I la-la-la-la-love you

Tsuna leapt forward, grabbing for Gokudera and Yamamoto.

Despite his efforts, his unconscious friends fell through the open classroom window and plummeted down, landing with a resounding SPLASH in the school pool two stories down.

The shock of the water roused Yamamoto, and he fought to the surface, gasping for breath.

He heard shouting and looked up, groggily registering Tsuna yelling at the top of his voice, amber-orange eyes wild, "YAMAMOTO! GOKUDERA-KUN!"

He was suddenly yanked back into the room by a wrathful Hibari, and it took Yamamoto only seconds to take another breath and dive underwater again.

He scanned the bottom of the pool, then began swimming strongly toward the still-unconscious form of Gokudera.

He grabbed him around his chest and kicked off of the bottom, breaking the surface of the water with another great splash.

He began swimming backwards, with Gokudera's head resting on his chest above the water until he was able to stand up.

Although he was exhausted himself, he dragged both Gokudera and himself out of the pool and onto concrete, beginning to push down on the silverette's chest, intermittently pinching his nose closed and breathing air into him in an effort to revive him.

Gokudera suddenly coughed, bringing up a spray of pool water and Yamamoto could breathe a bit easier.

Gokudera rolled over on his side and proceeded to vomit more chlorine water, gagging and gasping for breath as Yamamoto pounded his back. As soon as Gokudera got his breath back, he tried sitting up, only to fall forward again and be caught by Yamamoto.

The brunette held the silverette's head to his chest and repeatedly kissed the sopping silver hair, overcome with relief.

Gokudera suddenly spoke, "Yamamoto…thank you…"

In response, Yamamoto briefly joined their lips.

Gokudera suddenly shot to his feet, "TENTH!"

As soon as he took his first step however, he almost went back into the pool, and if not for Yamamoto he probably would have.

The brunette stroked his silver hair, gently whispering to him, "Tsuna was fine. Don't worry about him while you're in a worse state."

Gokudera shivered, "Up against that psycho!?"

Yamamoto nodded, "He was holding his own. He was more worried about us."

Gokudera cringed, "We made the Tenth worry…"

Yamamoto silenced him with another kiss, "Hush. Don't go beating yourself up."

Gokudera pondered this for a minute, then smacked Yamamoto in the back of the head, "THEN HOW ABOUT I BEAT YOU UP!? HOW COULD YOU LET US GET TAKEN OUT THAT EASILY ANYWAY!?"

Yamamoto chuckled, "Haha, accidents happen!"

Gokudera's eye twitched and he sighed, grudgingly planting a kiss on the end of his boyfriend's nose and then his lips. "Yes. That they do."

Yamamoto grinned, "Haha, you know that I la-la-la-la-love you."

"For that, you must die."

Though despite Gokudera's words, all that Yamamoto received from the situation was a pair of bruised lips and a couple of new red marks on his neck.