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Digital Pain Chapter: 6

Kyle snorted and bowed mockingly, a sarcastic smile splayed across his face. 'How humble of you to remember the odd child out.' Kyle drawled and straightened himself. 'It's been a long time since I last saw you lot. Especially you lot together. A lot's changed in the world, and while you've changed too, you still seem to cling to certain facts of the past.'

'What do you mean?' Lyla asked as she hugged Gatomon X more. Lyla had never truly liked the older man. Kyle was the oldest of the group back then, but always the push-over. He did whatever was asked of him. Mainly Dave was the one that took advantage of this personality floor. 'We're not holding on to anything of the past as I remember it.'

Kyle chuckled darkly. 'You lot, together, as a group. Just like in the past.' He clarified, his Darcmon hovered slightly off the ground so she could stay alert as to whisk Kyle off to safety if needed.

'What about you, Dave and Sasha?' Vince raised an eyebrow at the boy. Vince came from a more affluent household, but Kyle came from even richer roots. As far as he knew the male's family was still very rich, but Kyle himself had no contact with them.

'We parted ways a good two years ago. Had enough of Dave and his constant demands for me to do all his work for him. Rebelled and said he was following a false lead. Beelzemon and Leo, that crap.' Kyle stated, then pointed to his right eye. 'See this? Dave did it, well his digimon did, but he told him to do it.'

Out of their group it split into two mainly, Dave, Sasha and Kyle, Vince, Lyla and Leo. Of course the group mingled together. All came from different backgrounds and different family structures. And often there was conflict due to their background and their personalities.

Kyle was the quiet, unmotivated member of the group. He came from a very rich and large family, but was considered the tear-away of it, not following in the footsteps of his family and staying within the same social circles as them. He was the youngest of the siblings and the most unneeded and uncared for.

His three older sister and five older brothers were well cared for and bossy and always demanded for Kyle to do things for them. This was why Kyle was so easily dominated by the younger children he hung out with.

Leo frowned. 'He killed your digimon too?' It was a guess but both a safe and a correct one. Kyle nodded absent-mindedly. Leo out of all the group was the only one at the time to be nice to Kyle, Vince had shown an effort to hide his dislike, Dave showed his hate for the boy by getting him in trouble, Sasha showed no emotion towards him and Lyla was always unnerved around him.

'Yeah, when we made a break for it Dave attacked us, he destroyed... Well, you guessed it and then he did this to my eye. Darcmon was passing at the time, and she saved me.' Darcmon hugged Kyle, glaring at the group as if they might bite him.

'Sorry to hear that. It hurts to lose a Digimon, especially your first.' Leo sound truly apologetic. 'I understand that feeling.'

'Except now you have him back. Not that I mind, after all you deserve him back.' Kyle said. 'I don't, I've not been a good man and I probably never will be. I'm too easily ordered about.' Kyle stated. The "too eager to piss off my family" and "I always fall in with the wrong groups" is left unsaid.

Leo frowned he didn't really know what to say to that. After all now he had his old digimon back and all seems much better. Kyle it seemed to not have had the best luck at any point in his life. 'Sorry to hear that. ..'

Darcmon gave a soft hum as she took Leo's appearance and considered how much of a threat he was. She then decided he wasn't a threat nor would he ever be, so let her guard down around him. However she didn't around Lyla and only slightly around Vince. She did not see the threat in the ways of not powerful, but in the terms of wanting to harm her tamer.

Impmon yawned rubbing his eyes as they watered from how tired he's become, he was so tired he wouldn't be surprised if he dedigivolved again. Terriermon and Lopmon joined him in yawning, followed by Dobermon, his digivolution had taken his energy.

'You lot look tired, maybe we should find some place to rest. No offense Vince but I feel like your dad might kill me in my sleep if I stay at your.' Leo spoke as he picked Impmon up Lopmon and Terriermon climb onto Leo's shoulders. Vince nods in understanding, he was in silent agreement with that statement.

Lyla pulled Gatomon into a hug and smiled. 'I have to get back to my Grandmother's. See you guys tomorrow at 2pm outside Vince's house." Lyla smiled before heading off.

Leo nodded and decided to look about for cheap loadings. Before he had been released from the hospital, he was given all the money left by his parents to survive off of for now and he had to try to spare as much money as possible.

Kyle was already too far away to bother with talking to, having slipped out of the gathering without the others noticing until now. Vince gave Leo a lopsided smile and said his goodbye and a sorry for the fact he had wanted his digimon to kill Impmon.

Vince stood in the destroyed shopping centre and wondered how hard it might be to find his way around the now different yet similar surroundings.

He might now be alone as he doubts Vince or Lyla are going to lower their guard around Impmon and he has no family. But he does have Terriermon, Lopmon and Impmon, and they meant more to Leo than oxygen.

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