Chapter 2:

Blaine looked at them for a few seconds before going over to the water fountain and taking a long, well needed drink. He wiped his mouth with his hand as he rose back into a standing position. He saw that Sam and Mike hadn't moved from where they were standing so walked over to the bench and sat down.

He stared at the floor as he caught glimpses out of the corner of his eyes of Mike and Sam sharing confused looks. He decided to break the awkward silence.

"You don't have to just stand there you know, I'm not going to kill you" Blaine said while still staring at the floor.

Mike and Sam shared one more anxious glance before following Blaine's orders and sitting each side of him on the bench.

"Well with the way you were punching that bag I wouldn't be surprised if you could kill us." Sam announced with a nervous laugh that instantly became more4 relaxed when both Blaine and Mike chuckled to.

"I think we'd both prefer it if you didn't kill us though" Mike said which mad them all laugh a bit.

"Don't worry guys, I'm not going to kill you" Blaine muttered as he finally lifted his eyes from where he'd had them focused on the ground to look at them.

He decided he was going to have to change the subject before they asked why he'd been beating the crap out of a punching bag and so he thought of a topic to change it to.

"So Mike, why you back in Ohio, I thought you were going to some fancy dance school?"

"I'm going back there in about a month, we're on a break at the moment, but that's not what's important right now." He gave Blaine a raised eyebrow you-can't-get-out-of-this look.

"Yeah you can try and avoid it like you have been for days Blaine but we know something's up, we know you and we know you're not telling us something"

It was true; he had been trying to hide how upset he was from them as the three of them had become very close over the last few months. Sam had even started calling them The Three Musketeers, which never failed to crack Blaine and Mike up when he said it.

Blaine and Sam had become closer through Glee and because they had most lessons together where they talked constantly and played football with their fingers and scrunched up balls of paper.

They had become close with Mike before he left after graduation and so whenever he popped into Ohio now a day he'd hang with them. Mike had gotten into Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance in Chicago and so didn't drop by much but the tree of them had the best times tighter when he did.

Blaine was so grateful to have them as some of his closest friends because he was scared he'd have no one after Kurt left.

Blaine decided he was going to have to tell them as he couldn't keep it to himself and they only wanted to help him.

He focused his eyes back onto the ground.

"Kurt broke up with me" he let out. Mike and Sam could hear the sadness in his voice; they could tell he was on the verge of tears.

It was Mike who broke the growing silence that filled the room. "Look dude, it would be easy for me to tell you to move on and that you'll find someone else, but I can't do that because I wouldn't mean what I was saying. I know you probably don't need me to say this but I think it is better to say it now. Don't give up on him yet. I know you and Kurt are meant to be."

"You think?" Blaine asked with a shaky voice.

"Oh we don't think, we know" Sam said with a weak smile.

"But what am I supposed to do, long distance relationships don't work."

"That's not always true, look at me and Tina, we're making it work" Mike said. "When you love someone enough and can't see your life without them then why say goodbye. Long distance relationships aren't easy but they're not impossible. I've seen the way you and Kurt are and I know how in love you are with each other. Love like that is 1 in a million so don't let go." Ike finished as he saw a small tears slide down Blaine's face as he gave another weak smile.

"And Blaine, we'll be here for you every step of the way, you can count on us." Sam said as he patted Blaine on the shoulder.

"Thanks guys, you're the best." Blaine gave them both a generally grateful smile "and your right, Im not going to give up."

Blaine could see the happiness spreading across his friends faces.

Blaine got back to his house at around 6ish as he had stayed at the school longer that he expected to talk to Sam and Mike.

He locked his car door and wandered over to his house. He put the key into the key hole and turned it gently, and then pushed the door open.

He knew his parents would be in the kitchen preparing dinner so he walked towards it. He saw his mother cutting up carrots while his dad was leaning against the fridge with a beer in his hand while talking to her.

His mother was a small but beautiful woman with long flowing deep brown hair that was perfectly styled as always. It was the same deep brown colour as Blaine's hair. She also had the same beautiful hazel eyes as he did that had a way of mesmerizing people. His father was taller than the both of them and his hair was slightly lighter but it had the same messy curled effect that Blaine's did when left it ungelled, his eyes on the other hand where slightly darker than those of his and his mother's but he had the same distinctive eyebrows as Blaine.

When he walked into the room and smiled softly at them his mother looked up from cutting and returned his smile.

She spoke in an elegant gentle way "Oh Blaine darling your back, I heard you leaving that house earlier, where did you go?" she said with a confused face.

"I went to the gym at school and ran into Mike and Sam and we got into a big conversation, sorry I spent so long"

"Oh darling its fine, I've only started dinner anyway." His mum gave him another soft smile and walked over, kissing him on the cheek as she made her way to the sink to fill the saucepan.

Blaine gaze went from his mother back to his dad who was still leaning against the fridge, he was giving Blaine a quizzical look that he so often did when he knew something was up with Blaine that he wasn't telling his parents.

His dad had always had a way of seeing straight through him like no one else. It meant he could never get out of anything when his dad was around.

His mother had always been slightly oblivious to how Blaine was feeling. It wasn't that she didn't care because as soon as she knew Blaine was upset, angry or annoyed about something, she made it her mission to calm him and make him happy which she had a knack for. It was just she'd never been able to tell what he was feeling where as his dad always knew something was up the moment he walked in the room.

His dad survived him before giving him a look of comfort with a hint of we-will-talk-about-this-in-a-bit. His dad walked out of the room saying "I'm going to watch the football Vanessa darling" as he went.

Blaine stayed to help his mum cut the vegetables for dinner before grabbing a small bottle of apple juice out of the fridge and walking into the main room to watch the football with his dad. He removed the bottles lid and took a sip of the liquid before falling back into the armchair at the side of the room.

His dad removed his gaze from the TV and diverted it to his son. He gave him another small soft smile and moved his way down the couch toward Blaine.

His dad took one last sip of his beer before setting it down on the coffee table and turning back to Blaine.

"Hey kiddo, what's up?" his father said with a reassuring smile. "I know something's really bad is happening because you've been looking and acting off all week." He patted his son's knee as Blaine took examining the apple juice bottle.

Blaine had the saddest look on his face that only meant one thing. Something bad happened with Kurt. That was the only time he looked this sad.

"Has something happened with Kurt/" his father asked, giving his knee another pat.

Blaine gave a slow small nod but continued to stare at his bottle.

"What is it kiddo?"

"He…he br…he broke up with me" Blaine managed to get out as a tear emerged from his eye.

His dad didn't know what to say so he stood up, pulling Blaine up with him and pulled him into a hug.

After a few seconds Blaine wrapped his arms around his father and buried his head in his shoulder and let a few more tears stream down his face.

After about a minute they pulled apart. They both sat back in their seats. Another tear rolled down the side of Blaine's face.

"Kiddo, I've seen a lot of things in my lifetime; fighting, friendship, war, discrimination. But one thing I've always said I've never seen enough of is love"

Blaine looked up at his dad's last word, starring into his eyes.

"Son I've seen people ignore love, I've seen them embrace it, I've seen people who never know it's there or never have it. What I've seen between you and Kurt, that's love Blaine, in one of its strongest forms. That's what I've always wanted for you to find. I'll admit kiddo, when you were younger I dreamt of seeing you marry a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. Most fathers do and when you told me you were gay, I didn't really know what to say, I'd never met many gay people before but I didn't care, you were still my boy and nothing was going to change that."

He gave Blaine another smile.

"I'll admit I was scared you wouldn't find love and my dreams for you would be crushed. But from the second I met Kurt, how I saw you two looking at each other and the way you were around on another, I knew that my dreams for you weren't gone; they had just come sooner than I thought they would. Blaine I've seen people give up on love, please don't give up on yours."

A tear made its way down Blaine's face but his dad knew it was a happy tear as a smile formed on his face too.

"I won't dad; you can count on that, I'm not giving up on him. I'm never saying goodbye to him."

A huge smile spread across his dads face as he pulled him up into another hug, patting him on the back.

Blaine made a promise to himself that he would keep his word to his dad. He wasn't going to give up. Ever.