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Buffy is the slayer and Angel is her vampire boyfriend. They love each other very much. They can get through anything no matter what. BANGEL! Together, Forever, In Love, Always.


It was a quiet night in Sunnydale for Buffy and Angel. They were patrolling the cemetery and so for there was no activity. But, that would of course change, because the Hellmouth was like 24/7 vamp and demon activity.

"When are they going to come out? The Hellmouth without demons sounds a little odd." said Buffy as she and Angel continued their patrol.

"They'll come out soon. We just got to look out and wait." said Angel as he held Buffy's hand.

"What to do while we wait?" said Buffy with a curious look on her face as she looked up into Angel's eyes. "I think I know." said Angel playfully as he and Buffy leaned in and kissed.

As they continued kissing, there was a vampire, who looked like a doctor, hiding up in a tree waiting to attack. The vampire jumped down from the tree and knocked Buffy and Angel down on the ground. Angel got up and kicked the vampire into the bushes. "You ok Buffy?" said Angel as he helped Buffy up from the ground.

"Yeah, let's kick this guy's ass." said Buffy as she and Angel went for the attack.

The vamp got out from the bushes and sprung at Buffy. Buffy dodged the vamps attack and kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled backwards. The vamp tried to kick Buffy, but missed and got a punch to the face instead by Angel. Buffy kicked the vampire into a nearby headstone. She got out her stake and was about to finish off the vampire, when the vampire kicked Buffy and caused her to fall backwards and hit her head on a rock.

Buffy's head was pounding and it was hard for her to get up, but she knew she needed to dust this vamp. Her head wasn't bleeding which was a good sign, but her head was hurting so bad. As Buffy was trying to get up, the vamp took the opportunity to try to attack. The vamp was running towards Buffy, but was blocked by Angel throwing him to the ground. Angel picked the vamp up, punched him across the face and flung him into a tree. While the vamp was down and struggling to get up, Angel ran back to Buffy to help her.

"Are you ok Buffy?" said Angel worried about Buffy as he helped Buffy get up slowly.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Let's finish this guy off." said Buffy as she and Angel made their way to where the vamp was getting up.

As the vamp got up, he immediately went for the attack. He swung at Buffy and missed. Buffy jumped and kicked the vamp across the face. She was trying her hardest to ignore the pain and fight. The vamp got up and Buffy kicked him against another headstone. Buffy had her stake out and ready to dust the vamp. The vamp tried to get up but was kicked back down and with that Buffy stuck the stake into the vamp. In the blink of an eye, the vamp was dusted and gone. Another slaying well done for the slayer and her vampire boyfriend. "Good job Buffy." said Angel proud of his girlfriend.

Buffy slowly got up from the ground, with help from Angel. As they began walking, Buffy felt really dizzy and fell to her knees. Her head was hurting her really bad, to the point that it was hard for her to open her eyes and blink at some points.

"Buffy, what's wrong?" said Angel concerned for Buffy, as he knelt down next to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"When I fell, I hit my head on a rock. My head is pounding." said Buffy as she held her head and leaned into Angel's embrace.

"Let's get you home to rest. You're in no condition to finish patrolling tonight." said Angel knowing that she would probably pass out if they continued.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Giles will have to understand." said Buffy as Angel slowly helped her to her feet and steadied her. Buffy was a bit off balance and began to fall forward, but Angel caught her before she could hit the ground.

"I don't think you should walk home. " said Angel as leaned Buffy up against him. He looked down at Buffy and could see the pain from her head. Buffy looked up into Angel's eyes and smiled at him.

"I'll carry you. I don't want you to strain yourself." said Angel as Buffy nodded. Angel picked up Buffy and carried her bridal style, as they began to walk. Buffy nestled her head right into Angel's neck. When he has his arms around her, she feels safe and comfortable. Buffy and Angel arrived at the Summer's house and made their way in. When they got inside, Angel took Buffy up to her room to lay her down. Buffy positioned herself to what comfortable, while Angel ran down stairs to get some aspirin and an ice pack.

"Take these, they'll help you feel better." said Angel as he handed Buffy the aspirin. She took the aspirin and laid her head against her pillows. Angel sat on the bed next to Buffy and comforted her.

"Angel?" said Buffy as she turned her head and met eyes with her loving boyfriend.

"Yeah" said Angel looking at Buffy.

"Will you stay with me tonight, please? I don't want to be alone, especially now that I hit my head." said Buffy as she looked into Angel's eyes and smiled. Angel couldn't resist that smile that he loved to see so much.

"Yes, I will stay the night." said Angel knowing that he would not leave his slayer and girlfriend alone. "I'm going to call Giles, tell him what happened, and then come lay back down with you." he said as he got up.

"Ok, but hurry back." said Buffy as she watched Angel go and call Giles.

Angel was downstairs and got on the phone with Giles.

"Hello." said Giles on the phone.

"Hey Giles." said Angel

"Angel, is something wrong?" said Giles

"While Buffy and I were patrolling, we fought a vamp and she hit her head." said Angel

"Is Buffy alright? How did it happen?" said Giles beginning to panic

"The vamp struck her and she fell and hit her head on a rock. I called to tell you what happened as well as that we didn't finish patrolling. Buffy wouldn't have been able to finish, especially with a head injury." said Angel

"It's quite alright, as long as she's ok. I think it would be best if she stayed home tomorrow and rest. Willow, Xander, and I will patrol until Buffy is back to full strength. Please send my regards to her." said Giles calming down and more reassured that Angel was with her.

"I'll tell her Giles. Thanks." said Angel

"Ok, well goodnight then." said Giles

"Goodbye Giles" said Angel and the phone call was over.

Angel headed back upstairs and found Buffy waiting there for him. "I told Giles what happened and he was not upset about not finishing patrolling." said Angel as he made his way over to Buffy's bed.

"Wow. Giles usually would blow a gasket if I even left early from patrolling." said Buffy as she rested her head against Angel's shoulder.

"He understands that you're hurt and that you need to rest. He wanted me to tell you to stay home tomorrow, that patrolling would be covered. He also sends his regards." said Angel as he kissed Buffy on the forehead. When Angel kissed Buffy on the head, his cool lips made her head feel better.

"I love you Buffy." said Angel as he looked down at Buffy.

"I love you Angel." said Buffy as they leaned in and kissed. They kissed and they didn't want to stop. They stopped to catch their breath and looked into each other's eyes. They love each other so much and they both knew that. The rest of the night Angel and Buffy talked. Buffy soon fell asleep in Angel's arms. She felt safe in his arms and knew that they would never lose each other. Her Angel was their while she was sleeping. She knew that he would leave before the sun rise to get to the mansion and get some sleep, but they would never be apart from each other.

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