Chapter Three

Soul stood next to his dresser, wearing dress pants and a crimson button up shirt. He was debating whether or not to wear a tie, but decided against it. Since he wasn't wearing the suit jacket and the party wasn't strictly formal, he figured he could get away without having to wear the silk noose. Digging out his dress shoes, a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

Waking up this morning in Maka's bed, he had at first been disoriented and confused. As the events of the previous night came to him, he had pulled her closer, deciding that he could get used to waking up to the pleasant warmth and weight of her body. Of course, it would've been better to wake up to her warm naked body, but it beat the hell out of waking up alone. He had laid there, basking in her closeness, when she slowly woke up. A look of shock had crossed her face at seeing him there and he had thought for a moment that he would be starting off his morning with a book to the head. But then she had relaxed, giving him a soft, sleepy smile. They had cuddled in silence briefly, before she suddenly realized what day it was. He had been rudely kicked out of bed with orders to shower fast and stay out of her way.

He had done as she asked, and had found a note from Black*Star saying he had gone on ahead. That information had perked him up for a moment, but then he realized he didn't really want their first time to be a quickie. Congratulating himself on his restraint in not rushing to rip off the freshness seal on his package, he went into the living room to wait. Just as he was thinking that it might be a good idea to grab something to eat since he doubted Black*Star was going to produce anything edible, Maka came into the room, still adjusting a garnet teardrop earring.

Soul stood from the couch to take in her appearance, discreetly wiping the trickle of drool at the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. She was wearing one of her short black skirts with knee-high, shiny black leather boots. The sweater was new. It was a fluffy cashmere piece in a dark red, cut to fall off the shoulders and skim the lines of her body deliciously. She saw him staring, and did a quick spin.

"How does it look?"

He ran a finger down her neck and across her clavicles. "Do we really have to go?" he whined.

"Yes, we really have to go. But that doesn't mean we have to stay late."

Kissing her gently on the lips, he then trailed kisses along the path his finger had just taken.

"Are you sure?" he asked against her skin, one hand coming up to rub her breast through the soft material.

She pushed him away, cursing her sensible nature. "Damn it, Soul! Don't make this is harder than it already is!"

"Maka, believe me when I say you know nothing about things being 'hard'."

"Soul..." she said warningly.

He pouted, going to the hall closet to get their coats. "Fine, fine. Let's just get this thing over with."

Taking her coat from him, she patted his arm. "Cheer up! At least today you'll be eating turkey instead of wearing it!"

Neither one knew how ironic her statement was as they went out into the cold, gray morning light. Soul slid into the passenger seat of the black Honda Civic that used to belong to Maka's dad. It wasn't a long drive to Kid's house, but he decided to spend the time wisely by coming up with excuses for them to leave early.

This wouldn't be the first Thanksgiving spent at Kid's house. From seventh grade on, they had spent the holidays gathering at the home of one person or another. The only difference this time was the fact that Black*Star was taking over the place of Kid's live-in-cook. As they pulled into the long driveway, Soul mused over the difference of the other two boys. Not long after meeting Maka, he had learned about Black*Star's family history. Black*Star hadn't gone into great detail, but covered the basics. His family was one of the top families of organized crime in Japan, greatly feared for their strength and ruthlessness. The whole main branch had been wiped out during a hit gone wrong, leaving Black*Star as the last surviving member. He was barely a year old and Sid, who had been the bodyguard for the target that had been attacked, had taken Black*Star in, eventually legally adopting him and bringing him back to the states.

At the other end of the spectrum was Kid. His family had founded Death Enterprises, and there was almost nothing that they weren't involved in. Electronics, fashion, publishing, politics, those were just a few of the areas they had taken by force. Kid had spent his early years as a very sheltered child, until an incident that somehow involved the Thompson sisters opened his eyes to the harsh realities of the world. He had insisted on living a more normal life so he could identify with and help the people around him. This had somehow led to Liz and Patty moving in with him, but the reason why was never given. The others hadn't pressed the matter. Being friends didn't mean that you had to know everything about that person, but that you knew them as well as you could while respecting their personal boundaries.

As they walked up onto the porch, Maka broke into his thoughts. "Alright Soul. We both know the food is going to be an utter failure, but just try to choke down as much as you can for Tsubaki's sake. She feels bad enough about this whole thing as it is, but 'Star refused to back down on this, so we're stuck with it. Just remember we can stuff ourselves with good food tomorrow."

His breath came out in cloudy puffs as he rang the bell. "I'll try. If it gets too bad, I can always sneak my food to the dog."

Maka scrunched her brow. "But Kid doesn't have a dog."

"Give me an hour and I could fix that. Although I guess my reasons could be considered cruelty to animals."

Before Maka could reply the door was thrown open by Patty, who was wearing a short, white, furry looking dress, along with a headband with two white pompoms, giving her the appearance of a polar bear.

"Ooooh, you two showed up!" she said with a strange smile.

Maka raised an eyebrow. "Of course we showed up. Why wouldn't we?"

Patty cackled with fiendish glee. "Black*Star said you guys might be too...busy to make it. What happened? Is Soul a quick shot at more than basketball?"

Soul and Maka both blushed a matching shade of red. "I'll flip you for who gets to kill him." Soul growled.

"Nope, it's my turn. You had your chance last night, but you let him get away. I won't make the same mistake."

Patty watched with amusement as two of her friends plotted another friend's death. She loved the holidays.

"You guys might want to put your murderous plans aside and focus on something more important. Liz and Tsubaki have heard the news and they want details. NOW."

No sooner had she spoke than the other two girls appeared in the hall, wordlessly grabbing Maka by each arm and yanking her into another room. Soul watched his girlfriend disappear helplessly, knowing the torture that awaited her and unable to do anything to save her. Unless he took her place.

"Kid's in the dining room setting the table, if you want to go talk to him while Maka gets the third degree."

Soul hesitated a moment. Here, he could either go to Maka's rescue and divert the attention to himself, answering what were sure to be deeply embarrassing questions, or he could scuttle off and hide with Kid. Maka was always being critical of guys who felt like they had to ride to a woman's rescue and that she could take care of herself very well without that sort of help. Taking that as permission even though he knew that that was probably not what she meant, he nodded to Patty and ducked down the hall that led to the dining room, the delighted shrieks of the females echoing in his ears.

He found Kid midway through with putting out the place settings for the group, still mildly surprised that Kid was able to set things up without having to arrange an eighth setting.

Kid heard the sound of someone coming across the polished wood floors and looked up from the pile of silverware in front of him.

"Hello Soul. I'm surprised the girls let you get away so easily. Left Maka to face their rampant curiosity?"

"Yeah. I'll head back in when it's time to start decorating. You know, before I met you, I'd never known anyone who started gettin' ready for Christmas on Thanksgiving day."

Kid shrugged, absently adjusting the skull shaped buckle on one of his suspenders. Many took him to be a goth before they realized that all of the skull themed things he wore was more of a family crest.

"It's been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. Now, don't try to change the subject. You may have escaped the others, but I have some questions too."

Groaning, Soul pulled a chair away from the table and sat down, resting his forehead on the burnt orange tablecloth. As briefly as he could, he filled Kid in on everything that had happened, ending with Black*Star's ill-timed arrival the night before.

"I was so damn close! But then the god of all cockblocks decided to bust in and ruined everything!" Soul moaned.

Kid grinned as he threaded a black napkin through a silver skull napkin ring. "It could have been worse. He could have insisted that you to continue while he coached you through the moves."

Soul opened his mouth to protest that even Black*Star wouldn't do that, but sadly, he could imagine it. And the resulting murder that would follow once Maka got her hands on him. Then having to dispose of the body and remove all traces of blood from the apartment. It would've taken all night and he still wouldn't have gotten any. Even dead, Black*Star would still manage to cockblock him...

Suddenly a loud crash rang out, accompanied by the high pitched shatter that could only be made by something very, very expensive breaking. There was silence, followed by nervous laughter. "Whoops, my bad! Don't worry bro, I'll totally take care of that."

Kid had gone pale, his eyelids twitching. "Grandmother's punch bowl. One thing less I'll be inheriting."

"Shouldn't you go check on him? I'm actually kinda surprised that you've left him in there alone." said Soul carefully, not wanting to set off one of Kid's famous fits.

Moving on to the other napkins, Kid gave him a tight smile. "Soul. I haven't had an episode in almost a year. I can handle when Liz wears a bracelet on one wrist and nothing on the other. I can handle unevenly burning candles. I've even begun to appreciate the beauty in modern art. But I know that spending more than two minutes in there with Black*Star will send four years of expensive therapy straight to hell. That's my reason for not going in there, so what's yours? I'm sure he could use the help. You could hold the fire extinguisher at the very least."

"No way." Soul said flatly. "I'm going above and beyond duty by just eatin' his cooking, I'm not gonna risk life and limb going in there and tryin' to help."

"Then would you mind getting started taking the boxes of decorations out of the hall closet? I'll join you as soon as I finish setting up here."

"No prob. The tree's in its usual spot, right? Want me to put everything next to it?"

"That would be perfect. I'll only be a few more, I should probably get a stack of extra napkins to put at Black*Star's place...wait, I think we have a tarp around here somewhere..."

Soul shook his head as he left, wondering why Kid even bothered. Black*star's messes were uncontainable. One year, he had even managed to get gravy in the potted ferns that were out in the hall. Finding the closet, Soul opened the door and began pulling out the neatly stacked and carefully labeled boxes. Shoving the outside lights to a pile on the side, he grabbed the heaviest box and made his way to the living room. Maka looked up from what she had dubbed the Throne of Interrogation and glared at him.


Setting the box at the base of the tree, he smiled at her uneasily. "Ehheh. I just figured you could use some...girl time?" he tried.

She crossed her arms, scowling darkly. "Not buying it, Benedict Evans."

"Come on, Maka. You shouldn't call a guy with such great drumsticks a traitor." smirked Liz, straightening the hem of her chocolate brown sweater dress.

Inwardly, Soul winced. Let the turkey jokes begin...for the first time, he noticed the expressions that the other girls wore. He had seen that look before, but where? Ah yes, in the Spongebob episode where Spongebob catches Squidward eating a Krabby Patty.

As Patty danced around singing Turkey in the Straw, he shot a baleful look at Tsubaki. "Well? Don't you have anything to add?"

Tsubaki, sitting in the chair next to Maka in a long black skirt and a sapphire blue wrap shirt with bell sleeves, grinned over at him. "I won't tease you. But while you're up, would you mind...shaking your tail feathers?"

The girls collapsed into a fit of giggles, causing Soul to stalk out of the room in affronted dignity. "I'll have you know that I only shake this fine piece of meat for Maka!" he tossed back.

He heard Tsubaki ask Maka, "So, does he have a, 'fine piece of meat'?"

"I wouldn't know. Your fiance interrupted us before we could get to the taste test." was Maka's dry reply.

Various images of taste tests and their results began to plague Soul's mind, and he began to bang his head into the wall to dispel them.

"You know, I can give you the number for my therapist. I'm sure she could help you,"

"Unless she knows a way to instantly cure sexual frustration, don't bother."

Kid leaned over to grab a box. "Soul, I live with two girls who have no problem with running around the house in nothing but their underwear. Trust me, I'm the governor of the state of sexual frustration." he said gloomily. Suddenly thankful that Maka had never been that relaxed around him, Soul picked up another box and followed Kid into the living room.

Thankfully, everyone's attention shifted from Soul and Maka to the task at hand; setting up Kid's house for Christmas. They left Kid to happily untangle the lights while the others found less tedious things to do. Liz and Tsubaki worked on putting up the garlands and wreaths, while Patty managed to avoid all work by dancing from group to group. Soul and Maka began to set out the ornaments to be put on the tree, carefully putting the breakable ones in a separate spot.

The air between the two was thick with sexual tension, and Maka had to make a conscious effort not to rub her thighs together. She had always been able to deal with her attraction before, but Soul had never looked at her with such naked lust, and that coupled with the memory of his touch was doing very little for her peace of mind.

Her hands shook as she set aside another ornament and Maka made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They had darkened several shades, and were half-lidded. He wore a lazy, teasing smirk, and her attention was drawn from that to the movement of his hand. Cupped in his fingers was a round blown-glass ornament, colored lightly pink except for a darker, slightly raised bubble at the bottom where the color had gathered. Soul was using his middle finger to rub circles around the bump, and Maka noticed that the way he held it made it look almost as if he was caressing- her eyes darted back to his face, his smirk widening when he saw that she had caught on.

Oh, he was good! Deciding she shouldn't be the only one to suffer, she selected a long red ornament that flared and rounded at the bottom. Holding it upside down, she slowly ran her finger along the side.

"Hm. This one seems a little dusty." she whispered, so as not to draw attention. Placing it between her breasts, she began to rub it up and down, as if wiping it off on her sweater. She grinned as Soul's eyes widened and his jaw went slack. Good. She hoped he was imagining it was his dick that she was stroking with her-


The ornament in Soul's hand shattered, shards of glass falling to the floor.

They both jerked guiltily, eyes scanning the room to see if they had been noticed. Luckily, Patty had put on a CD and turned the volume up high, so no one even glanced up from their respective places around the room

Soul brushed the bits of glass from his hand, carefully removing one sliver that had gotten stuck in his index finger. "Damn." he hissed, wincing at the sting. He was about to stick his finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding when Maka grabbed his hand.

"Soul, you're bleeding!" she said with concern, raising his finger to her lips.

Soul's eyes bugged out. She wasn't going to do that, was she? Stick his finger into her warm, wet mouth?

She couldn't!

She wouldn't!

She mustn't!

She shouldn't!

But she did.

Choking as his finger was slid past her lips into her waiting mouth, he was enveloped by the sensations of her tongue lapping at the small cut, the action soothing one part of his body while tormenting another. That was all well and good until she began to suck on it, and his mind swan-dived into the gutter.

Ripping his finger out of her mouth, he grabbed her arm and shoved her behind the tree, following her and pressing her into the corner before she could recover from her shock. He pinned her to the wall with his body, gripping her shoulders as their heavy breathing heated up the air in the tight space.

"You know, when I dream about you sucking me, that's not quite how I picture it." he growled into her ear, scraping his teeth along the shell as he thrust his hips into her.

She blushed at his words, trying to regain control of her emotions. Her voice came out unsteadily as she pushed at his shoulders. "Soul, stop it! Someone's going to hear us!"

He smirked against the skin of her neck, licking and sucking at the patch below her ear. Her attempts to get him to move were pathetic. He had seen her throw Black*Star across a room; he knew damn well she could get him to stop if she really wanted to.

"No one's gonna hear us over the music. And if you really want me to stop, you shouldn't be moving your hips like that."

Maka's attention was split between his words, the throbbing in her panties, and the feel of his mouth as he worked his way from her shoulders to her upper chest, leaving a damp, scalding path of what would most likely be-

"Soul! That's going to leave a mark!"

He nipped at her playfully. "A mark? When I get done, you're gonna look like you belong in Patty's giraffe collection."

She tugged at his hair, momentarily halting his assault on her once pale and unmarked flesh.

"What is your problem? You've waited for years, can't you be patient for one more day?"

"It's easy to be patient for something that you think is never gonna happen. But I had a taste of you last night, and today you're just too fuckin' hot to resist."

Instead of continuing his previous actions, he lowered his head to kiss her and she melted into him. She could understand where he was coming from, but now was really not the time or place, no matter how good his lips felt, or the way he was squeezing a breast, or the hand that had snuck up her skirt and was slowly, dangerously making its way up her inner thigh...okay, she would let him get one or two good rubs in, and then she would definitely stop him. His fingers slid closer, closer...

"If you two are done testing out the mistletoe back there, I could use some help." Tsubaki sang out from the other side of the tree. Soul dropped his hands, flopping his head on her shoulder in despair.

"Oh look. It's Bride of Cockblock, coming to pick up where her mate left off."

Maka slapped his arm, sliding around him. "Hush, you know she's our friend."

"Sometimes, I wonder. I really do..."

Elbowing him in the ribs, she straightened her clothes as she joined Tsubaki. "What did you need help with?"

Tsubaki gestured to the wall, leading them in that direction. "I need someone to help me hold up the other end of the garland while I hook it on the wall, and someone else to make sure its hanging straight. There's another ladder right over there."

Soul hung back while Maka got the ladder. "How did you know that we were, know..."

"It was getting way too hot. The candy canes were starting to melt off of the tree." Tsubaki grinned, grabbing one end of the garland and climbing the ladder. Maka returned with the other ladder, and Soul joined Tsubaki, since Maka didn't want to risk her boot catching on the rungs. She guided their actions from the floor, chatting with Tsubaki between instructions.

"Hey Tsubaki? Is the power still off at your place?"

Tsubaki eyed her work critically. "Probably. We usually lose it for days at a time. I think we might stay at my family's house until it gets fixed."

"Wow, your apartment is even crappier than ours." Maka mused as she handed them more hooks. "Couldn't you guys move into a better place? I thought your parents said they would help with the bills if you did."

Smiling softly as she worked a loop of garland over a hook, Tsubaki answered, "Yes, that's true. But we chose to live where we are on purpose. After we graduate and my parents turn over the running of the company to us, we are going to be financially well off. Black*Star thinks we will be more appreciative of things if we work hard to earn them instead of just having everything handed to us, and I agreed. We're trying to live by our own means as much as possible. It's not always easy, but I think it's brought us even closer together."

"I'm kinda jealous of you, Tsubaki," Soul spoke up from the other ladder. "You're the only one who know what 'Star's like when he uses his brain. The rest of us only get him when he's doing somethin' crazy. Or naked. Or crazy and naked.'

Tsubaki chuckled. "Oh, believe me, I get plenty of crazy naked action."

Maka had to grab hold of Soul's ladder, since he was choking and spluttering so hard it had started to tilt.

"God, Tsubaki, talk about TMI!" Soul blushed as he regained his footing.

"Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad! Besides, it was just to get back at you for implying that Black*Star doesn't use his brain. I admit he can come across a big goofball, but-"

She was cut off by a rumbling sound from the kitchen. Everyone froze, and then released a familiar cry that had been yelled countless times over the years.


They galloped down the hall to the kitchen, Soul managing to edge Maka out of the lead because she slipped on a rug.

They hung outside the door, all curious but too experienced in the ways of the Star to go in.

"Come on, Kid. You should open the door. It's your house."

"Sure thing, as long as you'll spring for the next round of therapy, Maka."

"Screw this. I'm goin' in." Soul said, hiding his trepidation. He turned the knob and quickly stepped into the room, the door falling shut on his cry of, "Holy shit! What happened in-"


There was a loud explosion, followed by the sounds of wet, meaty globules splattering across every available surface.

Like some poorly written horror movie, the door swung open to reveal the carnage within.

Pale chunks of meat were still raining down, like poultry icing on a cake of culinary atrocity. Blobs of mashed potatoes ran over a pot on the stove, dripping down to the floor and covering the surrounding counters. Some had even managed to make its way onto the ceiling. Bottles of spices and seasonings lay scattered about, their contents mixing and swirling together to make a colorful mosaic of exotic flavors. Bowls full of mysterious substances covered the table, and it looked like every available utensil had been pulled out of their drawers and been put to use, although not necessarily how they had been intended to. Standing in the middle of it all was a sheepish looking Black*Star, dressed in jeans and a blue sweater that Tsubaki had knitted for him, covered in a filthy blue apron.

Everyone's attention was diverted from the culprit by the sound of maniacal laughter. Soul, poor sacrificial lamb of the cosmos that he was, had been just in time to catch the brunt of the explosion. Bits of greasy meat clung to his hair, dripping down his face to land on his clothes. In short, he was a damp, proteiny mess.

The muscles in his face began to twitch, as he gazed at a handful of what was once meant to be their main course but was now masquerading as a hair styling product.

"Turkey, turkey, turkey...everywhere there's turkey! From one turkey suit to another! I can't escape it, so I might as well embrace it! Gobble gobble GOOOOOBBBBLLEEE!"

Maka stepped carefully across the kitchen floor, tugging at a small corner of his ungunked sleeve. "Come on, Soul," she crooned. "You can have your mental breakdown after you get cleaned up. Coooome on, come this way..."

The others watched as she led the still gobbling boy from the room, Liz following to get Soul a change of clothes.

A pale Kid had whipped out his cellphone. "Yes, I'll be needing to double my weekly appointments. And I think I should set up a session for a friend. I'm not sure...I guess you would call it...poultry anxiety?"

Maka and Liz poked their heads back in as he ended his call, watching Tsubaki and a meek Black*Star attempting to clean the mess while Patty hummed happily to herself, making sculptures out of the mashed potato gloop.

"Kid, I gave Soul a set of your clothes to wear when he gets out of the shower. Is that ok?"

Kid stuffed the phone in the pocket of his slacks, careful to keep the shambles of his once pristine kitchen behind him. "Of course. Under normal circumstances I'd say leave him a set of yours to freak him out, but his mental balance seems a bit strained at the moment."

Patty laughed from her squatting position on the floor, giving her dinosaur turkey bit back spines. "Poooor Soul, forced to wear a fake turkey, then gets out of it only to have to wear a real one! And he's proooobably frustrated since Maka won't play niiiiice!"

Maka struggled to play dumb. "What do you mean? I've been nice to Soul all day!"

Patty cocked her head innocently. "Really? Because I thought it was kinda mean to give that ornament a titty-"

"Alright, everyone! Let's go into the living room!" Kid broke in, eager to stop the mashed potato wrestling match before it could get started.

Black*Star waved them out. "I'll clean this all up, you guys go ahead."

Kid grabbed him by the ear on his way out. "Especially you. I'm interested to hear how my kitchen went from state of the art to something an entire cleaning crew will be hard-pressed to salvage."

"Ow, owowow! Ok, just let go! And can anyone tell me why Soul flipped out? I was expectin' Kid to go bat-shit crazy on me, not him!"

"Ah, I forgot you didn't get to hear." Tsubaki tugged her bumbling fiance over to the side to fill him in as everyone made themselves comfortable in the living room. They waited in silence, broken only by Black*Star's loud guffaws as he learned the true nature of Soul's part time job. He and Tsubaki sat down on the loveseat, and Kid finally asked the question that had been burning in everyone's minds.

"Alright, you've kept us in suspense long enough. Let us have the whole sordid story, spare no details." Kid drawled, crossing his legs and rested his chin in his hand, arm propped on the armrest of his black leather chair.

Black*Star scratched the back of his head nervously. "Well, to tell the truth, it was all goin' pretty good until up to a few minutes ago. A little messy, but nothin' I couldn't handle. Then it was time to do the turkey, so I shoved in the can of beer, and dropped that sucker in the deep fryer, and-"

"Holy mother of Death, please tell me you're joking." Kid facepalmed.

"Oh Black*Staaaar..." Tsubaki wailed.

"Damn, Black*Star! Haven't you seen enough YouTube videos to know that you don't deep fry a turkey? You're lucky you didn't set the place on fire!" Liz choked out between inelegant snorts, leaning into Patty for support.

"What gets me is why you insisted you be the one to cook this year. Usually you're happy enough to eat everything in sight, so why make such a big deal out of it this year?" Maka asked from her perch on the couch.

Black*Star blushed, looking at Tsubaki with large, sad puppy eyes. "Ah, well, I noticed how Soul and Maka always take turns cookin', and even Kid knows his way around enough to make Liz and Patty stuff on special occasions. Tsubaki always gets stuck with that job at our place, so when I heard your cook was goin' on vacation this year, I thought I'd take a shot at it and give the rest of you a break, ya know?"

Tsubaki pulled him into a hug. "Black*Star, I do the cooking because I enjoy it, not because I feel like I have to."

"Really?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, I like it much better than having to clean the kitchen."

"That's all cute and romantic and shit, but has anyone figured out what we're gonna eat? 'cause I'm pretty sure that whatever's in the kitchen is a lost cause." said Soul, walking silently in socked feet into the living room. His hair was still damp, and he was wearing a black hoodie with a neon green skull on the front and a pair of black jeans. The only sign of his earlier outfit was the pair of black dress socks on his feet. He plopped down next to Maka with a large sigh, and she rubbed his back sympathetically.

"Were you able to get it all out?" she asked.

"Not sure. Would you check my hair?" Soul took the opportunity to lay his head in her lap with a self satisfied smirk, nearly purring as her fingers ran through his hair searching for stray turkey chunks.

"Kiiiiid, I'm getting hungry." Patty growled, sending a shiver throughout the room. A hungry Patty was a dangerous Patty.

Kid glared at Black*Star as he fished out his phone. "Thanks to Black*Star, I'm left with no choice. I'm calling in the Colonel."

"Dude, I said I was sorry! No reason to start a war over it!"

"Yes, I'd like to place an order. I need ten buckets of extra crispy, three original, four sides of mashed potatoes, and three of mac and cheese...You're having a special today? Turkey instead of chicken?"

He raised an eyebrow questioningly and was met with five frantically shaking heads, and the sounds of a muffled whimper from Maka's lap.

"No, I believe we'll be sticking with chicken. Ready in thirty minutes? Perfect, thank you." he ended the call and stood up. "I'll go pick up the food. Patty, be brave and go get some paper plates out of the kitchen, please. I'll stop by the store and pick up a few bottles of pop while I'm out."

"I'll come with ya. Least I can do is carry stuff." Black*Star bounced to his feet, running to grab his coat from the rack in the hall.

Kid shot Tsubaki a long suffering look. "Is there anything special I should take to keep him under control? Coloring books, leash? Taser, perhaps?"

"He'll be fine as long as you make sure he doesn't get any candy at the store. Be careful, he's sneaky."

"ROADTRIP!" came a bellow from the doorway.

"We're just going across town, for gods sake!" Kid yelled back. He turned to the others. "I'm going to regret taking him, aren't I?"

"Remember when we all drove down to Disney World?" Soul called.

Kid shuddered. They were still covering that in therapy. "Anyone else want to take him? Anyone at all? Please? No, Patty. I remember what happened the last time I let you drive the car. Liz, do this for me and I'll buy you any five of those designer purses you like."

Liz shook her head with a grin. "Nope. Last time I drove with him, he sang along to the radio nonstop. Which would be fine, if he didn't sound like a bullfrog having a straw blown up its ass."

He turned to Maka with a hopeful smile. "Maka! You'll do it for me, won't you? I can get you access to the rare books section of the library."

A hand clamped down on his shoulder, causing Kid to spin around to find Black*Star, sadly shaking his head.

"That's low, man. Bribing your friends so you can ditch me? I thought we were bros, homies! I'm not a kid anymore; you can trust me to behave myself. It hurts that you have so little faith in me."

"You're right, I'm ashamed. You've shown remarkable signs of maturity lately, and it's just two stops. Please forgive my insensitive remarks. If you still want to come, I'll grab my coat and we'll go now."

Black*Star beamed, slapping him on the back. "No sweat! Let's make our grub run before Patty decides to go cannibal on us!"

He followed Kid to the door, looking back to give the rest of them a wink and a wiggle of his eyebrows.

Sighing as the door clicked shut, Tsubaki said, "You do realize he's going to do his best to drive Kid crazy now, right?"

Liz waved a hand airily as she sat in Kid's vacated seat. "No big deal. His therapist is always telling him he needs to push his limits."

Two hours and a spastically twitching Kid later, they sprawled about the living room, stuffed to the gills on fast food chicken. Soul slouched on the couch in a mellow, carb induced stupor, twirling a drumstick between his fingers and wondering when he had sunk to such levels of horndoggery that watching Maka lick chicken grease from her fingers had him fighting down a boner. Thoughts drifting to methods of ensuring that no one interrupted them tonight, he missed what was being said around him.

Until Black*star elbowed him sharply in the ribs, saying, "Dude, dude, are you listenin'? She wants your bone!"

Soul's body snapped up, his hand slipping on the greasy bone and almost dropping it as his other fist shot out to punch Black*Star. "What the fuck! Don't go there man!"

Maka coughed on her laughter, her hand still outstretched. "Um, Soul? He was trying to tell you that I was going to take care of that if you want. The chicken bone, not the...other."

He couldn't meet her eyes as he silently handed her his plate and watched as she walked out of the room; this had to be his most mortifying Thanksgiving yet.

"Guess I know where your mind is, you sly dog, you!" Black*Star cackled, about to play a rousing game of tease the turkey.

Soul sank back into his seat, head bowed, bangs covering his eyes. "Black*Star, I swear, if you do anything, anything to ruin tonight or tomorrow, I swear I will make it my life mission to cockblock you until your wedding night."

The grin slipped sideways on Black*Star's face. "Uh, we ain't gettin' married for about two more years." he reminded, sliding nervously from his friend.

"I know."

Black*Sar sat back to think about that. "That's...twisted. I was just messin' around! As soon as you guys head out that door, you're off limits until the next time I see you, okay?"

"Glad we understand one another."

"What are you guys talking about? Or is it safer not to know?' asked Maka, having rejoined them along with Tsubaki.

"Hey! We're missin' the game!" Black*star yelped, grabbing the remote and turning on the big screen tv, finding the channel he was looking for. Shooting them suspicious looks, Tsubaki and Maka sat down on the couch between the two boys, tired after the meal and ready to doze through the game. Kid had gone to the other room to take a call from his dad, and Liz had broken out her nail polish while Patty did strange and wonderful things with a chunk of modeling clay set up on her tv tray.

Soul slid his arm around Maka's shoulders, pulling her closer to him. She nuzzled against the front of his hoodie with a sigh, content to sit there in lazy silence as his fingers ran through her hair or rubbed the back of her neck. They sat that way for nearly thirty minutes when Maka, half asleep, squeezed his thigh affectionately and smiled up at him. All thoughts of napping were banished when she saw the look in his eyes, as he took her hand in his and slowly pulled it further up his thigh, her fingers catching on the rough denim as the tips barely reached the bulge in the front of his pants. She sucked in her breath as he dipped his head to whisper in her ear.

"Was Black*Star right, Maka? Do you want my bone?"

It was a good thing she was sitting down, because she didn't think her legs could support her at this point. His voice alone was doing things to her body, holding promises of delightfully sinful things to come. If she didn't know any better, she would think he had much more experience than he did. The thought of being the one to take him on his first test drive turned her on, never mind that she herself was going by second hand knowledge. In one smooth motion, she moved her body sideways to get up, blocking the view from the rest of the room as she gave him a single firm stroke through his jeans, mouthing, 'I want it,' hoping she looked sexy instead of stupid. He practically arched up off the couch, having to stand as well to disguise what was going on.

"It's been fun, but I saw that it was supposed to rain soon, and I want to get home before it starts. See you all later!"

Liz looked up from the magazine she had been reading. "Aw, I was hoping you'd stay longer, but if you have to go, I understand. Soul, I'll drop your clothes at the cleaners for you."

"No problem," he answered, getting their coats. "I'll get this stuff back to Kid later this week."

They all said their goodbyes, and they were almost out the door and home clear before Black*Star stopped them.

"Here Maka, catch!" he tossed her a small, cylindrical shaped object, which she deftly caught and stared at in confusion.

"What is this?"

"It's a turkey whistle!" he crowed triumphantly. "I found it at the store while I was out with Kid! Now Soul will come when you call. Heh, if you use it right, he may even come when you-"

Tsubaki slapped a hand over his mouth before he could finish. "See you guys later! Maka, call me if you want to go shopping on Saturday."

"Sure thing. Later guys!" Maka stuffed the offending gift into her pocket and dragged Soul to the car before he could inflict grievous bodily harm on their prank loving friend. They drove in tense silence for a few moments, before Soul caught her shooting him glances out of the corner of her eye while she worried her lower lip between her teeth.

"Eyes off my crotch and on the road, or we're gonna have a wreck."

Her hands clenched on the steering wheel, cheeks reddening with the embarrassment of being caught. "I wouldn't look if you would stop...stop adjusting yourself!" she spat.

"You try gettin' comfortable with a hard on in jeans." he muttered, turning his face to stare out the window. He would be fine now if it wasn't for her little grope earlier; but he couldn't get the feeling out of his head, and it was like her hand was still on him and-


It was still on him!

"Holy shit, Maka!" he gripped her wrist, not sure whether he intended to pull her away or guide her actions.

"Damn it Maka, you should keep both hands on the wheel!" he grit out.

Her treacherous hand continued to fondle him. "Just pretend I'm driving stick."

Well, when she put it like that, it made perfect sense! She could carry on working him from first drive to sec- no! Bad Soul!

"Hngh! MaHAka, thisss isn't good!" he said, hypocritically keeping her hand firmly between his legs.

"I'm sorry," she sighed, "Maybe I should've let you drive. Then I could have done better, although I don't think doing it from the passenger seat is the best angle for a first time blowjob."

Fuck. FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckityMcFuc kus! They had been going out for less than twenty-four hours, and she was already talking about giving him roadhead! His left hand gripped hers, stopping her movements, while his right hand jerked up to cover his nose, fearful he was about to have an unsightly nosebleed.

"Just hurry up and get us home," he whined, caring not how utterly uncool he sounded.

"Soul, we're turning onto our street."

"Not fast enough!"

Maka pulled into their parking spot in front of the building, barely having time to shut off the engine and unbuckle her seatbelt before Soul was out of the car and yanking open her door. As soon as she was out, he slammed the door shut and had her pressed up against the cold metal, his mouth crashing down on hers. He ran his hands down to lift her by the back of her thighs, cursing the layers of winter clothes between them, not caring that he was practically humping her in front of the whole neighborhood. He knew he should get himself under control, but it was nearly impossible when she had her legs wrapped around him and was moaning in the back of her throat. Bringing a hand to touch her cheek, he noticed how cold her skin was.

"Hey, we better get inside before I end up doing you out here."

Maka giggled, burying her face in the crook of his neck. "Out here against the car? What would Nana say!"

Reluctantly, he lowered her legs so she could stand, although he didn't move away. "She would say it was about bloody time," he chuckled, mimicking his grandmother's thick german accent. "She's demanding I supply her with green-eyed great grandkids."

"What! It's way too soon! I'd like to at least wait a year or two after we're marr...ied..." she trailed off in a small voice as she realized what she was implying. "Um, what I mean is-"

Soul bumped their foreheads together, wondering if the huge grin he was wearing was going to permanently stretch his face out of shape.

"I'll let her know she still has a few years to wait, then."

Maka ducked her head and slid around him, tugging at his wrist. "It's getting cold, let's get inside."

Letting her lead him like a lamb to smutty slaughter, he recalled that it was only a short while ago that he had been imagining Maka with some other guy and a herd of tiny clones. Now the image shifted to trade the other guy for him, and the little pigtailed girls smiled up at him with tiny, pointed teeth.

"Gaah! Soul, what are you doing!" she shrieked, clutching his shoulders.

He had scooped her up to jog to the building, a wicked look on his face. They may not be ready for kids just yet, but until then, they could get in a lot of practice...starting NOW.

Stepping into the apartment, it was instantly clear that the heat had once again gone AWOL.

"Damn it, it's freezing in here!" Maka grumbled, shucking her coat and sliding the contents of the hall closet to hang it along with Soul's. She felt his arms wrap around her waist to pull her to him, his breath tickling her ear.

"Don't worry, I plan on keepin' you plenty warm."

She turned in his arms to peck him on the cheek. "Wow, you must be really horny if you're using lame lines like that!"

"Not gettin' enough blood to the right head to come up with anything better." he said, hands skimming over her back to palm the toned muscles of her ass.

Slipping a finger through a belt loop, she tugged his hips into hers, giving him a smoky look from under her eyelashes.

"It's okay. We have all night and tomorrow to work it out of your system."

His fingers reflexively tightened their grip as he moved their bodies together.

"Don't say that if you don't mean it. It's cruel to tease a guy like that."

With a sly smile, she reached between them to trace his length through his jeans, applying just enough pressure to make him long for more.

"But Soul, you seemed to like it when I was teasing you earlier." she purred, growing more excited at his needy reactions. Soul had always been a laid back person, so watching him get all worked up because of her was like a drug.

He covered her hand with his larger one, forcing her to use shorter, rougher movements, his eyes shining with a hungry light.

"Maka, it's takin' all I've got not to caveman carry you to my room and throw you on the bed." he warned darkly.

That actually sounded rather pleasant, she mused, but opted to walk on her own two feet instead. Turning her hand over to clasp their fingers together, she lead him to his room, while he stuck as close to her as possible, sneaking quick kisses and squeezes wherever he could. She had always thought of him as shark-like, but his actions now were more that of a remora.

Entering his room, a sudden bout of shyness hit them as they saw the bed and realized exactly how real their situation was. It was funny; they had almost done it in the car and in the hall, but then the bed seemed to be a screaming symbol of sex that brought home the fact that neither really knew what they were doing. Swallowing her trepidation, Maka walked to the bed, lifting one leg to unzip her boot and peel it from her calf, tossing it to the floor. As she removed the other, Soul came to sit in front of her, watching as more of her slender legs became exposed.

Her other boot joined its twin, and Soul lifted her leg into his lap, slowly running his hands up the curve of her calf, tickling the back of her knee before hooking his finger in the top of her stocking. He inched the silky material down, caught between holding her gaze and the sight of the creamy skin of her thighs, the paleness a stark contrast with the sheer black leg coverings.

"I'd rather take these off with my teeth, but I know I'd probably screw that up." he explained, finally freeing her foot completely.

"You'd most likely shred them with those teeth of yours." she laughed affectionately, her nervousness fading. Without being asked, she gave him her other leg so he could repeat the process. She noticed he was tilting his head strangely.

"Soul? looking up my skirt?"


"You're not even ashamed!" she cried, smacking the side of his head in mock anger.

He paused, stocking mid-way down her leg. "Maka, the idea is to get you totally naked. I'm gonna see it eventually. But if you wanna distract me with something else..." he trailed off, leering exaggeratedly at her. It was strange, but the combination of his lust and goofiness set her more at ease, making her feel bold. Gripping the hem of her sweater, she lifted it at a teasing pace, the lines and angles of her torso burning under his greedy eyes. Twisting to the side, she fully removed her top and flung it to his desk chair, turning back to face him in her strapless, lacy black bra.

Soul had a difficult time swallowing: the cups were thin and see through, the opaque sections of the lace barely covering nipples that were stiff from the cold air of the room and arousal.

She rubbed the goosebumps on her arms, unaware of the way it caused her breasts to shift together and strain enticingly against the bra. "Soul, I'm getting kind of cold just standing here."

"Yeah...I can see that." he answered in a dazed voice, quickly removing her stocking and placing her foot back on the ground. Bringing his hands to her waist, he pulled her closer, his breath hot on the skin of her stomach. Hesitating only briefly, he placed light, butterfly kisses along her abdomen, his tongue slipping out to taste the skin. He felt her breasts push into his head, and leaning back, Soul brought her down to straddle his lap, his mouth firmly latching on to the tip of a breast.

Maka tossed her head back with a cry at the dual sensation of rough lace and his warm, wet tongue, her hands clutching at the back of his head. Soul varied the pressure, testing out gentle licks and sharp nips, gauging her reactions to see what brought her the most pleasure. His hands blindly worked the clasp on her bra, grasping the strip that connected the cups between his teeth and removing it from her completely.

Before she could register this and cover herself, his mouth was on the previously neglected breast and Maka sighed; it felt so much better without the cloth in the way. Rocking her hips into his, she grew impatient for more, slender hands working their way to the bottom of his hoodie to lift it to his shoulders, where Soul detached himself from her long enough to let her pull it over his head. Pushing him down on the mattress, she began to grind into him at a faster pace, the feel of her bare tits rubbing against his naked chest sending sparks of electricity throughout his system.

Dimly, he was aware of her dragging herself down his body, her tongue trailing from his neck to his chest, joining her fingers to play with the defined valleys and ridges of his abs. Maka was living out one of her deepest fantasies; she had always admired the lean musculature of his body, always been curious to find out if it tasted as good as it looked. She was delighted to find that it didn't; it tasted much, much better. Spying a line of thin, white hairs, she followed the path of his happy trail, the flesh under her mouth quivering with the stimulating contact. She followed it as far as the edge of his pants, her fingers nimbly undoing them to push them along with the dark blue boxers he wore down out of her way, her goal finally uncovered.

Soul propped himself up on his elbows, his foggy mind trying to wrap itself around the sight that confronted him. Maka was nestled between his legs, her hair messed up from where he had been running his hands through it, cheeks flushed and bare tits heaving. She had a wicked look in her dark green eyes, her cheeks a rosy color as her parted lips hovered a heartbreakingly short distance from the tip of his cock. He could see what she had in mind.

Torn between clapping his hands with joy and sobbing in relief, he was only able to lay there uselessly, as if more than just his dick had been turned to stone. Knowing he should do the gentlemanly thing and tell her that she didn't have to do that, Soul opened his mouth, the words coming out thick and clumsy.

"Maka, it's okay, you don't-"

A fingertip running from base to tip silenced him with a gasp, good intentions fluttering off like flighty butterflies.

"Were you really about to tell me you didn't want this?" she asked, starting to steadily pump him.

"Hngh rftsle."

"Changed your mind?" she asked once more, placing a faint kiss on the head that had him convinced his cock was going to leap right off of his body and dive straight down her throat.


"Glad you feel that way."

She took his tip into her mouth, swirling circles around the head, taking him in deeper as she gradually got used to having him there. What she couldn't take in she worked with her hand, squeezing at the base as her fingernails lightly scraped at his balls, cupping them more firmly as she felt them begin to tighten. Soul had sat up and his hands were buried in her hair as he shouted broken versions of her name, too lost in the raw pleasure she was giving him to warn her of his impending eruption. She had to find out the hard way, a twitch and a throb, the only signs that something was about to happen.

It was more from surprise and reflex that Maka swallowed, rather than any intention to be deliberately sexy. But that didn't matter to Soul, who was blissed out on his first non-self induced orgasm.

Wiping any lingering traces of him onto the sheets, she stretched out beside him, fascinated by his body's reactions, from the way his eyes had glazed over to the way the muscles in his neck tense and relaxed, a bead of sweat breaking away from his hairline to roll down his cheek. Idly, she leans forward to lick it away, the taste salty on the tip of her tongue.

As he floated back into awareness and registered her action, he turned his head to slant his lips against hers, life returning to his numb limbs.

Aware that the pleasure scales were unfairly balanced in his favor, Soul sat up, pulling her along with him. Seeing no reason to keep his pants on now that the goods had been thoroughly inspected, he kicked them off, standing totally naked before her.

Maka had no idea why she was suddenly embarrassed; he had just come in her mouth, there was no reason to get all flustered at his nudity.

"Well, that's one fantasy ticked off my checklist." he said, looming over her body. "Let's try for two."

Swiftly, he unzipped the side of her skirt and lowered it over her hips, pushing her back so he could remove it completely. Discarding it blithely, she was left in only a pair of panties that matched her departed bra. The front was a sharp triangle, the thin straps resting low on her hips.

His fingers danced along the edges, ghosting over the crease of her thigh. Maka tried to clench her legs shut, but she was too slow and suddenly he was stroking over her lace covered slit. Words of protest died in her throat, and all that mattered to her then was to experience more of the feelings he was awakening in her body.


His breath hitched at the sound of his name; never had she spoken it in that tone. Her body arched under him as she sought to get closer to his hand. Deciding that as nice as her panties were, they really must be going and met the same fate as her skirt.

He found that by kneeling and pulling her towards him, she was on a perfect level for him to study. Carefully parting her folds, he was transfixed by how pink they were, shiny and slippery looking from the fluid that dripped from her opening. Her mouth had been incredible, but Soul knew he was made to go here. Mouth watering, he flicked his tongue out, running it up to circle around the small bundle of nerves. He nearly jerked back when she shrieked his name, afraid he had done something wrong until her thighs locked his head in place.

As he had with her breasts, he tested out varying pressures and speeds, his fingers coming to join his mouth in his attempt to get her to go as incoherent as he had earlier. He found the right combination by sucking on her clit as he pumped his finger in and out of her, her muscles pulling him deeper into her, causing him to moan at the thought of what that would feel like when he replaced it with his cock. The resulting vibrations were too much for her to handle, and he had to hold her legs down so she wouldn't concuss him with her kicking.

Getting her off had gotten him hard again, and it was with a mix of desperation and restraint that he adjusted her body on the bed, positioning himself over her to wait for her mind to rejoin her body. Contenting himself with rubbing himself along her core, his breath quickened in anticipation as he scattered small kisses on her jawline. Slowly, awareness crept into her eyes, and she began to respond to him, hands tangling in his hair to guide his mouth to hers.

Reaching down, he positioned himself.

"Are you...can I...?"

He was surprised when she pushed at his shoulders, rolling him off of her.

"Maka? Did I do somethin' wrong?" he asked, panic creeping into his voice.

"No! Of course not! I just wondered if...could I be on top?"

His mind weighed the pros and cons, struggling over the screams of his cock to just let her mount him already.

1. He would be getting sex.
2. Maka would be in control of the movements, which would hopefully minimize her pain.
3. He would be getting sex.
4. She would be riding him.
5. He would be getting sex.
6. He would get to watch as she sank onto his dick.
7. He would be getting sex.

So, that was seven solid reasons in the pro category. Now for cons.

1. ...He had nothing.

That left it seven to none in favor of her request.

"Sure, sounds good to me." Soul said, trying not to sound as if his dick hadn't just strapped on a party hat and started to do the Samba.

Watching avidly as she got into position over him, her weight balanced on her knees in a kneeling position while she held him steady, Soul placed his hands on her hips for something to do.

Her face furrowed in concentration as Maka lowered herself onto him, both of them letting out hisses as she took him in. His fingers dug into her as he concentrated on not moving, his senses on overload from the way she fit snugly around him.

Getting used to the sensation of being filled and stretched, Maka cautiously began to move, the pain becoming more manageable as she focused on her rhythm.

"Soul? Does this...feel okay?" she asked between pants.

Was she joking? It was all he could do to keep his eyes from rolling back in his skull at the sight of himself sliding in and out of her alone!

"Ma...ka. I'm inside. Anything after that is just dandy." he grunted out, unable to help giving a small thrust upwards. It seemed to be the right thing to do, for as soon as he did, Maka's pace increased, her fingernails digging into his shoulders hard enough that he knew he would have marks later.

The thought turned him on even more, and he bucked into her harder, loving the way his name poured from her mouth.

Her breasts bounced with the motions, and Soul magically found himself in an upright position with a nipple between his teeth with no memory of how he got that way.

But he didn't care since she was groaning how big he was and how good he felt and he thought she must be crazy because she was doing most of the work while he met her thrusts as best he could, his hands roaming her sweat soaked body, insatiable for the feel of more of her.

All at once the hands that had gripped his shoulder were clawing down his back and she was biting his neck, and his head was thrown back as he began to push her hips down on him with more force because he was running to the edge of a cliff and was about to fly.

Her walls began to shudder around him as she came, the tightness too much for him to take. They finished more or less at the same time, hoarsely crying out the other's name. He collapsed backwards, having just enough sense left to cradle her to him so she didn't roll off the bed. The cold air in the room quickly cooled their overheated bodies, and Maka reached down to pull the covers around them.

Soul rubbed her lower back, causing her to hum contentedly.

"You feelin' okay? Do you need anything?"

"Mmm. No, I'm fine. Great, in fact. May even be able to handle another round after a small nap."

"So we can add this to our list of things we're doing tomorrow?" he asked enthusiastically.

"You mean eat, watch movies, have wild animal sex? I'm sure we could arrange something."

They lay there, half asleep before Soul asked, "Hey, Maka? What are your thoughts on strip Monopoly?"

"...I think there's a good chance that can be arranged, too."

Soul grinned deviously as he snuggled down to sleep. Heh. She had forgotten she had given him permission to cheat.

Unknown to Soul, Maka was wearing an equally devious smirk. Silly Soul. He thought she had forgotten about the cheating. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw how many layers she was going to wear. She would let him get what he wanted, but she was going to make him work for it. A final thought struck her as she planned her actions. Maybe Maka could put that turkey call to good use. Soul wasn't the only one that was full of surprises...


A blond, middle aged man watched his mother from across the room, her knitting needles clacking furiously as soft, pastel colored yarn transformed into a small blanket.

"Mother? Who are you making that for?" he asked curiously, since as far as he knew, no one in the family was expecting.

She smiled at him with twinkling eyes, fingers never pausing. "I don't know why, but something tells me I'm closer to finally getting those green-eyed great grandchildren that I've been wanting."