A rush of tears began to stream down my face.

This isn't real... this isn't happening. Nelson finally caught up to me and gasped. His arms wrapped me trying to hold me back from getting closer. "We should go." He suggested.

I nodded and we left the scene.

"What do we do?"

"Well we didn't kill her so we're fine. But it's our fault that she didn't see it coming." Nelson began to formulate a plan, "We're go back to your house to get cleaned up. We look like a mess and like we've been in the woods for too long. We'll call the police. Our story is that we were going into the room to get away from the crazy party to have some alone time. When we finally found our way out, we found Kacey. Okay?"

"Okay." I nodded.

"I've seen you in Drama class. You're very good at improvising so I need you to improvise. When we go inside your home. Act like we've been there the whole time. Okay? No funny business." Nelson directed me.

I nodded again and we started heading back to my house. I did exactly what Nelson said.

The first thing we did was head to the bathroom to clean the dirt from our faces. I was still a bit shaken up from what I saw. Nelson constantly tried to comfort me repeatedly saying "It's not your fault."

Once we were down cleaning up, we headed downstairs to the party. We played around like nothing was wrong. Greeted the other Perfs and Nelson's friends... one of them was getting very frisky was Stevie... that was very interesting. We hung around the house for about a half hour before we headed back into the woods.

Nelson held my hand and we started to walk around the woods. We finally got to the road where we last saw Kacey. I could just hear my heart pounding. I was so nervous that for some reason we'll get in trouble for Kacey's death. But the only thing we did was pull a silly prank that went horribly wrong. It's not our fault! The person who hit her and left is the person responsible!

"I need you to scream. Okay?" Nelson asked and he pulled out his cellphone and called 911. The police came as soon as they could and a crowd from the party huddled around her body. Molly ran over to the scene when she saw the paramedics reel Kacey's body into the truck.

"Is that-?" Molly asked me and I nodded. I cried into her chest and Molly began to cry as well.

The police began to question Nelson and I then questioned people at the party. My parents came home sooner than they planned to see that our home was completely trashed and to believe that Kacey's death was because of "my" crazy party.

My parents didn't punish me because they knew I was mourning... but I wish they did. I felt horrible.

School, the following week was very depressing. People were deeply saddened with Kacey's death. Every class, our teachers asked for a moment of silence. There's a memorial at the Perf's table dedicated to Kacey.

Even in the after life, Kacey Simon is the most popular girl at school. I bet she would have been pleased.

The whole school has been invited to her funeral. Her parents have been a wreck, they couldn't understand how this could happen. The police cannot figure out how Kacey was tied up and blindfolded. They assume she may have committed suicide. She was too afraid to do it so she tied herself up and blindfolded herself so she wouldn't stop herself from doing it. That's when she jumped into the road so she could die.

I know for a fact, Kacey Simon was happy. She was at her prime. She was untouchable... now she's dead.

The day of the funeral was very quiet. The Perf's were seated in the front next to her family. I let Nelson sit with us and I held his hand throughout the whole thing.

Nelson and I haven't really talked much until that night. We've exchanged a few looks at school but I think we both know that it's not the right time to start a relationship.

I mean, we hook up and have a good time then all of a sudden we are somewhat the cause of my best friends death! I mean, of course he's a little on the wall about us. That's no way to start a relationship...

Okay enough about me, Kacey's funeral was more like a "Praise Kacey" party. Even people who I knew hated her were saying these wonderful things about Kacey. Once we all went one up, one by one to say our final goodbyes. Nelson and I went together to say "I'm sorry."

The rest of the funeral was a blur. I couldn't help but let my conscious take over me.

Kacey Simon is dead and it's all because of me. I thought... not entirely true but it feels like it.

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