Keeping Inside

Characters: Red and Granny (Some Snow)

Red walked into the door of her house Granny was in the kitchen. "Oh you are back!" Granny said hugging her granddaughter but Red backed away.

"You lied to me!" Red yelled at Granny. she was unsure what she was talking about.

"About what Red?" Granny said.

"My parents, my mother left because you didn't approve of what she is and what I am."

"Of course i accept who you are ." Granny said Red stepped even farther away.

"No you don't you didn't teach me how to control my wolfness, you just gave me this damn cape thing so I wouldn't turn."

"Red listen do you want help controlling it?" Granny asked.

"I learned how too already no thanks to you."

"Well Good"

"I killed her." Red said quietly. "I am a killer"

"No you aren't who did you kill?"

"My mother she was going to kill my friend."

"Your friend who is?"

"Snow" Red said quietly.

"Who?" Granny asked unable to hear her grand daugther.

"Snow White is the name." Snow said walking into the room from the outside.

"Your wanted by the queen?"

"Yes I am she is my step mother."

"Please Granny can she stay." Red pleaded.

"Alright" Granny said giving each girl a cookie. "But snow aren't you scared?"

"Of what Red..." Granny nodded her head. "No she saved my life she knows how to control herself."

"Very well then."

"Even if i turned Granny I can control it." Red said and with that her and Snow left the room.

A/N- Just something small haven't really written with these characters.

Lauren :)