** Hello! Sort chapter here but seriously, it's a bit touchy feely for this one. I apologize for my lateness, I'm terrible. Have fun with this incredibly short and feely chapter. BTW this is the 11th Doctor and Amy :) Stay Awesome -Me And The Time Vortex**

'Amy?' The Doctor asked loudly whilst walking down the corridor of the TARDIS towards her bedroom. 'Amy, where are we off to next?'

He came to her door and knocked loudly, he was impatient. 'Amy! Let's go somewhere!' He asked whilst knocking. Finally, Amy got fed up and got off from her bed to walk to the door. She turned the handle and said 'What?'

The Doctor fought to stare. The reason for this was because Amy looked terrible. He nose was red, her eyes were red which also had dark circles underneath and when she spoke her voice croaked. He hesitated, was she still able to travel?

'Um, just wondering..' The Doctor said with a smile, trying his best to not look shocked over her facial features and her overall sickness. 'If you want to go.. somewhere?'

Amy stared at him. He could be so stupid at times. She continued to stare at him, not talking because, honestly, he throat was on fire. Her arms and legs were weak, she felt sick and she had a massive headache.

The Doctor got the message, 'So, no then?' She continued to stare at him. 'Okay, I'll be down at the console if you need me!' He shouted as he skipped down the corridor towards the console room. Amy smiled, he was such a child. She closed her bedroom door and got back into bed and within minutes, she was asleep again.

The Doctor looked around the console room, there was nothing to do apart from travel through time and space but he needed a companion to be with him, he couldn't just go alone. That was no fun.

The Doctor had thought to try and fix the chameleon circuit but he thought that he better not, he loved the TARDIS too much for what it was now. Besides, no one apart from his companions would be able to see it anyway. The Doctor sighed and sat down in his chair and stared at the console. He was so bored. The TARDIS quietly whirred whilst the Doctor thought heavily about Rose. He still missed her. He still loved her. He was so bored without her. He just wanted her back so that they could go on more adventures and have more laughs. If only he could just see her again, that would mean the world to him. At least she had her own version of him, the human version. Then the Doctor thought about everyone else. Did they see him hurting at times? Did they notice how much Rose had meant to him? Martha had noticed. Of course she noticed, she was a bit jealous, but she had to understand how much Rose had meant to him and in the end, she understood. She was even married now, so that was good.

The Doctor heard Amy cough in her room. Poor thing.

For the rest of the afternoon, the Doctor caught up on some thinking and Amy caught up on some sleeping. All was okay.