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Here's the prologue of Scars and Recognition.

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July 23rd, 2001


Julie Peterson, Associated Press

New York, New York

A six-year old boy is in critical condition in the hospital today after saving a young girl's life.

The accident happened at around 4 pm yesterday afternoon just off of Montauk beach. A single taxi driver had just dropped off a fare and was returning to the city when the boy ran out in front of him.

Less than a second after hitting the boy, bystanders noticed a small girl of around the same age walking out into the street two cars further down from behind a parked van. She would have been hidden from the taxi driver until she stepped out into the road.

Authorities have pieced together that, had the boy not stepped out in front of the taxi, the taxi would have continued its course towards the girl and would have hit her at full speed of around forty miles per hour, instantly killing her.

The taxi driver is not being pressed for charges and the boy is being hailed as a hero.

All would be in vain, though, should the boy die from his injuries. However, doctors at Montauk Regional Hospital believe the boy should make a full recovery, although it will take some time.

Athena Chase, a high-ranking member or Olympic Architectural Firm and the mother of the saved girl, could not be reached for comment.

Donations to help pay the young boy's medical expenses can either be dropped off at the hospital or given online at www . nytimes . co/news/medical-expenses . html.


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