"Twilight, I understand your disappointment, but this is important."

"Yes, Princess Celestia. I understand."

Twilight left the princess's castle with her head hung low, and began the journey back to what soon wouldn't be her home.

Why did she have to pass the test? How didn't she realise that the next level of her studies had to mean leaving Ponyville? What was she going to say to her friends?

Nothing. She'd just disappear. Then if she had the courage she could write a letter to them. Maybe they could visit her wherever the Princess would reveal she was going to stay.

Her library tree house was in sight. She'd pack up her things and then—

"Howdy, Twilight! What's the long face fer?"

"Oh. Hey, Applejack. I'm just—"

"Does 'the next level of your studies' mean learnin' about friendship in Ponyville is over?"

"What? Yes! How did you know?"

"Just a grave guess."

Twilight said, "I know what you mean. I was too afraid to even consider it... Wait! Where are you going?"

Applejack began to walk backwards. "Just telling Pinkie we were all right. She's throwin' you a going away party of course. See—" Applejack shook off the sadness she was clearly harbouring for the party. "See you tonight."

Twilight didn't stop her. A going away party could be good, after all. Now that she knew they all knew she was leaving... and this way she wouldn't have to find and say goodbye to each of her friends individually. That would be much too painful.

She walked into her tree house remembering the spell to shrink a library to travelling size.


"Pinkie!" Applejack chided.

"Oh, right. Surprise," Pinkie Pie said much softer, before nuzzling Twilight's cheek.

Fluttershy threw her hooves around Twilight's neck for a heartfelt hug.

Rarity blew her nose and gave her a hug as well.

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom came in, muttering, "Sorry you have to leave, Twilight," and hugged her legs.

Applejack put her hat on Twilight's head, before bring her in for a group hug.

Rainbow Dash flew in above them without a word.

The rest of the party was spent that way. Wallowing in bitter sadness, and not much conversation. Twilight couldn't answer the questions regarding where she was going or what the next level of her studies entailed. Finally it was over. She hugged everypony goodbye. They each gave Spike a final farewell. Each left a gift, and words of lasting friendship behind.

"Be sure to write as soon as you know where yer goin'!"

"I will, Applejack." Twilight slowly closed the door, and turned to find Rainbow Dash angrily flying inches away from her.

Twilight quickly remembered Rainbow Dash hadn't said her final goodbye, or any really throughout the entire party.

"Rainb—" Twilight's answer was cut short as the cyan pony pressed her lips against hers.

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