Twilight was wondering where Spike was. But instead of worrying, she overreacts. Diamond and Silver parents were turning into a nut house. Applejack is searching the entire barn, maybe 4-5 times. Rarity hasn't comb her mane for a month, still searching for Sweetie bell. and Rainbow Dash flew all over Ponyvill and the Everfree forest, but is still going to keep searching. And Celestia hasn't got any reports for a month. Twilight thought to bring the people who are missing thier loved ones.

"Applebloom is gone Twi. Ah miss 'er so much! Do somethin'!" Applejack yelled at Twilight. "Please Twilight! My precious Diamond is missing!" yelled Diamond's mom. "Yeah! Squirt has gone missing! She always checks out my stunts everyday!" Rainbow yelled. "Silver has gone missing! I miss her so much!" Silver's mom yelled at Twilight. "Where is my Sweetie Bell?!" Rarity spoke. "Calm down everypony. I'll try and use my spell to find them." Twilight spoke and tried to use her magic. This shouldn't be to hard. Its a begginer spell anyway... Twilight thought. Twilight concentrated to use the spell, but she couldn't teleport to where they were. She tried and tried, but only to strain herself in the process.

"...I'm sorry Twilight, but only the chosen one's can get to them. Not even Celestia can get to the dimension..."the weird, but calm, voice said. "What...? W-who are you?" Twilight mumbled fearfully. "...Sorry for the random introduction Twilight ...but I am called: The Mysterious Voice. Voice for short..." the calm voice said. "What have you done to them?! Where's Spike?!" Twilight whispered. "...You should thank me. But thier out to save the 10 Multi-verses. After thier done saving the first one, they will come back and rest. But will return to the next one. Each universe is worse than the last. But thier starting off easy..."Voice said. "Why are they in a different world? They could get hurt!" Twilight whispered. "...Why question me when your talking to a wall. Look behind you..."Voice finished. Twilight obeyed and found the 5 staring at her in confusion. "Uh...what are you-BWAHAHAHA!" Rainbow was cut off by laughter. "Pony's...Voice please talk to all of them, so they don't think I'm crazy." Twilight pleaded. "...Hello pony's, my name is Voice. Your loved ones will appear soon..."Voice spoke. The 5 had thier lower mouth hanging like a rope. "...Please close your mouthes, you will catch flies..."Voice finished. "Ah want to know if my Applebloom is ok!" Applejack yelled at the ceiling. "...Of course she's okay. Actually...she's not doing so well right now..."Voice admitted. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Applejack yelled. "...Good news is, Apple and Spike are in love..."Voice spoke. "Nice job Applebloom." Applejack spoke. "Spike's growing up..." Twilight said. "...Bad news is, well, watch the video..."Voice said, showing a screen in a different dimension.

"DIAMOND!" Applebloom yelled, "Don't you DARE touch MY Spike!" "No! Spike is mine!" Diamond yelled back. "Spike's mine you-" Applebloom was cut off with with a blow to the stomach. "Shut up Applebloom!" Silver yelled at Applebloom. Although, Applebloom was crying like crazy. "Silver...why?!" Silver's mom whispered. Spike was changing like Luna, except he had black aura flowing around his body, his eyes red, and his body color black. "GIVE ME ONE REASON I SHOULDN'T KILL YOU" Spike yelled. "Spike! Stop!" Twilight yelled at the screen. "...He can't hear you, ya know..."Voice spoke. "Woah, Silver must have mad Spike so mad, that he...changed." Sweetie bell said.

"Why can't we help 'em fillies?!" Applejack yelled. "...Do you want to die, Or let the 6 chosen ones do thier thing...?" Voice said, winning the arguement match. "'Ah...'Ah...'Ah don't know. Ah' just want 'em to be safe, ya know?" Applejack said dissapointed, losing the match. "...Ok, I'll be nice to ya. You can go in there..."Voice was interupted when Diamond's mom asked, "Really?" "...Yes, but you have to go in there WITHOUT being seen. Someone's mom believe's their is a talking pony in her house..."Voice finished. "They don't have talking pony's in their world?" Diamond's mom asked. "Apparently, everyone and every THING can talk. Just not pony's, horses, and donkey's..."Voice admitted. "Wait...so where do we-" Rainbow was interupted when Voice said, "...You will appear where the pony's sleep. In someone's bedroom. Off you go..."Voice finished and the 6 dissapeared.


Ow...my head. What happened? Spike thought. Spike opened his eyes and spotted a familiar shade of yellow. My eyes must still be blurry... Spike thought. He shook his head and found Applebloom on top of him,sleeping. Man...she's cute even when she is asleep Spike thought. He looked around and found out that it was midnight, in Gumball and Darwin's room. Spike gently got out and slipped Applebloom in her own sleeping bag. How long was I out? Maybe 4 hours or so. Spike thought. He looked at himself and found out that he is trantsparent. Wait...I'm INVISABLE?! Spike thought, What did my anger do to me?! Spike stomach growled, and his throat was as dry as feeling a stick.

He went downstairs and found a large white box. It had 2 handles, one on top, the other on the bottom. Spike opened the bottom one and found food and drinks. Wonder where I should store this... Spike thought. He grabed 2 flower sandwhich's, salad, cupcakes, and cookies. Spike stored it under Gumball's bed and went outside to find gems. Aparently, Spike found SUPER rare gems in their front yard. I might get a rare gem for my Texas filly Spike thought, staring at a white, clear, glowing, and beautiful diamond. I'm SO giving this to Applebloom. Spike thought. He took the Diamond's and stored it under Gumball's bed, then get's in his sleeping bag. Spike, then, fell asleep like a little baby.