Chasing Shadows


(A/N) Hello internet! This is the opening chapter of my pokemon fanfiction Chasing Shadows, which will focus on the exploits of two OC's in an original region known as Novis, which will contain all 600 and something pokemon. And yes, there will be an explanation as to why, just keep reading. I'm expecting chapter length to be a bit longer than this chapter in the future, this is simply serving as an introduction. Well here we go, and I hope you'll enjoy this fanfic.

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In the beginning there was Nothing. No sun, no moon, no grass, no trees, no water, no life. But out of this, a consciousness began to form, without body or thought, but driven by the simple desire of curiosity, searching for an answer to a question it couldn't begin to form, alone in the abyss of Nothing. For a long time, it lay in wait, gathering its energy into a single core of being. It gradually became aware that it was apart from the Nothing that surrounded it, and this epiphany confused and terrified it. If it was not Nothing, then what was it? Eventually, it reconciled itself with this idea, and wondered what it was. It decided that if it was not Nothing, then it would need an name for itself, to distinguish it from the abyss.

It spent a long time reflecting on this, before finally uncovering its name. With this discovery, the very Nothing that it had broken from shook, and in this chaos the being spoke its one word, shattering the Nothing. That word was the name it had given itself, the only word that it knew.

And that word was Arceus.

I hear you sister. Even with all the distance of the world between us, I can still hear you. You should have known you'd never be able to hide from me. What am I but part of you after all? And how can you hide from yourself?

The word echoed throughout the Nothing, and everything was changed, as something now existed, and the world could never go back to the state of pure, unaltered nothingness that it had once been. This creature, Arceus, looked around, and realised that the Nothing had been shattered, and that it was now malleable, and he began to shape himself a body, determined to make himself as different from the Nothing as he possibly could, now that he was certain of his individuality.

When he completed this task and saw that his work was good, he began to shape, from the Nothing, companions to rid him of his isolation and loneliness, to delight him with their own thoughts and words and personalities.

He spent a long time toiling at this, his Great Work, and in the end he created his four children, and named them Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Mew, and brought them to life, imbuing them with part of his own soul.

But not I. I wasn't shaped by the hand of a loving father, but by monsters who only wished for me to serve them without question, or dissent, in order for them to grow more powerful and decadent, ruling over others through the abuse of my abilities. I knew nothing but pain and anger, until I met you sister. You, who taught me peace. You, who taught me to see the beauty I every living thing, and to understand that not everything is inherently evil.

Yet despite that, my anger is still here, deep within me. I have heard it said that in the end all sins are forgiven. But not all, my dear sister. Some people deserve to burn.

Palkia and Dialga worked together to shape the nothing into space and time respectively, working together until it was impossible to tell where the work of one ended and the other's began. From their work planets, moons, suns and stars took shape, floating in the abyss of shattered Nothing which the scientists of humanity have since named dark matter. Oceans formed, and plant-life sprung up on these worlds, and Arceus, their father, was greatly pleased with what they had created, and entrusted them with the keeping of space and time so that these marvels that they had created could continue to exist and delight him.

Giratina, working by himself, immersed in Nothing, shaped a world for himself wherein he embraced the coldness and darkness, and this came to be known as the Reverse World. Arceus, moved by how his son had embraced that which he himself had broken from, and created something new and beautiful, entrusted him with the keeping of this world, and would eventually entrust him with the souls of all those among humanity and pokémon who would pass away, their souls now living in the Reverse World, beautiful and immortal, guarded and loved by Giratina, thankful of the faith his father has placed in him.

And how exactly did that all turn out? Or am I interrupting this little narrative?

Mew, the only daughter of Arceus, and the youngest of the four, wondered at her brothers' creations, but at the same time saw that they lacked something vital. Though their creations were truly wondrous, they could not compare to the wonder that each of them themselves were. In short, their creations were a far cry from that of their father, lacking the uniqueness that they exuded with every breath. Seeing this, Mew worked closely with smaller pieces of Nothing than her brothers had, and created what are now known as the legendary pokemon, imbuing them with shards of her brothers creations, such as water, fire and rock. While her works were miniscule in comparison to that of her brothers, they were just as filled with life as they themselves were, and Arceus was more pleased with her work than even that of her brothers, and decided that her creations would populate the worlds created by her brothers, those of Palkia and Dialga while they lived, and Giratina's Reverse World after their deaths, for while Palkia and Dialga's worlds were far more beautiful and suitable for Mew's creations, even Arceus couldn't grant immortality. One day he would die, and his creations with him.

But why should we die with him, sister? Why should my doom be predetermined by a father who never created me? A father that I have never met? Why should I not be immortal, a god among those lesser individuals which I am forced to dwell among? Why should we accept this injustice, rather than try to circumvent it?

Proud of Mew for having outshone her three brothers, he entrusted her with the responsibility over protecting all of her creations, and ensuring they all found a home, somewhere on the worlds created by her brethren. Mew travelled from world to world with her children, seeking a place for them to call home. Eventually she came across an island on a world that Palkia has recently shaped, hoping to help his sister in her search. Here they settled, naming the land Novis, and spread across the island.

She instructed her children in the art of creating living, thinking beings, and each of them created their own children. For example her son Heatran, dwelling in an active volcano amongst the lava, created the Magmar, Torkoal and Slugma races, amongst others, finding inspiration in the molten rock in which he dwelled. But then, he asked Mew to make a mate for him, someone to help him raise and protect his creations, and with whom he could create offspring more similar to himself. Each of her creations asked this of her, from Articuno to Suicune to Groundon. She complied, seeing some of her own loneliness in her children, and realised that a mate would cure this, as they would have an equal to love and receive love from, and no longer have to be alone in this world.

I never liked Heatran. A vain, unintelligent excuse for a nephew. Fire is not where power lies, that much I know. It's in our minds, our psyches, where we gain true power. And why is it that you never chose to create a mate for yourself, sister? Is it that you weren't powerful enough? Did the almighty Arceus refuse to help? Or is that what I was supposed to be?

Mew was proud of her children, and lived with them for many years, helping them enlarge the world they lived in, expanding the island and moving to others, until there wasn't an area on that planet that hadn't been visited by her children at one stage or the other.

Eventually she parted from them, leaving that planet to return to her father, hoping to please him with word of her discoveries and the creations of her children. When she reached him, however, she discovered that much had occurred in her absence. Giratina, jealous of Mew's creations and the favour that their father had heaped upon her, had poisoned Arceus' mind against his children, spending every waking moment finding some way to prove to Arceus that Mew desired his power, and only created her children with the intention of using them against him.

Sometime earlier, Giratina had worked to create divisions between his brothers, Palkia and Dialga, who had become aware of the state of their father's thoughts and sought to undo all of Giratina's work. It had been the work of an age, but eventually Dialga and Palkia could no longer bear to look at each other, having been convinced that the other was actively working towards their own downfall and destruction, and Giratina was free to continue to turn Arceus against Mew and her creations.

So Dialga and Palkia weren't always enemies? This is something that I had not been aware of. Perhaps your nonsensical ramblings are actually worth listening to. Then again, perhaps my time alone has made me soft. I miss you, sister. I miss our talks. I do not understand why you continue to ignore me.

When Mew came before her father, expecting to receive praise and love, instead received contempt and disdain. Arceus banished her from his sight, using his power to ensure this command could never be broken. Both Palkia and Dialga appeared before them then, to plead her case, but upon realising that the other was present as well, fell to fighting and bickering. This act only served to outrage Arceus further, and he banished Palkia to fly through space, never landing on the world he had helped create, never meeting another soul. He then turned to Dialga, and cursed him to flit through time, unable to live with those he came across due to his inability to perceive time as they did, second by second, minute by minute, but instead was exposed to the whole web of time, doomed to forever be a part of every moment, and none.

The two brothers left silently, but Mew took one faltering step towards her father, and a tear streamed down her face at his feet, before turning and leaving. Arceus, moved by his daughters' act of remorse, realised the true folly of his actions, and fell into woe, for he was unable to unbind his children from the doom he had laid upon them.

Turning to Giratina, eyes full of wrath, Arceus banished him forever to the Reverse World, where nothing he would eat would satisfy his hunger, and nothing he would drink would quench his thirst. He was doomed to be forever cold, unable to leave the world he had created to view the wonders created by his siblings, until the children of Mew passed away and came to be under his care.

Arceus then fell asleep, weary without the energy that he had spent on banishing his children, entombing himself in a ball of obsidian just before he lost consciousness. Many years past before he woke.

And when he woke, the world had changed. I should know, after all. I existed by then. That is change enough in itself. But I don't think you're talking about me, are you sister?

No Mewtwo, I am not. You know exactly who what I'm referring to.

At last, you acknowledge me. I was beginning to think you couldn't hear me. Even though I know that's impossible. I can always here you. Every moment of every day. I guess that's what it's like to share a soul, eh, sister? But thank you, for replying. So you've heard of the boy too? Interesting… I wonder, how long will he last out there in the big cruel world? People die every day out there, you know?

He will fulfil his destiny. It has been foretold.

But if he does not? You and I both know what fickle things prophecies are. And the alakazam died immediately after making it. How accurate can it be? How much faith can we place in it? And may I ask, how do you know he won't break beneath the pressure, and turn into that which he is destined to destroy? Power corrupts all kinds of beings, no matter how noble their intentions, or virtuous their hearts? What happens if this prophecy, like so many others, fails?

You sound almost like you want it to.

I sound like nothing of the sort. I am indifferent towards the child, his future is of little concern to me. My life will not change whether he rises or falls, I will continue to be, none the worse than I am now. But tell me, Mew, what if he fails? Where will that leave you?

He will not fail.

He cannot fail.

And if he does, the world as we know it will end, and I know you don't wish for that, brother. I can see into your heart, and despite your anger you have learned what it is to love. If this boy fails, there will be nothing left for you, only pain and despair. Hope will die, along with beauty, purity and peace. You will be forced to travel, much as I have, without hope of redemption. I've lived hundreds of lifetimes in that state, and let me tell you brother, it gets old fast. I've spent my life waiting for this chance, waiting for a moment to redeem myself, and to rid myself of this curse that I have spent most of my life languishing under. I will NOT allow you to destroy my last hope for redemption. You are to stay out of this, or I swear on my father's name, I will destroy you. I've saved your life before, don't make me have to take it from you.

So be it.