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While Angel and Buffy were in Venice for their last week, they did so much. They had went a romantic gondolier ride, ate southern Italian food which was quite different from northern Italy. It was an all around great time for them. Tonight was the last night that they would be in Venice and in Italy overall. Tomorrow they would depart for home.

Angel and Buffy decided to eat in their suite. Angel had called room service and ordered them up some authentic Italian food. Buffy was in the shower so she really didn't know what he was doing. Angel sat on the couch waiting for Buffy to come out, when he suddenly heard a knock at their door. Angel got up and walked to the door and found their dinner was here.

"Ciao signore! Here is your dinner." said the waiter as he rolled the cart in and made his way to the table. Angel closed the door and went back in. The waiter set out a lavish dinner for the two and left the dessert covered. There was everything from Fettuccini Alfredo to Italian breadsticks. The waiter was done and made his way to the door with his cart.

"Grazie." said Angel as he turned around. The young waiter nodded his head and left. Angel turned back to the table and hoped that Buffy would be surprised. He walked into the room and found that Buffy wasn't out of the bathroom yet, but then the door knob jiggled and the door opened. Buffy came out in relaxed yet casual clothes and smiled to Angel. Angel smiled at the sight of his Buffy.

"You look very beautiful Buffy." said Angel as he walked up to Buffy and took her hand. Buffy blushed and smiled.

"Thank you." said Buffy as she leaned up and Angel leaned in and they kissed. The kiss was sweet and full. They pulled away slowly and they continued to smile.

"Ready for dinner?" asked Angel.

"Yeah." said Buffy and they began making their way out the bedroom. "Where are we going?" asked Buffy as they continued. They reached the dining area and Buffy saw the surprise that had been waiting for her.

"We are staying in." said Angel as they walked up to the table. He pulled out Buffy's chair and Buffy gladly took the seat. Angel scooted her in and then proceeded to his side next to Buffy.

"This looks all so yummy." said Buffy as she took in the sight in front of her. She had no clue that Angel had this planned, but she loved it.

"Let's eat." said Angel as they began to eat. The food was delicious and everything just felt right. After dinner, their dessert was next. Angel uncovered the dessert and to their delight, it was tiramisu. It was so elegantly decorated and they knew that they needed to try this before leaving. Angel sat down and took out a fork and took a piece off. He brought it to Buffy's lips and she took the bite and ever so slowly let it melt. It was so good and the look on Angel's face was like he wanted more than just the dessert. Next, Buffy fed some to Angel and he took the bite and enjoyed it as well. They fed each other until the last bite. Angel had a little of the crème on his lip and Buffy smiled.

"Let me get that for you." said Buffy as she teased Angel and kissed his lips. The kiss continued and everything was getting more heated. They pulled apart slowly and smiled as they stared into each other's eyes. "This has been such an amazing trip. Thank you Angel." said Buffy as she sat in Angel's lap and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm glad we got this time to ourselves." said Angel in a gentle voice as he bestowed a kiss on her forehead. They sat in the piece and in tranquility. After a little while they went to finished packing and went to bed. Their last night in Italy was very sweet and cozy as it was spent together. The next morning was here and everything seemed to be going by fast. They had already checked out and now were already on their way back to the car. The boat docked and Angel and Buffy got off, followed by Giuseppe setting the luggage down. Angel left Buffy's side for a moment and helped with the luggage. They all walked from the dock to their car and loaded it fairly quick. Angel opened the door and Buffy went in gladly. Angel smiled and sat next to her and shut the door.

"I'm going to miss this." said Buffy as she snuggled closer to Angel. Angel wrapped his arm around her and smiled. He knew that she loved the trip and by the sound of her voice, she wanted to stay longer.

"I know, but maybe we can come back again." said Angel as he made Buffy a bit happier. Buffy looked up to Angel and smiled. "I love you." Angel whispered so only Buffy could hear.

"I love you." said Buffy and they shared a sweet kiss. They both enjoyed the trip, but they knew they had to get home. Maybe someday they would come back and maybe prolong the stay. Giuseppe got behind the driver seat and began departing. As they drove through the city and reached the outskirts, Buffy looked out the window and felt content. They hit the open road as they had a few hours until they got to the airport.

"Giuseppe, which part of Italy are you from?" said Buffy as she turned and the little old man smiled.

"I'm from Rome, but I like to travel all over." said Giuseppe as he put his eyes back on the road.

"That's very interesting." said Angel.

"If I may ask, where do you hale from?" said Giuseppe as he was becoming friends with this couple.

"We are from the United States, well to be more specific Sunnydale, California." said Angel as he explained where they live.

"California. I always wanted to go there, actually the entire country." said Giuseppe as he chuckled.

"Come visit sometime and we can give you a tour." said Buffy as she smiled at the older man.

"I might take you up on your offer." said Giuseppe and everyone laughed. For being an older man, he did have his own sense of humor. The few hour drive was up and they were pulling up to the airport departure. Giuseppe got out and opened the door. Angel got out and then helped Buffy out. They unloaded the car and walked into the airport as they stopped at their gate.

"Grazie Giuseppe, we had a good time." said Angel as he shook his hand.

"No thank you. You guys are like my friends." said Giuseppe with a smile.

"Thank you so much." said Buffy as she hugged him as they would miss their friend.

"Before you go let me give you something." said Giuseppe as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box and handed it to Buffy. "This is a little gift for the both of you."

"Thank you." said Buffy as she hugged him once more. This man had such a kind heart.

"Grazie Giuseppe. You didn't have to." said Angel as he gave the man a quick hug.

"Please, it is a gift for you. Ever since I saw you guys, I could tell that you have something special and that is a rare gift that you share." said Giuseppe. Angel and Buffy smiled and looked to each other. They did have a rare gift that no else had, but them. It was love for each other.

"Thanks again." said Buffy as they turned back to the man.

"Have a good flight and please come back again." said Giuseppe as they made their way to through the gate and to the other side.

"Ciao." they said and they waved to their friend once more. Giuseppe waved goodbye and then the door was shut. Angel and Buffy walked into a small waiting area and sat down.

"What time do we leave?" asked Buffy as she wondered.

"In about fifteen minutes of not sooner." said Angel as he kissed the top of her head. A few moments later from the other side of the steel door came Olivia.

"Hey you two." said Olivia as she was preparing to board the jet. "How was your time in Italy?" she asked very nicely.

"It was great." said Buffy as she turned to Angel and they smiled.

"Great. So we are boarding now and if you will, please follow me." said Olivia as they all walked through the door and onto the jet. As they entered, they were greeted by Captain Davis and the crew.

"Hello Angel and Buffy." said Captain Davis as he shook Angel's hand and then Buffy's.

"Hi." they both said in unison.

"You guys ready to go home?" said Captain Davis as he strapped into his seat.

"Yeah." said Buffy as she and Angel took their seats. Olivia and the other flight attendants brought the luggage on and then sealed the door shut. Olivia came back moments later with drinks.

"I better call mom and tell her we're leaving." said Buffy and Angel nodded and smiled.

Ring, ring, ring

"Hello." said Joyce.

"Hi mom." said Buffy.

"Hi sweetie, how are you?" said Joyce with joy.

"Good. I wanted to tell you that we are about to depart." said Buffy informingly.

"Ok sweetie." said Joyce. There was another voice in the background. "Buffy's on the phone." Joyce said to whoever was there with her.

"Mom, who was that?" said Buffy as she could hear the other voice in the background.

"What? Oh, that was Rupert. He came over to check up." said Joyce as she whispered something else on the phone.

"Rupert, do you mean?" said Buffy as she paused for a moment.

"You know, Mr. Giles." said Joyce.

"Oh, ok. Tell Giles to behave and not to have too much fun." said Buffy as she laughed at the thought. Since when does her mother call him Rupert? There must be something going on between them.

"Ok sweetie. We'll see you when you get back." said Joyce.

"Ok mom. Bye." said Buffy.

"Bye." said Joyce and the phone cut out.

Buffy turned to Angel and had an amused look on her face. Angel couldn't help but wonder what had happened.

"How's everything?" said Angel as he looked at Buffy.

"Ok. I think my mom and Giles are having some sort of a thing." said Buffy as she still held the amused look.

"Why?" said Angel.

"She just called him Rupert and he's at the house." said Buffy as she giggled.

"Who would have thought?" said Angel as he cracked a smile.

"I know." said Buffy as she leaned back against her seat. Angel took her hand and leaned back too. A few moments later, a flight attendant announced that they would be departing now. Everyone fastened their seatbelts and they were off. They had another 14 hours before getting to New York, then another 4 before reaching home.

The flight felt longer coming home then when they had left. The hours passed by and they were finally in New York. They stopped for a short time and then departed for home. The jet landed again, which meant they were finally home. It was late afternoon and the sun would be setting soon. Olivia and the other flight attendants took the luggage and exited the plane. Angel and Buffy proceeded to the door, but stopped in front of the captain.

"Thank you Captain Davis." said Angel as he extended his hand out and shook the captain's hand.

"Thanks so much." said Buffy as she shook his hand next.

"You are very welcome. I hope to see you guys again and welcome home." said Captain Davis as he waved to them.

"Have a nice day." said Buffy as she and Angel left. They arrived at the gate and found Olivia waiting with their things.

"Welcome home guys, I hope we see you two again." said Olivia with a kind expression.

"Thank you Olivia." said Angel as he shook her hand.

"Thanks." said Buffy as she hugged Olivia. The mid-aged lady could see that this was a couple that could withstand anything. Angel and Buffy got their things and made their way through the airport. They walked up to a desk and were greeted kindly by a person.

"Hello can I help." said the clerk.

"Yes, I need my car, it was in valet." said Angel as he explained.

"Ok sir. Name?" said the desk clerk.

"Angel." said Angel as they waited.

The clerk typed in his name and then found Angel's car. "Ok sir, you're car will be right out front in a few moments." The clerk said nicely.

"Thank you." said Angel and then they both made their way to the front, near valet Arrivals. There was still a little snow, but not much left considering that the sun was partially out.

"Do you think Willow's spell will ware off yet?" asked Buffy as she was a bit concerned that Angel could be exposed.

"No. She said it should last till the day we came back." said Angel reassuringly. Buffy felt a bit relieved. Moments later their car was pulled up and valet got out and helped load the bags. Buffy got in the passenger seat and Angel hoped in after thanking the valet. They made their way out of the airport and onto the road. They would be home in no time. Buffy text her mom telling they were on the road and that they would be home soon. The ride home was nice and then they saw the sunset. The sunsets in Italy were of no comparison to the sunsets at home. They arrived at the Summers's house and were happy to be home. They got down and went into the house.

"Hello, we're home." said Buffy as they set everything down in the foyer. Buffy looked in the living room, but no one was there. Buffy looked to Angel and he shook his not knowing where everyone was. Joyce's car was out front, but was she home. They heard something coming from the direction of the kitchen and they both looked to each other and proceeded. When they entered, they found Joyce, Giles, Willow, Xander, and surprisingly Cordelia sitting there, waiting. Angel and Buffy looked to each other, but didn't make a noise as they wanted to surprise the others.

Through the corner of her eye, Willow saw the couple and quickly turned around. "You guys are back!" squealed Willow with joy. She ran up to Buffy and hugged her best friend like there was no tomorrow. She turned to Angel and gave him a friendly hug. "How was Italy, tell me everything?" said Willow with excitement. The couple joined everyone in the kitchen.

"I will Willow." said Buffy as she looked around the kitchen and everyone greeted them. Joyce went up to Buffy and hugged her daughter, she had only been gone for 2 weeks, but it felt like it had been eternity.

"Hi mom." said Buffy from the hug and hold her mom had on her.

"Hi sweetie, how was everything? Did you guys have a good time?" said Joyce as she pulled back and looked to her daughter and Angel.

"Yes we did Joyce." said Angel as he smiled and Joyce gave him a hug as well.

"Well now that you guys are here, dinner is ready as we wanted to surprise you guys." said Joyce as they all grabbed something and ate in the dining room. The entire dinner was full of conversation and laughter. Angel and Buffy talked about the trip and how amazing it was. Everyone talked about what happened while they were gone, which wasn't a lot.

"Oh, while we were there, we got some souvenirs for all of you." said Buffy as she got up and went to her bag and grabbed out the respective gifts. "First mom, here you go." said Buffy excitingly as she handed her mother the well decorated gift.

"Thank you guys." said Joyce as she began opening it. When she did she found a small statuette of Michelangelo's David. The look on Joyce's face was of utter happiness. "Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful." said Joyce as she studied it and admired it more.

"We knew you'd like it." said Angel as he smiled at the admiration of the gift.

"Yeah mom and it's your own personal art piece." said Buffy as she smiled.

"Thank you guys so much." said Joyce as she thanked them both. Angel helped Buffy hand out the rest of the gifts and everyone appreciated them. Giles got a book on the Italian Vampire myths. Everyone knew that his hobby was reading and collecting books. Willow got a book on Leonardo Da Vinci and book of Italian spells. Xander got a key chain of the leaning tower of Pisa. Everyone kind of laughed at the gift, because of its' size.

"Ha ha laugh it up, because I know all of you are jealous." said Xander in a flat voice as he held his little key chain up.

"Oh yeah, we're so jealous." said Cordelia in a sarcastic tone. Finally, they handed the last gift which was to Cordelia. She received a designer scarf that was made from the most precious Italian silk. Cordelia's eyes lit up when she saw the piece of fashion at which she received. Everyone thanked Angel and Buffy, but soon everyone left. Angel and Buffy took their luggage upstairs and set it in Buffy's room. Joyce was in her room, probably asleep even though it was only 9:00 pm.

Buffy sat on her bed and Angel came behind her and wrapped her arms around her. Buffy smiled and leaned into him.

"I'm glad we're home. But I do miss vacationing." said Buffy and she let a slight giggle slip from her mouth. She remembered all the great times they had in Italy. Everything was still so fresh in her memory and she knew that she would always have those memories.

"I know, but we can go again someday." said Angel as he leaned back against the bed.

"One more day and then back to school." said Buffy as didn't want to go back, but it was a part of who she was. Tuesday meant more than just going back, it also meant back to the business of slaying.

"Well, this is your last year of school and then you won't have to go back." said Angel as he tried to find a way to show her the other side. She would be out of school and wouldn't have to worry about it.

"Yeah, I guess." said Buffy as she thought about it for a moment. Her last year of school and the way it sounded was just different then what most people felt. "Better get some sleep." Buffy laid back in Angel's arms and got comfortable.

"Goodnight Buffy. I love you." said Angel as he kissed the top of her head. Buffy smiled and felt bliss.

"I love you Angel." said Buffy and then they let sleep take over them. All was quiet the while night. All you could here was the quiet silence and when Angel had to leave.

The next morning was normal as Buffy got dressed and met up with her mom in the kitchen. She had already made breakfast and was sipping her morning coffee.

"Good morning sunshine." said Joyce to her daughter as she entered the kitchen, ready to leave.

"Good morning mom." said Buffy as she sat down and ate, but before she knew it school would be starting soon. Buffy saw the clock and noticed she had fifteen minutes to get to school. "Got to go. See you later." said Buffy as she got what she needed and left out the door.

"Bye Buffy." said Joyce just before the door shut. Buffy arrived at school and found Willow at her locker.

"Hey Will." said Buffy as she opened her locker and fumbled through it.

"Hey Buffy." said Willow as she turned and shut her locker door. "Ready for school?" Willow gave a somewhat happy expression.

"Yeah, but the sooner it's over the better." said Buffy as she got her books and closed the locker. Moments later, Xander came walking up with Cordelia right behind him.

"Hey guys and how are we on this fine day?" said Xander in an attempt to sound suave.

"Don't you know what the term 'ladies first' means?" said Cordelia as she came up behind Xander and smacked him on the back of his head. Xander put his hand to his head and just looked at Cordelia in shock.

"Ouch! What was that for Cordy?" said Xander as he just stood there.

"You clearly don't have manners. You let the door slam on my face." said Cordelia as she walked closer to Xander with an expression of anger.

"Sorry, I just didn't see you there." said Xander.

"How could you not know?! We drove here together, where were you the entire time?" said Cordelia in utter frustration. Xander did his best to play stupid, but it was getting him nowhere.

"I'm sorry." said Xander as he tried to reason with Cordelia. She turned her back and her hair hit his face. "You can't stay mad at me forever."

"Fine." said Cordelia after a few long moments. She went on her way and Xander was just left standing there, still trying to figure out what happened.

"What is up with you two?" said Buffy and Xander turned towards her.

"I don't know, but she's forgave me." said Xander as he smiled and moved his hands in a circular motion. Both girls rolled their eyes and began walking. They all departed to different class and faced the day. After school, Buffy stayed in the library until it was time to patrol. Angel called and said he would be there shortly and to not worry. Buffy sat on the table and sharpened her stake. Patrolling was on for tonight, but it would be just her and Angel. Willow couldn't make it, because her mom had her doing something. Xander, well, he just volunteered himself to stay home. Giles would be patrolling in a different area, but not too far from the cemetery. Angel walked into the library and smiled to Buffy.

"Hey Buffy." said Angel as he made his way across the library. Seconds later, there was a crash and something was thrown through the window. Angel jumped and brought Buffy down to the ground with him. Angel shielded Buffy and made sure that nothing else was there, but them. Angel looked up and no one was there, except for Giles poking his head out of his office. Angel looked down to Buffy and helped her up.

"What was that?" said Buffy as she replayed the scenario her head.

"I don't know." said Angel as he looked around and then back down to Buffy. They looked around to see if they could find anything as to what was thrown at them. Nothing yet, until Buffy came upon a rock with a note attached to it. She picked it up and slowly untangled the note.

"Did you find anything?" Giles asked as he saw Buffy standing still.

"Yeah." said Buffy, but it almost sounded like a whisper.

"What is it?" asked Giles as he waited for an answer. Angel looked to Giles and Giles just shrugged. Angel walked up to Buffy and saw her standing near the remains of the broken glass. He noticed the note that was in her hands and wondered.

"I don't know." said Buffy as she turned to Angel and he nodded for her to open it. Buffy opened the note and read it aloud.

"Back in town I see. You'll pay for what you have done to the great one. His death will be avenged and soon I will get you. Watch your back slayer." said Buffy as she just stood there not knowing what to think of the note. She looked up to Angel and they both knew that someone or something would be after coming. They knew.

Wow, they came back from a good time in Italy. Now, someone has set out to kill the slayer. I know that's what normally happens, but this figure is out to avenge someone. A past demon that we don't want coming back, will enter the scene. All demons are out to get the slayer, but this one who left the note has left a weird feeling that lingers.

So, I hope you guys liked the chapter. I am sorry again for not updating sooner. I hope you guys review and continue. Next, we'll find out what the demon plans to do. The question is, who is this great one that he mentioned? Is it someone known or someone new? We'll find out soon. Thanks again for all the great reviews. Thanks to all the readers and reviews, you guys are inspiring and are AWESOME! I'll update soon. See you for the next chapter guys! GO BANGEL!