A/N: Hello there! I had actually started writing this story five years ago and originally posted it here as well. However, I've decided to edit and revise and bit and continue with it! So if it seems familiar, then that's why! I hope you like it, and I would always appreciate feedback!

Title: A Reason to Fight

Rating: T to be safe

Disclaimer: I do not own and am not affiliated at all with the Charmed show. I do not own any characters from the show, and everything is a work of fiction.

Chris tossed and turned in the stuffy P3 basement. The pull out bed was uncomfortable, the smell of alcohol lingered, and no matter how hard he tried, the day's horrific events continued to replay in his head as if on a loop.

"Whatever you're going to do, do it quickly, because I can't hold him for long, " Bianca cried, her arm in his brother's back, desperately trying to stall for time.

Chris quickly dove onto the floorboard, grabbing what he'd hope would help him. He read aloud, "Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Return my magic, give me back, all that was taken from the attack."

Just as he felt his powers surge through his veins, Wyatt kicked Bianca backwards in self-preservation, causing the Phoenix to fly across the attic and landing directly onto a broken chair leg.

Seeing his fiancée in danger, he telekinetically threw his older brother across the room with all that he had in him, and was by Bianca's side in seconds.

"Haven't we been here before?" whispered Bianca, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Chris could feel his heart breaking as he told her, "Maybe we will again, someday." He kissed her forehead tenderly as he watched the life slip away from her.

Chris felt hot tears run down his face as her empty hazel eyes haunted him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't erase the image out of his mind. He tried his hardest to black out the memories, to stay in the empty void.

Bianca had meant the world to him. She was his drive, his motivation. To know that he was saving the future so that they could be together forever. Knowing that she was waiting for him in the future, was sometimes the only reason he could get through the days, enduring the suspicion, distrust, and borderline hatred. From his aunts. His own mother. Without Bianca, would he be able to go on? Did he even want to?

"Now that hurts, Christopher," a familiar voice said sarcastically. Chris looked up to see a very familiar young woman approaching him. "Does twenty-two years of friendship mean nothing to you anymore?"

"M-Mia," Chris stuttered, startled. "What are you doing here?"

He held out his arms, expecting a comforting hug, just as she had done many times before for a variety of reasons. But instead she just shook her head.

"Not so fast. We have to talk to first."

He frowned at her reaction and took a good look at her. She hadn't changed much since he had embarked on his mission several months ago. Her black hair was longer, reaching her waist. Her dark brown eyes were mixed with pain, hope, and determination. There were more wrinkles near her eyes, and the circles under her eyes seemed darker. Taking over the Resistance when he left was takings its toll on his friend, and it was showing.

"Is it really you, Mia?" he asked softly. "Or is this just a dream? A hallucination?"

"Technically, yes, you're dreaming. But I'm just as real as you, dear. I could tell even from home that you needed me. So here I am, astral-projection and all to help. Just like always."

Chris smiled fondly. He had been so caught up in grief that he had forgotten how much he missed his best friend. "So give me a hug, Mia. I just watched my fiancée die at the hands of my brother. I just need someone to hold me and tell me everything's going to be okay."

She smiled sadly. "That's not exactly what I came here to do. I'm sorry for your loss, Chris. But I didn't come back to comfort you. You can't grieve, Chris. I'm sorry, but we just don't have the time." She seemed truly sympathetic. "I came back because you've lost the will to fight."

"That's not true!" Chris protested.

"Chris, dear, have you forgotten that you can't lie to me? Even if I hadn't known you my entire life, I'm still telepathic," she smirked. Chris looked away and didn't respond. Mia frowned. "You think I don't care that she died."

Chris's silence was answer enough.

"Okay, so maybe Bianca and I had our issues…"

"You guys hated each other," Chris corrected.

"Hate is such a strong word," Mia mused.

"You guys would have killed each other if I didn't walk in at the right moment," Chris said wryly.

"Okay, whatever," Mia conceded. "We hated each other. But we both loved you. And because I love you, and you love her, of course I'm going to care. I've never been good at watching you be sad, Chris." She smiled up at him.

"Then why did you come back here?" he asked her, sadness filling his green eyes.

"Because you need to remember what exactly we're fighting for, Chris," she told him, placing her hand on his cheek. Chris closed his eyes, and Mia finally gave in, wrapping her around him, wanting nothing more than to take all of his pain for him.

"If you succeed in saving Wyatt," she continued as she pulled away, "then you can have another chance with Bianca. You save Wyatt, and you save your future with her. Your future with your parents, your brother, your aunts, your cousins." She paused. There were tears in her eyes as well. "And what about me? And little Mikey?"

Chris smiled a bit as a tear rolled down his cheek. "How could I forget about Mikey?"

"I know that it's a lot. And that you're going through a lot right now, losing Bianca. But you're our only hope, Chris," Mia said. "You're my only hope." More tears fell, and Chris moved to wipe them away, keeping his hands on her face as she continued.

"I'm so tired of fighting, Chris. I'm tired of having to be strong for the entire Resistance. I'm tired of plotting and strategizing attacks, and seeing the wounded and the dead," she cried. Chris wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. "I'm so tired of everything, Chris. Please, I need you to win this for us."

"It's just so hard, Mia," Chris confessed. "They hate me, they really hate me."

And so the two friends held each other for a few moments, reveling in each other's comfort and mutual despair. It was comforting that even for a few moments, in a part of the universe that neither truly belonged in, there was another person who understood, who truly cared.

When they pulled away, feeling much calmer than they had before, Mia was the first to speak up.

"You know they don't really hate you. Nobody could hate you with a face like yours," she smiled slyly.

"I suppose you're right," Chris smiled. "But they don't trust me. And it hurts."

Mia thought for a moment.

"I think I have a solution to both our problems," she stated. Chris raised a brow, intrigued. "You're lonely in the past because you're alone and your family doesn't trust you. I'm stressed in the future because I'm nowhere near as good of a leader as you are, and there are others who can lead."

"Where are you going with this, Mia?" Chris asked.

"What do you say about having your partner in crime with you back in 2004?"

"You can't leave the Resistance, Mia," Chris argued. "They can't lose both their leaders."

"I was never meant to be an alpha, Chris. I'm a beta. It's my personality. Things went to hell the moment you left. Each division has their own leaders who can manage while I'm gone. And with me helping you, we might even be able to finish this mission faster than planned."

The proposition was enticing to Chris. He had been alone for so long in a time he didn't belong in, and it had definitely taken its toll on him. It would be nice to have someone on his side for once…

"Please, Chris," Mia pleaded. "I'm going crazy without you."

"Okay, fine," Chris finally relented. Mia's face lit up. "Tell only those of top-security clearance." His leader mode kicked in instantly. "If anyone asks just say you're going on a solo mission and you'll be out of contact. Don't mention me. Don't want them thinking that we're losing."

"Sir, yes, sir!" Mia saluted, before breaking out into a grin. "Alright, well you should get your rest, mister," she chided. "I'll see you bright and early in the morning."

Chris smiled. "I'll see you soon."