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The Doctor being his normal hyper self, running around the magnificent console of the TARDIS pressed down buttons and pulled levers. The TARDIS groaned as it travelled back in time. The Doctor wanted to see Shakespeare again. No matter how many times he had been in the Globe Theatre, he could never get bored. Shakespeare, the genius. The Doctor whooped and laughed as the TARDIS shook. He was excited, even though he was alone. Just a bit alone. Not lonely, but he did need someone.

The TARDIS thumped onto hard surface and landed. The Doctor rushed to the front door and opened it. He expected a smelly old street with people dressed in rags and doing smelly old jobs. But not this time.

Instead of a smelly old street, the TARDIS had landed on a clean empty street with no one around. The Doctor was sure he entered the right coordinates.

"21st century," He muttered under his breath. He frowned, why had the TARDIS taken him here?

The TARDIS groaned a little and the Doctor stared at it for a moment. He stroked the outside door and asked in a low tone.

"Are you not feeling well, hey? Don't worry," He muttered.

"I'll fix you" He added with a smile. And with that he entered the TARDIS, closing the door behind him.

As the TARDIS materialised, Martha Jones walked around the corner and swore that she heard the TARDIS. Instantly, she had turned around and started to frantically search for it. Nothing was there. It was just an empty street.

She sighed. She had missed him but she knew that she and her family were better without him. As she walked towards her door and put her key in the lock she wondered.

It would be nice to see Shakespeare again.