PepticCaesar here, with my second story so far. I am also writing Crimson Wings of Death so if you haven't seen it yet go and read it please. I think this story idea is great and I can't wait to write it but I don't know how often I can update it while writing my other story.

This is going to be a harem with probably every main female character, the only one who won't be in it is Suki (The kyoshi warrior)

I'm not sure of the other girls who won't be included but I'll find out as I go.

This story will not include Kyuubi at all, Naruto will be in the avatar world and will control lava. I think he will be the only lava bender but I might make him have a sister who can lava bend too but I'm not sure.

Naruto is going to travel with the avatar and the gang and he will be two years older than all of them. Naruto will be about 16 when he meets the avatar and the others, his sister will travel with them I think, I'm not sure if I'm going to have her around him. I might even include her in his little harem.

All of the kids in the gang will be 14, I'm going to have them be the same age, its just easier I guess.



I Don't Own Naruto Or Avatar The Last Air Bender

In a small village called the Makapu Village, there is a happy couple who are about to be married to each other. One is an earth bending woman with beautiful blue eyes and an unbelievably beautiful face. She is around 25 years old and she has sandy blond hair. She is getting married today and is wearing a traditional earth bending style dress.

Across from her is a handsome man who happens to be a fire bender, he looks to be about 27 years old. He has fallen in love with the earth bending woman across from him even though both of them know that their nations are becoming unstable in these times. He has brown eyes and a lighter blond hair than his soon to be wife. He is well built and is very smart and strong, while his wife is playful, loyal, and sometimes very childish, but she is also incredibly skilled using some weapons and earth bending.

They are pretty wealthy from both of their careers and are considered a noble family in the village and they are well known as well. Everyone in the village knows them and treats them with respect.

"Do you, Natshi Uzumaki take this man as your lawfully wedded husband forever, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health" An old voice softly spoke to the happy couple.

"I do." Natshi responded immediately making her soon to be husband smile.

"And do you, Teo Kazangan take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife forever, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health" The same old voice sounded out.

"I do." Teo responded happily.

"You may now kiss the bride."

They did and that started their happy lives feeling like nothing could ever go wrong... but sadly, they are wrong.

They had a health baby boy about a year into their marriage and they couldn't have been happier with their lives. They named their son Naruto Kazangan and he has bright blond hair with his mother's eyes, a deep and beautiful blue color. He is now five years old and is somewhat hyper but he is also smart for his age, already being able to read and write fairly neatly.

He also has a little sister who is two now, they named her Tsunshi Kazangan. She has brown eyes like her father and sandy blond hair that is darker than Naruto's. She is able to talk only a little and she is still childish. She also appears to be very smart for her age because she can talk pretty well.

They appear to be a regular happy family but their son Naruto has been using some scary abilities at this age. His parents have gone into his room one night only to see his table melted completely.

"Mom! Dad! look what I can do." Naruto shouts happily and moves his hand out in a punch like fashion and lava shoots into his wall making a fairly large whole.

"Naruto, stop that right now! You could take the whole house down!" His mother yells at him after getting over her surprise, but she soon feels bad when she sees her son look down at the ground upset.

"Sorry mom." He said quietly so his parents can barely hear it thinking that they are mad at him for doing that.

"Don't worry so much about it son; I'm going to have to teach you how to control your bending powers alright, although I have never heard of lava bending but it might be close to fire bending." His father said to him while sounding amazed at his son making the boy smile. "And for melting a whole in the wall you and me have to fix it before dinner and before I train you. Bending is very dangerous and you have to be careful with it." He says scoldingly although with a slight amused sound in his voice to his son to show him the importance of safety with bending.

"Sorry for yelling baby, I just don't want our home to be burned down, after we moved into this village all those years ago we didn't want to be found here. We both deserted our lands to be together which was unacceptable to them as the fire nation was harassing the other benders. They have even killed all the air benders, its so sad." His mom, Natshi said to her son who was now cheering up, but was now horrified that all the air benders are gone.

"Its ok, and I promise I will be careful with my bending abilities, but why did the fire nation kill the air benders." Naruto asked while sad and scared at the idea of all the air benders being dead.

"They are greedy and think they are better than all the other benders. That's why I left them and I found your mom and we settled down and had you and your sister Tsunshi." His father Teo said to him.

"O. Well can I go outside and show Tsunshi my bending and start learning to control it now?" Naruto asked his parents.

"I think it would be best if you learned to control it early so I'm alright with it." Natshi said with Teo agreeing.

"Naru-nii!" came the excited yell from the other room as Tsunshi came running in after hearing her mom yell and tackled Naruto in a hug. "What wrong, I heard mommy yelling. Are you ok?" Tsunshi asks while worried for her older brother who she adores.

"I'm alright Tsunshi, I just showed them this awesome move I figured out by myself lets go outside and I'll show you." Naruto told his sister who he loved just as much as she loved him.

"Yay!" Came the hyper yell from the little girl making her parents smile.

Naruto had shown his sister the move he did and she looked at him with wide eyes and started to jump up and down clapping and cheering for him. "Cool! Nii-chan, that's so cool. Do you think Tsunshi can do that?" She asks with hope in her young brown eyes.

"I'm not sure, maybe when your my age." Naruto says to her, making her pout.

"But I wana." She says childishly while pouting making her family chuckle and begin to crack up and completely laugh at the face she makes after their chuckling.

"Alright Tsunshi, you can watch his training but be careful to stay back, this is dangerous stuff." Her dad says to her and she listens and goes to her mom who is also watching.

"Fine daddy." She said while looking at her older brother with admiration in her eyes. "Careful Naru-nii."

"Yea, be careful Teo, Naruto, try not to hurt yourselves too much." Natshi says with a teasing tone making the guys to smile at her.

"Yea yea dear." Teo says with a grin and begins his sons training, but he is also a little worried as is his wife. 'I have to make sure he is strong so that he can deal with that fortune from Aunt Wu.'

Flashback: the second week into Natshi's pregnancy with Naruto.

"They are going to visit Aunt Wu, the local fortune teller. They have know of her and believed her warnings along with the other people in the small village of civilians. They want to hear their fortune to be prepared for their son to come.

They both enter the building together and sit down on the mats and wait for the woman to come and get them. While they are waiting a woman comes and brings them some drinks.

"Aunt Wu will be with you both shortly." She says kindly to the obviously happy couple in front of her.

"Thank you." They say together and each take some of the water in the cups.

Eventually, the same girl comes back and says, "Aunt Wu will see you know."

"Are you ready dear?" Teo asks his wife as they get up and start to follow the girl.

"I'm a little nervous honey, what if we don't get a good prediction?" Natshi asks her husband worriedly.

"I'm sure it wont be a bad reading, and if it is we'll just have to properly prepare for it." Teo says to her calmly while holding her close to him.

"Your right, no matter what our prediction may be we will have time to properly prepare for it. Thanks honey." She says and gives him a kiss. They then enter the room where the girl pointed to and saw an older woman there. She is about 45 to 50 years old and wearing some type of moon shaped golden hair piece in front of her head. She is wearing some type of yellow gown and has some teal earrings. They are now in a room with low lighting, only having a fire in a pit in the center of the room. There are some traditional chinese decorations all around.

"Hello, I am Aunt Wu." The kind old woman said to the happy couple in front of her as they sat down. "Take one of these bones here." She said to them and motioned for them to take one.

"Alright Aunt Wu Natshi said to here and took one of the bones.

"Now throw it in the fire; this is one of the most reliable ways to read peoples' fortunes and I have been doing this for years." Aunt Wu said to them.

"How long have you been doing fortune telling?" Teo asks her while the bone is heating up.

"I have been doing this all my life, but I have came to this particular village about seven years ago, I-" She started but was cut off as the bone cracked in half shocking the woman. The bone then exploded and smoke rose into the sealing.

"Oh my..." Aunt Wu said still shocked. "Your new born son will be involved in a great conflict, a battle between good and evil. He will have to travel with and help the avatar." Aunt Wu said making them worry.

"Are you sure Aunt Wu, my baby will have to help the avatar save the world..." Natshi asked worriedly.

"Yes I'm sure, I'm sorry. He will have to find the avatar as soon as possible, so you should train him well and send him on his way to his destiny. He will also be a very unique bender, with a very powerful element. He will become a legendary bender who will be know all over the world." She finished and left the new family to themselves.

"Don't worry Natshi, we will have to train him when he first gets his bending powers and make him strong enough to defend himself and the avatar, it will be ok." Teo said to his wife making her a bit happier.

"Alright dear, I know he will be a really strong bender when were done training him, I could even teach him how to use some weapons when he is old enough." Natshi said feeling a lot better about the future.

"Lets just go home and live happily until then." Teo said and they headed home.

Back to their training, Naruto is still going through his katas for his bending without shooting lava all over the place of course. He will learn to control the lava at a later time but his father is stressing that the stance is what makes a bender powerful and not always the element they use.

"Come on son, the stance is necessary for powerful strikes and kicks. Me and your mother will teach you how to fight properly without relying on bending as well as using your bending. You will have to learn and invent some of your own style to of course as you are the first and probably only person alive to can bend lava." Teo says to his son who continues to work but his determination increases from his father's praise, but Naruto also has a question.

"Hey dad, how do you think its possible for me to bend the lava, a whole new element?" Naruto asks curiously.

"I don't really know the answer myself son, but I am a retired fire bending captain and your mother was a earth bending prodigy and teacher from the town of Ba Sing Se. Maybe the fire element from me and the earth element from your mom combined to form the lava element that you use." Teo explains his thoughts to his son. "I'm not sure if that is possible but it is the best explanation I can think of."

"That's cool, I can't wait to master it and the hand to hand fighting I'm going to learn." Naruto says without stopping his new katas and he is doing very well with them not missing any moves at all.

"You will also learn to master my sword style and a spear style from me too Naruto." His mom says from behind him and she is impressed with his skill in the katas already. 'I will have to make sure you are ready to take my sword and my pike when you are ready for them.' She thinks to herself.

"Cool!." Naruto shouts.

"What about Tsunshi?" The little girl next to Naruto's mom asked childishly.

"I will teach you when you are ready Tsunshi." Her mother says calmly.

"Yay!" She yells, "I can't wait to practice with Naru-nii."

"I know dear, and he will help you with training too, won't you Naruto?" She asks her son.

"Of course I will, whenever she's ready of course." Naruto responds.

"Awesome!" Tsunshi yells and his excited to learn from her brother. "I can't wait.

"Alright Naruto that's enough of the katas for right now. We will also have to make you fast and strong to be a better fighter. We will also have to make sure you are flexible enough for your mom's sword and pike type techniques.

"Alright dad, let's get started then." Naruto said eagerly.

"Haha, alright tough guy, run 2 laps around the whole village but stay in front of the volcano don't go onto the ridge of it. Then do 25 push ups, sit ups, and pull ups on some tree branches" His dad said with a smirk on his face and laughed at the look on his son's face.

"But the village is like 2 miles in circumference. That will take me forever if I can even make it around. The other stuff will be impossible too, I'll be tired from all the running and I won't have enough energy" Naruto complained to his dad.

"Then I guess you should get started and be home before dinner is ready. You need to eat healthy to develop muscle after all." His dad said and went in the house.

"I know you can do it Naru-nii." His sister yelled at her brother and went inside too.

"Yea, you can do it if you work really hard Naruto and you will get used to it eventually." His mom said and followed the others inside.

"God, they are slave drivers, well I guess it will pay off in the end." Naruto said as he set off on his training.

Chapter End

This is a brand new idea I came up with and I hope you guys like it. I just happened to think of if when I was reading, The White Fire Prince. I really like Avatar and Naruto cross overs and I was reading the story and Nartuo had powerful white flames and I decided to write an Avatar - Nartuo crossover and I just came up with the idea of Naruto using Lava.

I don't know how frequently I can add to this story as I still have to finish Crimson Wings of Death, but I hope to make this a good story.

This chapter is a little shorter than the ones from my other story but I hope I can make the others longer, its just been a while since I saw the show and I don't read Avatar Fanfiction so I will have to do research for this story.

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