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He was running.

Moving as fast as his body could take him away from the threat that follows behind him. One slip up and he is as good as done. He is really starting to regret drinking all that beer with the money he stole. Also for the fact that he is so slow and fat doesn't help his cause either.

He suddenly ducks into a dark alley way and remains quiet, not at all aware of the figure hidden behind him.

"What are you hiding from?" The cloaked person behind the fat man asks quietly, spooking the man.

"Don't sneak up on me like that kid, and if you must know I'm hiding from some stupid bounty hunters." He said to the cloaked person slightly agitated.

"Hmmm, well that sucks for you mister. Want to know why?" The person asks with a childish sense of wonderment.

"Sure kid, but then you have to leave. Tell me why it sucks for me?" He asks becoming slightly wary.

"Well that's easy, I'm the one trying to capture you." He said calmly removing the hood from his face showing a young man around the age of 15 with bright blond hair and blue eyes.

The man seems to immediately recognize the boy as he slowly backs away, "Stay back Lava Spewer. I'm not going back to prison, its sucks there." The man said almost crying in fright as he backs away slowly.

But he bumps into something very furry and muscled. He hears a growl and hesitantly lifts his head to look up only to see the star nosed snout of a big shirshu and screams like a little girl as the tongue of the massive beast shoots out and hits him directly in the forehead, paralyzing him.

"Well, Naruto it looks like that's another person to add to our growing list of catches together." A seductive sounding voice calls out to him as he looks and sees June.

"Yea, yea June. Don't you remember that I helped out too." Another beautiful sounding voice calls out from a building behind her revealing Tsunshi with a look of irritation on her pretty face.

June just smirks at her knowing why she is irritated in the first place and just looks back to Naruto and walking up to him slowing while swaying her hips. Tsunshi is quickly becoming more irritated because of June's clear intentions towards her crush/brother.

"We have worked well together Naruto, in the last nine months we have all improved by a lot. Maybe if we ditch the girl scout we could be even more famous and we could have much more fun." June says as she latches onto the blond who was congratulating the shirshu, Nyla on a job well done.

"Come on June, I can't leave her behind. Besides Nyla does most of the work for us you know." He says while hardly hearing the seductive tone of voice because he is too busy petting the riding animal like a pet while it purrs in content and happiness that its getting the respect it deserves.

"Oh, alright..." June says as they head to their boss for that particular job. All of them not knowing that something very important was about to begin sooner than they would have thought.

Two months later

Katara and her brother Sokka are floating down the icy waters of the Southern Water tribe, on a fishing trip for the tribe.

"It's not getting away from me this time." Sokka said, "watch and learn Katara, this is how you catch a fish." He says in a slightly arrogant tone while trying to keep track of the only fish in the waters at the time.

Katara gives him an incredulous look with a dead pan stare at him. Katara then sees the fish swimming near her and she takes off her glove, breathes in and out slowly, and waterbends the fish out of the water.

"Sokka, look!" Katara said excitedly, while waterbending the ball around with the fish inside.

"Katara, shh! You're gonna scare it away!" Sokka whispers. "Mmm, I can already smell it cooking."

"But Sokka, I caught one!" Katara tried to tell him as she waterbends it over her brother's head. He looks at it slightly annoyed and pops Katara's water ball while the fish jumps back into the water. Sokka ends up getting soaked by the water in the end though.

"Hey!" Katara exclaimed.

"Why is it, that every time you play with your magic water, I get soaked!" Sokka exclaimed only slightly angry.

Katara scoffs. "It's not magic, it's waterbending" she tells him, "and it's-"

"Yeah yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah, blah, blah." Sokka cuts her off as he wrings his coat out. "Look I'm just saying, that if I had magic powers, I'd keep my weirdness to myself." He tells her.

"You're calling me weird? I'm not the one who makes muscles to myself every time I see my reflection in the water." Katara says half amused while watching him make muscles to himself in the waters reflection.

Sokka looks back at her trying to save some face when suddenly, their boat gets caught in the waters current. Sokka grabs the oar and tries to row the boat to safety before they are crushed by the ice around them.

"Watch out!" Katara yells.

"Ugh!" Sokka grunts trying to move them out of the way.

"Go left, go left!" Katara tells him. It didn't do much good as their boat got hit by a bunch of small pieces of ice, and then gets smashed between two much bigger pieces of ice, crushing it to pieces.

Before either Katara or Sokka get injured they jump and slide onto a fairly large, flat piece of ice.

"Uhh!" Katara grunts, as she slides to the edge of the ice block. Luckily, she stops before she falls in and Sokka slides to another side also not falling in. Katara and Sokka loot around and find that they are stranded on the ice.

Katara then crawls back to her brother, who is in the middle of the piece of ice. "You call that left." She tells him with attitude.

"You don't like my steering, then maybe you should have water bended us out of the ice before the boat was crushed." Sokka said sarcastically, while moving his hands in a wave like motion.

"So you're saying it's my fault!" Katara exclaims angrily.

"I knew I should have left you home!" said Sokka a little quietly while trying to think of what to do. "Leave it to a girl to screw things up!"

Katara glares at him. "You are the most sexist, immature, pig brained, UHH, I'm embarrassed to be related to you!" Katara yells at him, while swinging her arms back with each word too angry to know that she is even waterbending.

An iceberg behind them cracks. Sokka looks at her slightly ashamed and scared and notices the cracked iceberg.

"Ever since Mom died, I've been doing all the work, while you've been playing soldier!" Katara keeps yelling at him not letting him speak.

"Katara" Sokka tries to tell her, hiding his face while not getting through to her.

"I wash all the clothes! Have you ever smelled your dirty socks! Well let me tell you! It's really gross!" Katara exclaims, getting in his face a little bit.

"Katara, settle down!" Says Sokka, with a look of horror on his face.

"NO! That's it, I'm done helping you!" she exclaims. "For now on, you're on your OWN!"

She swings her arms back one more time, only this one is a little more powerful. The iceberg cracks all the way. Katara hears it cracking, turns around, and gasps along with Sokka.

The iceberg splits open and sinks into the water. The water creates a wave that makes Katara and Sokka's little piece of ice shoot up with the wave and shake a lot.

"Ok, you've gone from weird to freakish, Katara." Sokka tells her while standing up again.

Katara looks at where the iceberg was. "You mean, I did that?" Katara asks with a look of shock.

"Yep, congratulations" he says, sarcastically.

Suddenly, the water in front of them glows and bubbles. They both look down, confused and then they get up, and Katara gasps. A glowing iceberg rises from the beneath the water. Katara and Sokka gasp once again.

Katara walks towards the ice slowly while Sokka reaches out a little. Katara sees a bald boy that looks around their age in the iceberg and raises an eyebrow.

Then the boy suddenly opens his glowing blue eyes.

"He's alive!" Katara exclaims and grabs Sokka's water tribe club, then she runs towards the iceberg.

"Katara!" Sokka yells, running after her. "We don't know what that thing is!" He continues, grabbing his spear and holding it in front of him.

They hop on the little ice blocks toward the giant iceberg. Katara, having had a head start gets there first and she hits the block with one swing as hard as she could. The iceberg cracks, spewing out cold air into the two kids faces as they watch in wonder. It cracks in half, and a giant beam of light shoots towards the sky, while some nearby tiger seals roar when they see it.

A teenager around the age of 17 with a big scar on the left side of his face stands of the front of the a fire nation ship, watching the beam of light. He looks at it shocked for a moment, then gets a look of determination on his face.

"Finally," he says. "Uncle! Do you realize what this means?" He asks as he points toward the light.

"I won't get to finish my game?" says a happy looking overweight man with a white beard and long hair, but the top of his head is bald.

"It means my search is about to come to an end, Uncle Iroh." Zuko says, turning around again to face the beam. "That light came from an incredibly powerful source! It has to be the avatar!" Zuko exclaims.

Iroh sighs. "It's just the celestial lights. We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. I don't want you to get too excited for nothing." Iroh says, still playing his game. "Please, sit. Why don't you enjoy a calming cup of Jasmine tea." He says calmly to the irritable teen.

Zuko turns back towards his uncle. "I don't need any calming tea! I need to capture the Avatar!" He says angrily as he looks to the Helmsman. "Head a course for the light!" Zuko orders, pointing toward the area where the beam of light was.

Sokka has a look of determination on his face as he stands up with Katara, and hold his spear up while ready to attack. However, he slowly puts it down in slight shock along with Katara who also has a look of surprise on her face.

A boy gets out of the giant iceberg with some glowing markings on his head and hands and his eyes are glowing. Sokka gets a hold of himself and puts his spear back up in front of him in a defensive position. The boy slowly moves forward as the lights all begin to fade away. He falls down the ice ramp towards Sokka and Katara as Katara gasps and quickly runs forward hoping to catch the boy. Katara sits down with him in her arms and Sokka then pokes the boy's head with the end of his spear.

Katara looks at him annoyed. "Stop it!" She tells him sternly, moving one of her arms back to keep him from poking the mysterious kid.

She lies the boy down, as he starts to wake up, revealing some bright gray eyes, the boy grunts and looks up to see Katara.

"I need to ask you something," the boy says to her weakly.

"What?" Katara asks curiously while leaning in to hear it.

"Please come closer." He asks weakly.

Katara moves closer to him. "What is it?"

The boy slowly blinks and asks a question that makes the two water tribe members sweat drop. "Will you go penguin sledding with me?" He asks excitedly not at all showing the tiredness that he had just seconds before.

Katara looks at him weirdly. "Uh, sure, I guess." She answers as the boy glides up.

"Ahh!" Sokka exclaims in fright but tries to hide it as he points his spear at the mysterious ice boy they found.

"What's going on here?" the boy asks as he grabs the back of his head and looks around confused.

"You tell us! How did you get into the ice?!" Sokka asks, pointing at him with his spear. "And why aren't you frozen?" asks Sokka sort of dumbly.

"I'm not sure," he says while looking around, but a deep groan is heard from behind the ice wall and the boy gasps and tries to climb up the wall. He climbs up and slides in and then jumps onto a giant bison that also has the same arrow shaped markings on its head.

"Appa!" He exclaims happily, "are you alright buddy?" he asks and bends down to his eye. "Wake up buddy!" He yells at the bison, who opens his eye. The bison reluctantly opens his mouth and gives a long lick to the boy.

"Hahaha, you're ok!" He shouts as he gives the bison a hug. The bison stands up and shakes a bit as Sokka and Katara walk a little closer.

"What is that thing?" Sokka asks, a little rudely.

"This is Appa, my flying bison." He explains to them.

"Right, and this is Katara, my flying sister." Sokka says, sarcastically while Katara and the new kid look at him weirdly.

After the awkward silence passes, Appa starts to sneeze and the boy gets a worried look on his face and right when Appa sneezes, he quickly ducks down not warning the others at all. Appa then sneezes out a huge amount of snot that completely covers Sokka.

Sokka starts freaking out again and tries to get the green snot off of him as Katara looks at him, smiling smugly. 'Revenge at its finest,' she thinks to herself as she laughs evilly in her head.

"Don't worry, it'll wash out." The boy tells him without a care in the world.

Sokka wipes his face and the snot stretching, connecting his hand and his face. He has a look of disgust on his face. Katara looks disgusted as well.

"So, do you guys live around here?" The boy asks them curiously.

"Don't answer that question." Sokka tells Katara sternly, while pointing his spear at the boy who puts his hands up. "Did you see that crazy bolt of light, he was probably trying to signal the fire nation." Sokka says without really thinking.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure he's a spy for the fire nation. You can tell by that evil look in his eye." Katara says, sarcastically while the boy gives them an innocent grin. "The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka." Katara tells the boy and Sokka gives a little wave. "You never told us your name though." Katara says.

"I'm aaaa-aaa-aa." Katara and Sokka look at him confused. "aaaa-uuuuu-aaaaa-AAAA-CHOOOOO!" The boy sneezes and flys into the air leaving Katara and Sokka look up shocked.

The boy then glides down and lands gently on the ice. "I'm Aang." He tells them, wiping his nose.

Sokka and Katara look at each other shocked. "You just sneezed and flew ten feet in the air." Sokka says to him.

"Really? It felt higher than that." Aang says while looking in the air confused.

Katara gasps in sudden realization. "You an airbender?" she questions, making the boy smile.

"Sure am." Aang says to them.

"Beams of light, flying bison, airbenders, I think I have finally lost it." Sokka says mostly to himself. "I'm going home, where stuff makes sense." He finishes louder to them. He then walks to the edge of the block and remembers that they're stranded.

Aang sees their predicament, "well if you guys are stuck, Appa and I can give you a lift back home."

Katara listens to his offer while Sokka looks like he wants to say no. "We'd love a ride, Thanks."Katara answers politely.

Sokka looks to her in slight shock and says, "oh no. I'm not getting on that giant, fluffy snot monster."

"Are you hoping some other flying monster will come along and give you a ride home. You know before you freeze to death." Katara asks him sarcastically, while Aang helps her onto Appa's back.

Sokka looks at her with an annoyed expression and starts to say something, but stops and sighs. He reluctantly sits on Appa looking upset while Katara sits next to him, excited.

"Ok! First time fliers hold on tight!" Aang exclaims and he grips Appa's reigns. "Appa, yip-yip!" He says, snapping the reigns.

Appa moans and snaps his tail onto the ice and he jumps into the air looking like he is going to fly while both Sokka and Katara are amazed. Only to sweat drop when he belly-flops into the water. "Come on Appa, yip-yip." Aang says, snapping the reigns again.

"Wow, that was truly amazing." Sokka says sarcastically and Katara gives him a stern glare.

Aang turns around with a smile, "Appa's just a little tired. After a little rest, he'll be soaring through the sky. You'll see." Aang tells them.

Zuko's Ship

Zuko looks towards the front of the ship into the open waters calmly while Iroh comes up behind him.

"I'm going to bed now." Iroh tells Zuko as he yawns loudly. "Yep, a man needs his rest." Iroh continues. He slouches when Zuko doesn't answer him. "Prince Zuko, you need your sleep. Even if you're right and the Avatar is alive, you won't find him. Your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all have tried and all have failed." He says wisely.

"Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture." Zuko snaps back sternly. "Mine does, this coward's hundred years of hiding are over."

Chapter End

Well, no one seems to want to adopt this story or anything so I will try to continue with it as I have just graduated High School. Hopefully I can get some steady updates to this story soon