A/N: This story is written by Vicky (Lauren's friend), this is part of a series sort of thing (the Brittana one is called I Just Want You) we are doing the futures for our favourite ships. We started to put them all onto the same account so that they would all be together so you could find them all. If you have any questions then you can tweet me at vickywoo_ or Lauren (whos account this is) laurenhollie_

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Chapter 1:

Tick tock tick tock tick tock…Blaine sat there counting down the seconds till the end of the Chemistry lesson. Only 10 minutes to go till the school day was over. Normally Blaine enjoyed Chemistry lessons but today his mind was more focused on something else.

Two weeks ago Kurt had told Blaine that he was really confused about their relationship because he was in New York while Blaine was still in Ohio which meant they never saw each other and barely had time to talk. Kurt had said at the end of their phone call 3 days ago that he wanted to think about everything and get back to him in 3 days.

Blaine had been nervous and panicked for the last 3 days. He'd hardly thought of anything but the many different outcomes of their next conversation. He didn't know what he'd do if Kurt told him this was the end of their relationship.

The clock kept ticking tick tock tick tock and Blaine was getting more and more impatient for the lesson to end, only two minutes to go…one minute to go…ring ring the sound of the bell flooded Blaine's head. He grabbed his bag off the floor and stuffed his books in it like everyone else and then got out his chair and walked out the room.

Students had already filled the corridors so Blaine had to weave in and out of people as fast as he could to get to his locker. He opened it forcefully and stuffed the books he didn't need to take home in it. As he was about to slam the locker door shut he caught a glimpse of a picture on the inside of the locker door and stopped.

It was a picture of him and Kurt. It was his favourite picture of them out of all the photos that plastered his locker door. It was a picture of their first dance together at the prom. Blaine just stood there looking at the picture trying to convince himself it wasn't all over.

After a minute Blaine closed his locker door and headed outside. He got into his car and started the engine, trying not to focus on what could happen soon.

When he finally pulled up into his driveway he felt like crying all his worries away, he kept trying to tell himself he was being stupid because Kurt hadn't said he wanted to break up yet but he couldn't help think Kurt was going to end it when he called.

As usual Blaine was the first home out of his family. He walked up to his room and flopped onto his bed. It took all the energy he had left to sit up. Kurt had said they'd Skype at 4:30 and it was only 4 at the moment which meant he had half an hour to get ready.

Shakily standing up and grabbing his bottle of hair gel he applied his usual amount onto the palm of his hand and pushed it through his hair as it was starting to turn back to his usual curly self. After making sure none of his curls had got lose he fixed his now lop-sided bowtie.

Then he slumped down into his desk chair and started at his laptop, awaiting the moment it would say Kurt was online. After about 10 minutes of waiting Kurt finally came online. As Kurt's face popped onto his laptops screen Blaine gazed longingly into the eyes of his beautiful boyfriend and remembered the first time he laid eyes on Kurt and how he'd never forget that moment.

Blaine surfaced a weak 'hey' to Kurt. He just didn't know what to say. As it turned out neither did Kurt as he replied with an equally weak 'hiya'. They sat looking at each other for a few heartbeats as Blaine saw Kurt figuring out what to say. Blaine saw Kurt looking down and he knew he was playing with his hands like he did when he was nervous. After a few more seconds Kurt broke the silence.

"Look Blaine" he managed to get out before pausing again "over the last few days I've been thinking of about 10 million ways to tell you this and I still don't know how to". It was only now that Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes again.

Blaine saw a small tear escape Kurt's eyes and all Blaine wanted to do was to wipe it away and tell him nit to cry but Kurt carried on, "Blaine Devon Anderson, I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything and in know that I will always love you but I can't do this anymore." Another tear escaped Kurt's eyes but still he carried on. "We both knew this was going to happen sometime, long distance relationships just don't work and we know it. I can't bare not spending every second with you and that isn't going to help when I have to learn to live without you." Blaine felt a tear escape his own eye but he didn't bother to wipe it away. Kurt kept talking and Blaine knew he was trying not to cry "I don't ever want to be without you but one day I'm going to have to be." Kurt covered his face with his hands and wiped the few tears away. Blaine couldn't bare to see him like this.

"I understand Kurt, if that's what you want" he just managed to get out.

"This isn't what I want Blaine, I want you! But this is what I need!"

"Kurt you have me, I'm always yours. You said it before yourself Kurt, all those times and now I'm going to say it to you, I'm never saying goodbye to you, remember!"

Kurt broke down into a pool full of tears which sent Blaine's eyes to let some of their own tears fall. Kurt just said "I'm so sorry, I love you, you know that but I can't do this, goodbye Blaine" and he was gone.

Blaine sat there staring at the blank laptop screen and felt his anger rising. He hadn't been so angry in ages because he always had to take the anger away, but Kurt wasn't here, Kurt was no longer his. His anger kept rising.

He started to rise out his chair and he slammed the top of the laptop down with a thud. He pushed his hands through his gelled hair taking some of the gel with them. He put his hands on the back of the desk chair and pushed it force fully into the wall causing a bang as the chair and wall collided.

Blaine was getting angrier by the second and knew if he got too angry he would start throwing and punching things. So he walked into his bathroom and pulled his bowtie off as he walked and then removed the rest of his clothes when he got inside. He threw them angrily into a pile on the floor. He stepped one foot into the shower and turned it on. Not bothering to turn the temperature down when it got to hot.

He pushed his hair back as the water slowly removed the thick layer of gel from it. Once he had removed all the gel he squeezed shampoo into the palm of his shaking hand and rubbed it forcefully into his hair. He started to feel the rest of his body shaking to.

He kept telling himself to not think of Kurt, he couldn't let himself think of how much it hurt to not be with him but the more he tried thinking of something else, anything else, the more he thought of the boy he couldn't see spending his life without.

He felt tears escaping his eyes again. He tried to make them stop but they kept on pouring down his face. He turned the shower off after a few minutes out of frustration with himself and climbed back out the shower. He yanked the towel from the rail it hung from on the wall and dried himself forcefully. He could feel his anger rising back up again. He was going to have to take his anger out somehow before he lost his mind.

He pushed his way through his bathroom door and over to his closet. He pulled out some old sweatpants and an old Dalton PE top and pulled them on leaving his hair gel free and curly as he stormed out his room and down the stairs.

He didn't check to see if his parents were in as he walked out the front door and slammed it behind him and walked over to his car. He had only just remembered his car keys as he had walked out the door. Still angry he forced them into the ignition and set off.

It only took Blaine about 5 minutes to reach his destination: school. Blaine knew the school wouldn't have closed up yet as it stayed open till 6 on a Friday for football practice. He stormed down the halls towards the gym area and crashed his way through the door.

He walked over to where the supplies were and pulled on a pair of boxing gloves before swinging round quickly and punching his now gloved hand into a punch bag. Blaine felt relief flush over him as he punched the bag relatedly.

Boxing had always been the way he'd taken his stress out that he had on the world. He'd taken up boxing when he'd started to get bullied. It had used to be the only way he could keep from taking his anger out on everyone and everything. When he'd been with Kurt he'd never had to do any boxing because Kurt had a way of just making his anger disappears almost instantly which he was always grateful for. But now he didn't have Kurt to help him so his hands continued to collide with the punching bag.

As his mind drifted back to Kurt he pause mid-punch and just stared at the punching bag which was shaking from him hitting it. He could feel tears forming in his eyes again and he did nothing to stop them.

He wiped his eyes with his bare arm but it didn't do much to get rid of them as the tears started to fall faster.

He turned around to get some water before he became completely dehydrated when he saw Mike and Sam just standing in the gym doorway staring at him open mouthed.