"You guys, look!" Haruka proudly held up a puppy. "I found him on the street today!"

Her audience, only a handful of the regular 765 Pro idols, displayed a rather large mix of reactions.

"Put it back where you found it," Ritsuko said sternly.

"Afu~" Miki yawned.

Iori looked the other way.

"IT'S SO CUTE!" Hibiki and Makoto squealed.

Hibiki immediately ran up to take the puppy from Haruka's hands. "Aw, what's a li'l guy like you doin' out on the streets all alone?" she cooed, rubbing her face roughly against its tiny head.

"I said, put it back," Ritsuko repeated.

"But Ritsuko-san, what if he doesn't have a home?" Haruka said.

"... you mean you didn't even check if it already had an owner?"

"Miki will be its owner," Miki volunteered.

"No, you won't," Makoto protested. "I will! I'll take good care of him, I promise!"

"Hmph," Iori flipped her hair back in a bossly manner. "You peasants aren't good enough to raise a dog of such high caliber as he. I, the great Minase Iori-chan, shall assume ownership."

Haruka frowned. "But I found him, shouldn't I get to keep him?"

"You guys don't even know the first thing about havin'a pet," Hibiki said. "I'm the obvious choice, aren't I?"

"Hibiki, you have like fifteen pets already," Makoto pointed out.

"Ten!" Hibiki shot back.

Ritsuko held up her hands. "You guys. I have a solution." She paused. "Just put the dog back where you found it."

"At the least, why doesn't Hibiki-chan separately interview each of you to determine who is the most capable of taking care of a dog?" Kotori, popping up out of nowhere as usual, suggested. "That makes it fair, doesn't it?"

"That means I don't get t'keep him," Hibiki said.


"Guys. You guys," Ritsuko tried again.

Hibiki folded her arms and closed her eyes, obviously thinking hard about what she could possibly benefit from this. Apparently coming up with a satisfactory conclusion, she agreed.

"Alright then. I'll hold the interviews, no problemo! Miki, meet me in the prez's office pronto!"

"What? Why the president's office?" Ritsuko said, but alas, the excited little brats were already too caught up in their interviews. Ritsuko gave up and went back to her desk.

"You know, Miki actually had two hamsters once," Miki said.

Hibiki blinked in surprise. "Eh, really? I didn't know ya liked animals, Miki!" She grinned, and on her head Hamuzou squeaked approvingly.

Miki nodded, green eyes suddenly looking spacey as she apparently experienced a flashback. "Yeah... but they died on the same day 'cause they froze to death."

Outside the room, Ritsuko started at the sudden screeching noise that had erupted out of the blue.

"I had a pet gerbil, but he died of constipation," Makoto said seriously.

"Miki used to have three birds but they froze to death on the same day."

"Why are you even back here?"

"My dog was the family pet," Iori mused. "I never liked him much, but everyone else was absolutely obsessed."

Hibiki leaned forward. "So your family likes animals?"

"Yeah," the princess-type confirmed. "But you see, then the thing ran into a car and died."

"I-it ran into a car?"

"Miki's friend had two hamsters once," Miki said. "Then-."

"They froze to death?" Hibiki interrupted.

Miki shook her head. "No, they ate each other's tails."

"... Miki, get out of here."

"So then on the last day of school, my friends and I all surrounded that mean girl and bullied her for eight hours!" Haruka said cheerfully.

Hibiki stared. "You bullied someone for eight hours straight?"

"Well... okay, fine, it was more like six hours," Haruka relented.

Hibiki looked horrified.

"It was like fifteen against one," Haruka added. "It was awesome."

"Haruka, you're supposed to be tellin' me why you wanna keep the dog..."

"You know, hamsters are actually kind of useless," Miki said thoughtfully. "Miki means... they don't last very long."

"Yeah, if you or your friend keep them!" Hibiki exploded.

In the end, Haruka brought the dog back to where she found it.

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