Author's Note: Inspired by the movie "Heathers"


It all started out as an accident. A big fat accident. We never meant for it to happen... it was just a joke at first. Nothing more. We weren't even going to do it! We were just fooling around and then...

A week earlier

Oh Miss Kacey Simon. Queen Bee. Straight A's and always has to get her way. Never lifting a finger... it must be great being Kacey Simon.

I'm apart of the Perfs, the most powerful click at Brewster High. Molly and I are second in command. Knowing Molly, she's desperate for Kacey's fall out... I mean, Kacey and Molly are BFF's but, Kacey has never been a good friend to Molly. Kacey flaked out on Molly's Sweet 16 to go to a College party with her cousin Veronica. Since, Kacey didn't go... a lot of people left the party early making Molly furious and upset. She cried the whole night. It was very depressing to see how Molly would go out of her way to please Kacey but Kacey could never do the same to Molly.

Anyway, Molly and I stood between Kacey as we walked into the caf. Kacey had this rule about not making eye contact with "undesirables" which I hated. There were a lot of rules Kacey made that I hated. I'm not even allowed to think about hating her ideas. Well, you know what. I hated that idea.

We made our way to our glistening red custom made table in the middle of the quad and looked at Kacey to see what her daily "Lunch Time Announcement" was.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that I am having my monthly rager this weekend! And unfortunately, it's not at my house because it's getting fumigated and if we go inside we'll like die and stuff. So I decided to have it at Grace King's house."

My mouth dropped. EXCUSE ME. We never discussed this. My parents will kill me.

"Be there at 6 or not. Everyone's invited but there will be a bouncer so you better get on my good side this week." Kacey grinned and blew a kiss to the room and sat down.

"Kacey, you can't have your party at my house. My parents will kill me."

"Grace, you should be happy. It's an honor to be the host of one of my parties. People will get to know who you are instead of just... that one Perf!" Kacey playfully hit my shoulder. But I still wasn't happy with what she was saying. "It will be fun. And I promise we'll put the house back together before your parents even know it! So please... do it for your friend and I'll make sure the Gravity Geeks get in, just for you." Kacey promised.

A Kacey promise... this one sounded sincere... I'm not overjoyed with this news but Kacey said she'd get Gravity 4 in and that means I could finally talk to Nelson which I would really like...

The Party

Well shit, I don't know what I expected... but this rager was huge and my house has been torn apart with in an hour. I am going to KILL Kacey.

Kacey was too busy wasting herself away in alcohol and cigarettes to even care about the damage she's doing in my home and our friendship. This is the final straw. I shouldn't let Kacey Simon rule my life any longer...

I started walking towards Kacey when I noticed a new pool of people filtering into the party... more specifically, Gravity 4. Stevie, Kevin, Zander, and Nelson...

I glanced over at Kacey and we make eye contact. "Go" Kacey mouthed to me.

As much as I want to yell at her... I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to hang out with Nelson for once.

"Can you believe we actually got in this time?" Zander asked his friends.

"I told you, I'm cool with Grace", Nelson replied.

I walked over to them and I noticed Nelson was a little taken back when he saw me.

"Uh-hey-hi-hel-HI GRACE!"

"Hey Nelson." I smiled.

I took his hand and led him to the dancefloor. Nelson was very shy... I tried not to over think the situation because I was afraid he wasn't interested at first but after he got warmed up to me, he was very into it.

I could feel his breath against my neck. Sending me chills and kind of hoping he'd try to lead me upstairs to my bedroom and then some...

From what I know, Nelson's a gentleman. He's not as forward as most guys who try to hook up with me. Everyone thinks I'm such a big dumb slut. But I've never been with anybody. I went on a few triple dates with Kacey and Molly but they were awful. I mean, I'm a bit of a romantic myself too but I think I could really fall in love with Nelson and I don't think there's no one else in the world for me except for him.

I grabbed Nelson's hand and led him up to my room.

"Whoa, do you see that?" Zander hit Kevin's chest and pointed to us walking up the stairs.

"Aw, our little Nelsypoo is growing up." Kevin put his hand on his heart and sighed.

My Bedroom

"I've never done this before." I blurted and turned red.

"Don't worry. Neither have I", Nelson replied.

I turned my back to him so he could unzip my dress. I could just tell he was already staring at every inch of my body since he was taking forever to take my dress off.

He took a big gulp and didn't say a thing. I pulled his shirt off for him and took off my earrings while Nelson fumbled with his pants zipper. I watched him try to take them off and once he finally did, it revealed his boner and he turned bright red.

We were both nervous but the outcome great. I didn't know that anyone could feel like that. We were a little quiet after it happened... mostly because we were trying to catch our breath.

I turned over to him and smiled, "Thank you." I whispered.

"No, Thank you." He replied.

"Nelson... I've always really liked you and maybe it was stupid to start this backwards -" He looked at me confused so I tried my best to rephrase it, "I mean, like we had sex instead of go on a date first. That's usually not how I am. I just... well."

Nelson leaned over and kissed me. "I always wanted to do that." Nelson smiled at me and did it again.

I kissed him over and over again. And then I heard someone open the door... SHIT. I swear to God, I locked the god damn door...

"Oh. My. God." Kacey said. She grabbed her cellphone and took a photo.

"Grace lost her v-card to a Gravity Geek!" Kacey shouted.

I pushed him off me and shut the door in her face.

"I better leave..." Nelson said and grabbed his clothes.

I couldn't help myself but I just started crying. Knowing Kacey, she'll send that photo to EVERYONE. She did that to Meredith, a former Freshman Perf who ended up switching schools and started going by Natalie so that photo wouldn't haunt her when she applies for colleges.

"Grace..." Nelson said and wiped my tears, "I don't know why you hang out with Kacey. She's a bitch and you deserve a better friend." He hugged me and ended up staying in my room with me.

I got dressed and I vented for an hour about what I hated the most about Kacey.

"I could just KILL her, you know? All she does is TERRORIZE me and make everything so awful! I hate her!"

"Well maybe you can just vent it out by doing the same thing to her. Terrorize her, you know?" Nelson suggested. "Give her a taste of her own medicine for once"

"How about we give her a taste of her own medicine tonight... but I really want to make her pay."

Nelson raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"Well, the woods is about 10 minutes away from my house. We can take her out to the woods, make scary noises. Scare her shitless. Y'know. Make her think that either someone's stalking her or like a bear is there. Then she'll probably get mad at me when we're like "Gotcha!" But it would be sooooo worth it."

"So how do we get her out into the woods?" Nelson asked.

The Woods

Nelson and I were in all black. We made, make shift ski masks and blindfolded Kacey into the woods. We tied her hands together so she couldn't push us off.

"WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!?" She screamed.

We didn't reply and left her in the middle of the woods. Nelson and I climbed up a tree and watched her squirm and cry for half an hour.

Kacey wandered around the woods with the blind fold on, tripping and falling over and over again.

At one point, Nelson and I were too busy making out to even care about how miserable of a time Kacey was having to notice what was going to happen next.

Nelson wrapped his arms around me and kissed me over and over. I looked down for a moment and stopped him, "Where's Kacey?"

I climbed down the tree and searched for her. "KACEY!"

"Grace?" Kacey replied but her voice was faint. She was very far away.

I ran over and tried to follow her voice. "KACEY!"

I followed the trail of her voice and I finally caught up to her. "Kacey stay there. I'm coming to get you." I started walking towards her when Nelson called my name to slow down... and then... it happened.

I didn't even see it coming. Before I knew it, she was smashed down on the floor drenched in blood...

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