Chris didn't know how long he was actually asleep when he awoke to the mental calling of his name. Without bothering to change out of pajamas, he instantly orbed to the Manor.

When Chris rematerialized, he wasn't sure what to expect. He hadn't realized that he hadn't mentioned to Mia that he wasn't staying at the Manor, so she wouldn't have thought that appearing in the Charmed One's home would be a horrible idea.

When his gatherings around him were stable, he saw the sisters sitting on the couch, each with a different expression on her face. Piper was confused, angry, and suspicious… not much different than how she usually was, Chris had to admit. Paige, at the other end of the couch, had a worried look on her face. Sitting between her sisters, Phoebe had an almost amused look on her face, as if waiting for Chris to tell her a story.

"Where is she?" Chris immediately asked.

"Chris!" a voice called from the conservatory. Chris ignored the sisters' curious and suspicious looks and instantly ran towards the voice.

Trapped within a crystal cage with her arms crossed and an annoyed look on her face stood Mia.

With a flick of his wrists, a crystal was thrown across the room, and the cage disappeared. The sisters arrived just as Mia threw herself into Chris's arms.

"So you do know her," Piper commented dryly.

"I told you," Mia said rolling her eyes. "I'm a friend of Chris's. A good witch. I passed your freezing test, didn't I?"

"I just had to be sure. I had to make sure you weren't another assassin from the future, " Piper snapped. As soon as the words left her mouth, she realized the implications. Mia's hand had immediately sought Chris's, as she glared at the eldest sister.

With a nudge from Phoebe, Piper apologized. "I'm sorry, Chris."

"You should be," Mia spat.

"Mia," Chris warned.

"Okay, who are you anyway?" Piper asked.

"My name is Mia," she said stiffly. "I'm a friend of Chris. From the future."

"And not to be rude, but why exactly are you here, in our time?" Phoebe questioned.

Mia hesitated, trying to figure out how to word her answer. "I'm here to take care of Chris while on his mission to save the future."

"You mean save Wyatt," Piper questioned suspiciously.

"Same thing," Mia answered evenly. She locked eyes with Piper and stood her ground, as if daring her to challenge her further.

"Chris is an adult," Paige commented. "Why does he need you to take care of him?"

"Yeah, he seems to be doing alright considering he's constantly strolling along in the Underworld, sometime even bringing some friends up here as well," Piper said snarkily.

Mia's eyes narrowed at what Piper was inferring, but Chris put a hand on her arm to calm her.

"You clearly don't know Chris then," she responded coldly.

"Mia," Chris warned again.

"No, Chris!" she argued. "I haven't even been here a half an hour, and I'm about to go crazy from all of their suspicions and complete distrust thoughts about you!"

"You can read our minds?" Paige exclaimed.

"Yeah, I can," Mia answered, "I heard every single one of your paranoid thoughts that I might be another one of Chris's demon associates."

"Hey, we have good reason to be a bit distrustful of him," Piper defended.

"Bullshit. Chris has done nothing but sacrifice his time, use all his power, and risk his life to save your son. You think he likes going into the Underworld? He's half-witch, half-whitelighter, what exactly do you think he has to gain down there? Absolutely nothing. But he does it so that your son and your precious family will stay safe. The least you could do is trust him and not treat him like shit."

"We don't treat him that badly!" Phoebe defended.

"Really now? When was the last time you asked him how he was doing? What was new in his life? When's the last time you invited him for dinner? Took the time to talk to him as an actual human being rather than your neurotic whitelighter? Do you even know anything about him? His last name, his best friend, his favorite color? No, you don't. You don't know a damn thing about Chris, and yet here you are judging and assuming the worst." The sisters sat in a stunned silence. "I had expected better from the Charmed Ones."

"Amelia," Chris said more sternly.

"Shut it, Chris!" Mia shouted. "You don't even see what you've done to him. He used to be a confident sometimes cocky leader. He would've stood up to me, but no, now he just takes it because every little comment and judgment that you make does affect him. He is still human, after all. He does have feelings."

"We know that, we do," Phoebe said.

"It was just the other day. We invited him out for drinks, but he declined," Paige added.

"Of course he declined," Mia said exasperatedly. "He's Chris! That's who he is. To worry and take care of others before himself. It's what makes him such a good leader! Do you even understand how much pressure he's under every moment he spends here? He has the entire world on his shoulders. Every single person that we know is depending on him. Our friends. Our families. And that's why I had to come back. I had to come back to take care of my best friend because he's too busy taking care of the whole damn future!" Mia let out an angry breath as the sisters stared in silence. Breathing deeply, Mia could already feel herself feeling better. She had been holding in everything ever since she had first checked up on Chris after a few weeks into the past.

"Are you done now, Mia?" Chris asked pointedly.

"Yes," Mia replied with a huff.

"Good. Now apologize," Chris said, crossing his arms. Mia's jaw dropped and four eyes widened to stare at him.

"What? Christopher…" Mia started to argue.

"You heard me, Mia. Now apologize," he stood his ground. She narrowed her eyes at him, and it was as if they had a mental conversation before she huffed and pouted.

Turning to the sisters, she said, "Fine. I'm sorry I lost my cool and yelled at you while defending Chris even though nothing I said was wrong and I don't take back anything I said. But I'm sorry I yelled."

Chris smirked, and Mia couldn't help but smile. "Happy now?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, thank you," Chris smiled back.

The sisters continued to just stare in shock. They had never seen Chris like this, so genuinely happy. Whoever this mysterious witch was, she seemed to be a positive influence on their usually neurotic whitelighter.

"So is this interrogation over?" Mia asked, crossing her arms and turning back to the sisters.

Piper blinked, feeling her sisters look to her for an answer. "Yeah, yeah…" Piper stuttered. She took a breath and tried to compose herself. "Just… stay close in case we have any more questions."

Mia rolled her eyes and grabbed Chris's hand in hers. "Whatever. Let's get out of here, Chris."

"Your wish is my command," he teased as they orbed away.

"Wow," Phoebe said as soon as they were gone. She took a seat on one of the wicker chairs.

"You said it, sister," Paige added.

"I don't think we've ever been yelled at like that since Grams was around," Piper said.

"Do you think she was right?" Paige asked, a guilty look on her face.

"I mean… we had legitimate reasons to not trust him," Piper defended, though her face didn't seem as confident as before.

"And this Mia girl," Paige started. "Isn't kind of… weird, how she just came back from the future all of a sudden. Pheebs, did you get anything off her or Chris with your empathy powers?"

"I got nothing from Chris, as always," Phoebe responded. "And from Mia… I got a lot of anger… She's really protective of Chris."

"Well I never would have gotten that from the way she yelled at us," Piper replied sarcastically. Phoebe rolled her eyes.

"It was just… really strong. She really cares about Chris. I think… I think she loves him," Phoebe admitted.

"Well we saw what happened to the last woman from the future who loved him," Piper quipped. Paige and Phoebe gave her pointed looks. "Sorry, sorry."

"Well, it looks like the way they were attached at the hip, we're going to be seeing more of her around whether we like it or not," Paige said.

"Just… keep on eye on her. On the both of them. I still don't know if we can trust her. Especially with Wyatt."

Phoebe and Paige shared a look, but nodded at Piper.

"Now, shoo," Piper continued. "I'm going to make a nice lunch, as a peace offering towards our new guest."

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