Can't believe I got the first chapter of this done. This story will be my first ever multi chapter Kung Fu Panda fanfiction so this is a new to me.

Anyone aside from that I am trying to write in present tense for this story. There are of course going to be other tenses but this one I'll try to make it main present tense and its many sub categories. It's a new challenge for me and a fun one.

Now enjoy the fanfiction

I lay my back against a stone wall, breathing heavily. I'm trying to catch my breath, from before but it's really hard. Tired, I gingerly sit myself down, wanting to just rest here forever. I look around and see the Valley of Peace, the place that use to be my home.

It sure doesn't look like the busy village it use to be, it's empty. Completely empty. Garbage is all on the floor and many houses are starting to lose their color. The buildings are missing tons of bricks while others are rubble. Carts have been abandoned with no one to care for their goods. The sky, it's unusually gray and dark. There seems to be a storm rolling in.

The Valley of Peace use to be my home but now it feels like I'm nowhere near home. The streets were filled with villagers some time ago but now they're gone. There too busy with … other things.

"How did we lose someone that huge?" I thought I lost those guys but apparently not, there still after me. I need to get out of here before they find me. I barely got away from them before if they find me again, then I'm a goner.

I pick myself up, slowly and steadily. It was hard enough sitting down but having to get up again was unbearable. My legs felt like hot bean paste, squishy and on fire. It hurt to even stand, my legs wobbling uncontrollably. How would I be able to run away if I could barely stand?

"Po shook us off the first time but he's exhausted. He couldn't have gotten too far." Which ever villager that said that is correct. I so exhausted and I feel like crud. I know I can't keep going like this.

I feel something tug on my hand lightly, interrupting me in my thoughts. My heart feels like it's skipping a couple of beats. I feel myself tense up, afraid what'll happen next. Who is it?

"Po," I relax at the sound of his, I sure am happy to hear his voice! With this unknown strength, I turn around and smile at him, a small one. I am still down about the whole, "getting chased by an angry mob." thing.

It is good to see him, to see my Dad until … I get this feeling of guilt.

This sting of guilt hurts and I understand why; my Dad can't involve himself with this. I've already hurt enough people for today and I can't let my Dad get hurt too! If I saw my Dad in pain and it's my fault, I'd probably lose my mind.

I know the villagers are coming closer and I can't let them see me with my Dad. "Dad, this isn't the time! You know if they see you with me with you they'll …" I can't quite put the words out, there stuck. It didn't even feel good to put a thought on that particular, "what if?" let alone say it out load.

"Son, we can talk more about this at my…" Dad pauses. I don't know why he's pausing but whatever it is, it looks like it's a struggle for him to say it. "Noodle Shop." He says it, so blandly; it's not like him to that and especially to his own Noodle Shop. Dad turns away from me and urges me to follow him.

Thankfully, Dad knows where he is going even with the village in utter destruction. He doesn't even have to worry about the villagers following me because he knows another route to his Noodle Shop.

The walk to the Noodle Shop is tense, just continuing to see ripped up floor tiles and broken trees sure don't give me a moral boost.

When we arrive, the Noodle Shop is completely destroyed. The tables and chairs, are all broken and scattered around the floor of the dining room. Plates and bowls are all shattered, there sharp remains mixed with the broken down chairs and tables. The kitchen, the place where my Dad used to work at is gone. The kitchen is filled with debris. My room must've collapsed not too long ago onto the kitchen because many of my belongings filled the destroyed kitchen.

I was hoping that my Dad's own Noodle Shop would have been safe from all of this but I got my hopes up.

Dad is looking at his now destroyed Noodle Shop, he looks so heartbroken. A couple of silent seconds pass were me and Dad look at the destroyed Noodle Shop, he's the one to break the ice.

"Po what happened to everything? I was doing some shopping out of the village and when I come back I see this." Dad is looking at me, concerned.

I sigh; I really don't want to tell him. Tell him that I did all of this. Po, the supposed Dragon Warrior obliterated the whole Valley of Peace. The bodacious and heroic Dragon Warrior is now an evil villain. It sounds like a fairytale, a really bad one but it isn't. I have to swallow my own guts and tell my Dad.

"Dad, I did it." Thiers this awkward silence before Dad responds with, "What?" "I destroyed the Valley of Peace!" I'm suspecting something on the lines of, "Po, how could you?" but it never came. Instead Dad says, "Son, its okay."

"'It's okay?' " I look at him, not believing what he said. How can he be so forgiving? "Dad, I hurt so many people! I destroyed your prized Noodle Shop and now probably the whole village is after me and you can just say, 'it's okay'?" I don't know where this sudden burst of anger came from but it sure was a surprise to both me and Dad.

"Dad I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you like-" I can't finish because I'm distracted by the smile on my Dad's face. Why is he smiling?

"Po, yes you have made a major mistake, I can't excuse that and I can't say I'm not disappointed at you Son," At least Dad speaks the truth, who wouldn't disappointed or angry in me? "But that doesn't mean I will stop loving you. You are my son even if you're not the Dragon Warrior. So yes son, I do believe 'it's okay'."

"Dad…" I'm speechless, which is quite rare actually. I thought he would be blistering angry with me like the villagers but he isn't. It felt great to get this morale boost from my Dad. There were no words to describe how awesome I felt. All of that guilt and other horrible feelings just disappeared into the air.

"Now Son, I have another question for you." "What is it Dad?" "Whatever happened to the Furious Five and Shifu?"

That question definitely caught me off guard. I never thought about the Furious Five or Shifu when all of this started. Even though I remember being in the Jade Palace right after the accident happened , I don't remember ever seeing the Furious Five or Master Shifu. Something tells me though I should be very careful not to be seen by them or Shifu.