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Chapter One:

Dark beginning

The small boy sat on his bed tears falling down his cheek, soft whimper leaving his lips, the voices outside his bedroom door grow louder as time passes. A three-fingered, red gloved, hand reassures the four year-old that it's ok for him to cry. The clear grey eyed boy smiled at his only friend, his digimon, Impmon. A small purple demon like child, with a yellow smiley face on his stomach, red gloves and scarf, with green eyes, a white muzzle, pointed ears, and a tail.

"Thanks..." The boy mumbles. Trying not to think of the bruises and marks that adore his pale flesh. Bruises and marks that only Impmon has seen, passed his parents that is, the proof of the abuse of his 'loving' parents.

The digimon offers a small smile, as close to genuine as he could. Though it was as fake as his tamers parents care. He watched as his tamer curled up on the bed and slowly drifted to sleep, he realized, like he did many times this had happened in the two years he had been with his tamer, how defenceless he really was.

Impmon then fell into a silent depression as he knew he could do nothing to save him, not from his parents, the bullies at school, the scornful looks from strangers, or from any powerful digimon. He was weak and useless.

Impmon growled at the voices even if they had died down. They were the reason. The reason his tamer was always holding a fa├žade and always was hurt.

He hated humans. Humans and their stupidity and their uncaring nature to their own kin.

He also hated Unimon, that snobby, smart, and strong digimon. He acted as if he was better than Impmon. As though he was the only one that could protect the boy from stronger digimon.

Impmon was the only one that can do that! There was no one else that could. Impmon would always be there for him, on night where the abuse was particularly violent, to wipe his tears when the bullies were more hurtful, and during the loudest of storms when his nerves were frayed. Impmon would always be there. Kind and caring action and gesture were what seemed to calm the boy, so that was what he used.

Impmon climbed under his tamers bed, where a pillow and three blankets were located to signify Impmon's bed. The digimon curled up in the blankets and fell asleep, dreaming of the day he could take his tamer away from here, to somewhere safe.

Impmon smiled at his last conscious thought "At least when I defeat that digimon, he'll give me all the power I need. Then, then I'll be able to protect you, Leo." Then he was asleep.

Four years later...

The ten-year old sat on the cold stone pavement. Lopmon and Terriermon lay beaten and half dead on the ground. The city was destroyed. Had been for a while, before the child stood Beelzemon who grinned and stared hard at the boy, waiting for him to move.

Leo stared straight ahead, a blank, almost dead gaze on his face.

"Leo!" Came Vince, Sasha, Dave, Kyle and Lyla's voices as they called out to him. Their digimon ran beside them, they all considered themselves and their digimon teams. The teams were Vince & Dobermon, Sasha & Patomon, Kyle & Goburimon, Dave & Dorumon, Lyla & Gatomon X, and finally Leo, Terriermon & Lopmon.

Beelzemon stance changed from one of casual waiting to one of defense and offence, he stood defending Leo, but was ready to attack. "Stay away from him!" Beelzemon growled lowly, baring his sharp teeth.

"Wha?... Mum!" Vince caught the sight of his now dead mum. Dave now also noticed his own parents also lay dead.

Leo looked towards the small group, blood ran down the side of his face, pain was clear in his eyes. "S-sorry... I-I tri...tried..." Leo tried to not cry, but failed to.

"You tried to kill him and are now trying to protect him? Make up your mind!" Lyla yelled at him.

"Kill him?! I'm the only one that can protect him from your kind! All people have treated him badly, and now I'll be the one to save him! No matter what! Don't get in my way or else... No one will harm my tamer now. Not his parent, not the bullies, and not any other person." Beelzemon seemed to get more agitated as his speech when on until his voice was just a low growl.

"What do you mean 'my tamer'? Leo he isn't your digimon is he?" Vince questioned. Dave was still by his dead parents sides, Dorumon, Sasha, patomon, Kyle and Goburimon there too. Vince had now left his mother's side, to join Lyla.

"Y-yeah... But, but he disappeared... I thought he had been killed or taken away... I-I didn't know he had changed." Leo whimpered. His gaze had changed from nothing in particular, to Terriermon and Lopmon, they were still, very still.

"This is your monstrosity?! You caused all this!" Dave screamed, anger and grief laced his words. Leo felt his stomach drop, he knew that would only anger Beelzemon more.

"Don't ever speak like that too Leo, or else you'll join your dead parents!" Beelzemon's voice seemed to echo on the sounding derelict buildings. Hate, anger and disgust rang throughout the echo.

Leo flinched, he was scared, his digimon were either near death or crazy. He had caused this. It was his fault. If he had never met Impmon. If he had hidden it from Impmon somehow. Told him that not all humans were evil. He wouldn't be the monster he is now.

"L-Leo?" Lopmon pushed herself up to her feet by her tiny doll-like hands. Terriermon followed. Beelzemon's attention was now on them.

"Die!" Beelzemon pointed his two guns at the twin digimon, and Leo somehow found the energy to get on his feet and move in between the digimon...

Beelzemon didn't see in time.

The small boy felt his knees buckle, the pain in his shoulder and left side was excruciating, but he didn't cry. Not physically, or cry out from the pain. He stayed silent. Opening his eyes he faced Beelzemon with watery eyes, yet none of the tears left his eyes, he was older he had to act it sometime.

Leo could hear the adults approaching, the group of children were both in shock and horror, Beelzemon had the same look as them. Leo thought it funny.

"S-stop, please. I-I'm sorry." Leo managed to sound calm, kept the fear and tears out of his voice. It hardly mattered anymore it seemed, only Terriermon and Lopmon did matter to Leo now. "Stop."

Beelzemon lowered his guns, turned, and vanished into a portal. Then the world seemed to vanish with it.