What was with her?! Rainbow Dash kicked up some loose cloud dust in frustration. If Spitfire liked Rainbow Dash why wouldn't she just say something? If it was so against academy policy—and Rainbow Dash wasn't completely sure it was—wasn't Spitfire a high enough authority to change the rules? At least defy them? Could the rest of the Wonderbolts really kick out one of their star flyers for a bit of romance? Heavens no... and if Spitfire actually agreed with the policy, well... shouldn't she act like it?

Rainbow Dash had experienced nothing but torment for the remainder of the training week.

Spitfire would brush her tail around Dash's neck while turning paths in giving the group directions.

Spitfire would use the excuse of an in-your-face command that generals were so famous for to barely brush her lips onto Dash's cheeks as she'd come away.

Spitfire would send her a wink when she knew Rainbow Dash was the only one looking at her. Which happened often. Dash couldn't keep her eyes off the pegasus, and Spitfire tormented her with this.

She was enjoying this too much and Rainbow Dash was fed up with it.

Dash wanted answers and when she would seek permission to enter Spitfire's office, the yellow-orange mare would make excuses to turn her away.

Dash would look for ways to flirt back with her during close encounters, but as soon as she was near an action, near an idea, Spitfire seemed to know exactly when it was coming and headed in another direction.

Dash was even to the point of writing her cute little notes and slipping them into her uniform pocket. Spitfire would then of course look for ways to subtly rip them apart so only Dash could see.

Today was the last day of the week long introduction boot camp. The coordinators would decide who was fit to come back for more training at a later date—which Dash was. But in the meantime Rainbow Dash wouldn't be seeing the camp, or Spitfire for a while.

She might as well take a chance and yet again demand her answer.

This way she could totally be rejected and be a safe distance away from the keeper of any awkwardness... because what Spitfire was doing now wasn't awkward...

"Spitfire!" The end of boot camp buffet dinner was almost through. The awards had been called and Dash knew, along with most of the others, she would be returning.

The orange Pegasus was found with a mouth stuffed with strawberries. She gave a nervous glace at Rainbow Dash, who had finally caught her.

Dash smirked at her prisoner, before continuing. "Listen, ma'am. I've been getting a lot of mixed signals from you and I want—"

Spitfire held out a hoof, and swallowed her mouthful. "Not here." She took a glace around and pulled Rainbow Dash into a nearby broom closet.

Spitfire turned on a lamp, and only the two pegasi were illuminated against their dark surroundings. Rainbow Dash's heart was beating so fast she thought she'd pass out.

"Look..." Spitfire sighed. "Dash... I like you. It's just that—"

Rainbow Dash lightly kissed her. Spitfire did the bare minimum to respond, but it still felt like no response at all. It also felt out of place, like puzzle pieces that didn't quite match up.

"Oh." Dash stared at the floor, blushing furiously. Partly from the fact that she just kissed her mind-blowingly attractive idol, but mostly out of frustration that it turned out so rotten. Was this what Spitfire knew would happen? She just wanted to sink into the floor.

"I'm sorry, Dash... you're in training, and—"

"I just don't get it..."

"I think I might. Listen, Dash." Spitfire placed her hoof on hers. "I think this could work... just in a few years, once you're a Wonderbolt and we're on equal footing."

Rainbow Dash couldn't believe herself. That actually sounded nice. To wait that long and be with Spitfire as a Wonderbolt. No one could possible give a this-might-work-out-if-you-wait-for-me-for-a-few-years response and have it be okay. But Spitfire could. Rainbow Dash did idolize her too much. This really couldn't work now. That was probably what Spitfire meant by "equal footing."

"We'll just have to wait and see now won't we, ma'am?" Rainbow Dash saluted her, and Spitfire gave her a kiss on the cheek before opening the door.

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