-"

If you leave your game, stay safe, stay alert and whatever you do, don't die! Because if you die outside your own game, you don't regenerate. Ever! Game Over!

Almost slipped my mind.

Ralph, being the villain he is, had his ambitions. To take life one game at a time; to protect his friends and allies; to stay by Vanellopes' side, every step of the way. Even if it meant giving a life...


...To save a life...

"I have to. I have to. There's no other way."

..Then damn right...

"I will save her."

...Should his ambition be fulfilled.

He looked down into the hole and gulped.

"I know the pain she's going through. It's because of me. She shouldn't have to suffer this heartbreak because of my own sole judgments. She shouldn't have to end her life because of me. I know what I must do." Ralph looked down and took a quick sniff.

"Whether or not I hate or love chocolate, none of that matters now." He punched the hole and widened it.

"If i'm going to die saving her, let me die with no regrets. No regrets. Whether for life or for love, nothing I do will be regrettable by anyone." He took in a breath and jumped into the enlarged pit. He falls in head first, grabs Vanellope, and tosses her out of the pit. She landed on the grass, unconscious and coughed from all the smoke that filled her lungs. He opened her eyes, to only see her beloved Ralph is drowning in her place. She crawled to the hole and looked down with a tired look.

"R-Ralph... Ralph!" She cried out. Ralph was half engulfed in fudge, only to be drowning in a matter of minutes.

"Ralph, you don't have to do this... I can't bear you being gone." She said with a light voice.

"You won't have to. It was my sole duty to protect you, and that's what I did. That's all I ever wanted."

"But Ralph... there's nothing you could have done to deserve this!" She cried out.

"All I did was cause you so much heartbreak. I knew of your feelings toward me, and I never fully acknowledged them. You're in this mess because of me. I'm such an idiot for not returning the feelings you gave me."

"But you did! Here, in Sugar Rush. You confessed... you told me..."

"That was because you were older. That was my preference. I only loved you for what you looked like on the outside, and never truly on the inside. You read my face, you watched the reactions. It was judgmental love. I know you wanted true love."

"And that's what I get every day, Ralph. From Felix, Calhoun, and especially you. You can't see it, but I can. It's love for one another. That's all I ever wanted."

"But you wanted more than just family love. You wanted true love. To eat together, to love together, to sleep together; to do everything together. I only realized that until after."

"Ralph. Get out. Please, I wont allow this!" She cried louder.

"Now it's time for me to return those feelings to you. Thank you for loving me Vanellope. Please, let me hear those words one last time."

"Ralph..." She sobbed.

"Please. I wan't to die knowing I didn't mess this up."

"Okay... I love you Ralph..." She sobbed.

"Thank you." He said, head almost in the fudge,

"I love you, Ralph." She said louder.

"Thank you."

"I love you!" She yelled out.

"Thank yo-" He sputtered as his mouth went in.

"I LOVE YOU!" She screamed into the pit.

"And I love you too, my princes-"


"Ralph? Ralph?"

She bent over and looked to see his hair, only sticking out from the pit.

"Ralph! Say something! Please!" No response was given. He's dead. She slammed her fists into the ground and began to cry.

"Why? Why?! WHY?!" She screamed out. "He's dead, and it's all because of me. It's all my fault." She laid on the grass and sobbed more quietly this time.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." She cried softly.

"What happened?" Felix asked, running in.

"Yeah, and why are you crying?" Calhoun asked, following after.

"Ralph..." She pointed to the pit. Confused, they walked over to the pit, only to see Ralphs' hair sticking out from the fudge.

"Wait, is he..? No... he can't..." Calhoun stepped back in shock.

"Vanellope, what happened to Ralph? Is he-"

"Dead? Yeah, all because of me." Felix fell to the floor and gasped in shock. Calhoun went over to Vanellope and bent down.

"What did you do? You couldn't have possibly done this!"

"Well I did. I was unaware. I crashed. I fell in. He came after me. He sacrificed himself, just for me. He told me he loved me..."

"...for what?" Calhoun asked.

"For myself. He didn't care about my age anymore. He loved me for me; for who I really was. I sent the wrong message. I should have never gave a hint."

"He did what was best, Vanellope. And that's what matters."

"Best for what? Me? Why me? What about the arcade, his game, and everything else! I'm just a girl-"

"He cared about so much!" Calhoun interrupted.

"But he could have saved himself!"

"But he couldn't!" She argued back.

"This only brought trouble for his game, for Felix, for the Nicelanders! What will happen to them!"

"And what would've happened to his heart? You'd die without giving your utmost important feelings? He said he'd die with no regrets, right?"


"Then it's a good thing he did. His last thoughts gave him hope for you, and everyone else. It's not visible hope, but it's enough to get us through. You know that, and he sure did."

"Uh, guys."

"I know... I know..."

"Guys. Seriously, come her-"

"You need to continue life without him. Just remembered what he told you. Hang on to it, for every moment with him was entirely precious."

"Guys! Look! He's-"

"Okay, I will..."

"For the love of all things fixing and wrecking, look! Somethings coming out of the pit!"

"WHAT?!" Vanellope and Calhoun said in unison. They rushed over to the edge and looked over.

"It's bubbling, does that mean..."


A dark blob emerged from the edges of the hole, and slopped itself on the grass.

"Is it Ralph?" Felix asked.

"There's only one way to find out. Vanellope, go to him."

"Ralph, is it you?" Vanellope asked.

"Yeah it's me, but why do you have a pit of fudge, this could be a real hazard to future races. Be a good idea to remove it, or at least change it to a different color."


"It's Ralph alright." Calhoun chuckled.

"Ralph! You're alive!" Vanellope cried with joy.

"Of course I'm alive, what did you think happened? I was dead?"

"Yes! You drowned in the fudge pit! I saw you!"

"Well, I didn't necessarily drown. The kart provided extra leverage for me to stand on. I was able to make it out. Surprisingly, that pit is pretty shallow. Sorry about your kart."

"Who cares about the kart?! You're alive, and that's what matters!" She said, crying in his arms.

"I love you, kiddo. No, princess. I love you princess."

"And I love you, my prince." Vanellope grabbed on to his fudge-soaked overalls and cried a bit more.


"C'mon Ralph! We'll be late for Marios' race!" She yelled out from the bathroom as she was getting ready.

"Hold on, i'm getting up." He said, getting out of their bed.

"I can't believe your my age, and you're not as excited as me for this! It's a race Ralph! I love races!"

"And I love you. Something more important." He gave her a kiss on the cheek and she returned one back.

"Rrr... sure." She chuckled with a bit of sarcasm. Vanellope finished getting ready, and so did Ralph a few minutes later.

"Ready to go, my prince?" She chuckled as she looked at his outfit. "This isn't a ball Ralph. You can dress normally."

"But your apparently dressed as my princess." He chuckled back.

"Hey! I'm the princess. I should be dressed for such momentous occasion." She said, acting like a queen.

'It's a race, Vanellope. C'mon, let's go." Ralph said taking her hand.

"Okay." She smiled at him. They walked all the way to the platform where they met Felix and Calhoun.

"Hey lovebirds. Ready to go?" Calhoun asked.

"Sure am!" She said with excitement.

"Eh, if she's excited, I am." Ralph smiled.

"I see the program's working well for you, Ralph. Any troubles caused?"

"No, not really. Can you fix the glitching issue, though?"

"That would be my fault." Vanellope said laughing.

"Explains why it always happens in bed."

"Taking it to the next level, eh?" Felix said with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey, don't get the wrong idea, Mr. I'm-Already-Married. It's just playful teasing, nothing intimate." Ralph said,blushing a bit.

"Can we just go? We'll be late!" Calhoun groaned.

"Good idea, let's go!" Vanellope nodded.

"Right behind you." Ralph smiled.

And so they exited the platform as the group they always were. Just add another couple.

In the end, Ralph ended up getting a copy of his coding into the Sugar Rush system. They altered his age to make him younger only when entering Sugar Rush. It's kinda' cute, thinking about it. Also funny. Vanellope made Ralphs' icon a rainbow. Just to mark what happens after a storm. Always a rainbow, that put's a smile on anyone's face. Rainbows after rain.

Rainbows after Rain- End.

I want to thank everyone, no literally everyone who supported me during the making of this fan fiction. It's was such an honor to get so many happy, bright, and awesome favorites, reviews, and follows from so many! Thank you, again! This was such an awesome experience to go through, and it was just so emotional, funny, even heartwarming at times; and it's all thanks to you. To my wonderful readers. To my supporters. And to all the awesome people who have helped me during these rough times. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn't have done it without you guys! I will plan on creating more fan fictions for Wreck-It Ralph, so don't fret! If you wish on using my story as basis for any fan-art, please do! Just credit my story in your description. I don't know what else to say, other than thank you. Well, it's been a pleasure guys! I hope you enjoyed "Rainbows after Rain", and hope to read more of my upcoming stories. Until then, see ya' later!