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I open my eyes to this bright stinging light and it forces me to squint out of pain. After some time passes my eyes adjust to the light; now able to see but a lot of things looked fuzzy and blurry to me.

I could make out the bamboo trees that stood over me and the dark gray sky.

A gray sky, just like at the Valley of Peaceā€¦

Then it all came back to me and when it did I was overcame with all sorts of emotions. Images of the decimated Valley came first, broken trees, demolished houses and destruction all around. It was a dreary scene that made me feel guilty and also sad, very sad. Finally I remember jumping off a waterfall to get away from the villagers.

I was just so overcame with all of these emotions of the recent events. I felt major guilt and dread for what I did to the Valley of Peace; I can only imagine how many people lives I have hurt. But a part of me felt like I needed to keep going and at first I didn't feel that way. Not until I met up with my Dad that is when I felt inspired to keep on going. That might have been the only reason I was still pushing myself: For my Dad.

I knew I couldn't stay here forever, they would probably check to see if I really was a goner. Lucky for me, they don't know I am alive!

I twist my head to left and to the right to get a better look of my surroundings. From the looks of it I was in some sort of medical camp. There on my right, lying in a wooden cabinet are all sorts of medical supplies: herbs, bandages, salves and all sorts of concoctions in glass bottles. While on the left of me laid clean linen sheets and cloths.

"Hmm, well if it isn't wonderful to see you awake Dragon Warrior." I stiffen at the sound of the voice coming from the right of me. I knew exactly who that "charming" voice belonged to. We met on a couple occasions before all of this and we sure were not friends.

"Hey,cut the charades. I doubt you're happy to see me one bit." Though my head throbs in pain from speaking and my mouth is dry, I muster up the strength to show aggression in my tone.

"Charades? I assure you Dragon Warrior that I am not playing any game of charades with you." This time the female voice sounds closer.

"If I were playing with you, I would have had you're skull already darling plus I wouldn't have saved your life when you were drifting down a stream."

It then makes sense to me, that's the reason I am in this camp. She saved my life but I wonder why she did. We didn't have the greatest relationship; you can blame our past encounters for that.

"But then why did you save my life?" I ask, straining my voice to speak.

"Because I was in a happy mood today." She responds cheerfully.

"Really?" I ask skeptically.

"Well, somewhat, the cloudy morning is a bit down some but that's not the point. I also would like to know why you were floating down a river unconscious Dragon Warrior."

From the way the conversation was going, I had no reason to lie of hide anything from her. She did save my life after all!

"Just listen to what I have to say I suppose that will answer your question."

"Sure Dragon Warrior."

"Don't call me the Dragon Warrior anymore." I say solemnly.

"And why shouldn't I call you that?" She suddenly comes out of hiding when she walks over to me, standing on the left of me. A placid smile on her face.

"Because Scorpion, I sure don't deserve that title of Dragon Warrior."