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After spending the night at Angel's, Buffy had to go home and check on her mom. She walked in the front door of the house and everything was quiet. She walked into the kitchen and found Joyce and Giles sitting down to breakfast.

"What's going on here, a parent teacher conference?" said Buffy as she stood in the doorway waiting for an explanation.

"We were just eating breakfast and talking." said Joyce as she looked to Buffy. She had an expression on her face that looked like she was hiding something. Buffy could tell her mom was hiding something, but just went along with it.

"Really?" said Buffy with a tint of sarcasm.

"Yes." said Giles as he fumbled with his glasses as he only did when he was trying to lie. Joyce and Giles were bad liars and couldn't hide it.

"Ok." said Buffy as she was about leave.

"I need to get to the gallery, a new shipment is coming in." said Joyce as she looked to her watch. She got up and put the dishes in the sink and cleared up. "Thank you so much for coming Rupert. It truly was a pleasure to talk with you." Joyce said as she ran to the other room and grabbed her purse and coat. Joyce came back into the room and had everything she needed. "Buffy I have to go. I'll see you in while." Joyce left into the other room and a door closing was followed.

Buffy came around the table and sat across from Giles as she grabbed something to eat. "So Giles, what were you two really doing?" said Buffy as she looked to Giles and the back down to her food.

"Not about slaying for sure. Your mother was telling me about the art gallery business." said Giles as he sipped some coffee and looked to Buffy. Buffy smiled and continued eating.

"Whatever you say." said Buffy as she smiled.

"Speaking of slaying, how was patrolling last night?" Giles asked as he changed subject. There was more important matter that needed to be discussed. Buffy looked up and the smile faded and the slayer face came on.

"Me and Angel ran into the vamp who left the note. His name is Jackal." said Buffy as she gave detail.

"Was there any indication of what he wanted?" said Giles as he began. If he could know more on the motive, then there was a good chance that they could stop whatever the plan was going to be.

"He kept only mentioning that 'he' would be avenged. I don't know who he is, but it's someone we defeated." said Buffy as she thought. The demon who was being mentioned had to have been someone from recent slaying, but that was a bunch of slaying done.

"If we meet this vampire again, we need to beat it out of him." said Giles as he emphasized big on the 'beat' part. After the discussion, Giles went to the library and got to work. Buffy caught up on some self training before another night of patrolling. So far, patrolling was back-to-back since the note. They had to be alert and on their game if they were going to catch Jackal.

The phone rang as Buffy had the music flaring, while she worked out. She turned down the energetic music and answered the phone.

"Hello." said Buffy as she wiped her head with a towel.

"Hello Buffy." Giles said in a rapid tone.

"Giles, what's wrong?" said Buffy in a worried tone. This must have been apart, considering that Giles was there just this morning.

"Buffy, I found some information for you on the Jackal." said Giles.

"Ok, tell me." said Buffy as she switched into slayer mode.

"Jackal is known as a hunter and a sort of assassin. He was a worker for Dagadon, but since his further purpose has been terminated, because of the slaying of Dagadon, not so much. I have reason to believe that he's come back to avenge him." Giles said as he read through his books and piles of research.

"You really think so?" said Buffy as she never thought of that explanation. It does make sense when you think about it. An angry henchman wants to avenge his leader.

"It is possible. When you patrol tonight, be vigilant and be cautious." said Giles as a warning. They don't know what they are dealing with yet, until then they have to take every precaution to keep safe.

"Ok Giles." said Buffy. She then heard the phone disconnect and she hung up as well.

Buffy went up the stairs and walked into her room. She went into her closet and grabbed the duffle bag that carried her weapons. She opened it up and took count of what she had and needed. She was well prepared and made sure all the right weapons were there. She zipped it up and placed it on the floor. Buffy then went to her closet and got a change of clothes considering that she was still in her work out gear. She went to the bathroom and came out moments later. She wore her black leather pants, the leather jacket Angel gave her, and her cross. Buffy meant business and tonight would be one hell of a night.

She gathered her bag and went downstairs. Buffy knew her mother would be worried about her so she would leave her a note. Buffy went to the coffee table and got a piece of paper and pen. Buffy scribbled down the message and quickly left it on the kitchen counter. Buffy got her bag and left out the door.

Buffy arrived at the cemetery and was met by Angel waiting as well. Buffy had a worried look on her face and Angel knew.

"You got the call too?"Angel said as he got up from the bench and walked over to Buffy. He gave her a hug and kiss, then looked into her eyes.

"Giles told you?" said Buffy as she looked around and kept vigilant.

"Told me everything. We'll catch Jackal and stop him from doing anything further." said Angel comfortingly. They looked around and everything was clear, for now. They left their things on the bench and only took stakes and crucifixes. They walked around and still found nothing.

"Something doesn't feel right." said Buffy as she stopped and worry and confusion washed over her. Nothing was happening and they were out here all alone. Usually the vampires and demons would be out and on the prowl by now.

"I know what you mean." Angel said as he looked to Buffy with concern. He knew that something wasn't going right as well. He picked up that same feeling the second they were out in the open.

"They should have already attacked." said Buffy as she looked around and found nothing around them. Suddenly, they heard rustling in the bushes and pointed their weapons in the direction. They walked over and found nothing there.

"Buffy! Look out!" yelled Angel as he jumped and covered Buffy to the ground as loud explosions went off around them. Angel kept Buffy underneath him, until he had a visual. Angel looked up and from the smoke emerged none other than the Jackal.

Angel got up and punched the vamp and caught him in the jaw. Jackal stumbled backwards and just laughed. "Angelus, you truly are the fighter." said Jackal in a wicked voice.

Angel looked up and anger was spelt all over his face. "For the last time, it's Angel." said Angel as he punched Jackal in stomach and then gave him a right hook to the face. Jackal fell to the ground, but was quick to recover. Jackal knew that Angel was stronger, but he wasn't giving that easily. He tried to punch Angel, but was caught with a punch to the face.

Buffy got up and was fighting off the extra help behind her. She was able to stake one of them, but the rest were giving a challenge. She kicked and punched until all of them were gone. Buffy ran over to where Angel was as he stood about ten feet from Jackal.

"You didn't think I would come with only a small amount of back up, did you?" said Jackal in a sarcastic and conniving tone. Out of nowhere came two explosions, and it sent Angel and Buffy flying backwards. They landed fairly hard and were hurt. Buffy's head was spinning and she turned and saw Angel knocked out and against a head stone. She tried to reach for him, but every time she moved, the dizziness got worse.

"Angel." Buffy whispered and tried to reach for his hand. The next and last thing she saw was Jackal and the other vampires coming up to them. Buffy then blinked her eyes and she blacked out.

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