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Lagorthini army charged and the gang charged in to battle. Guns fired, swords clashed, punches were being flow, and heads were flying. Dagadon sat at the edge of the field just watching.

Buffy swung around and kicked a Lagorthini in the chest. She stabbed it in the chest with a stake, but she remembered what Angel said. She took another stake and jabbed it through the neck. Blood spurted out as she dragged it across its neckline. It screamed a blood curdling scream. Buffy stood up and stepped on its' head causing it to crack and die. She removed its helmet and it's face looked like a zombie out of a horror movie, except that there face was decaying and the face looked ran over. Buffy heard growling coming from behind her and she quickly jumped up and connected her fist with its' face.

"I hate these guys." said Buffy as she saw a rock on the floor and managed to throw it at one's head. Luckily for her, he was down and out.

Angel was not too far from Buffy, as he handled his group of soldiers. Angel fought with his bare hands and boy did it get messy. Angel was able to manage fighting regularly, but when Angel put his game face on it meant business. Angel growled as he kicked and punched his way through the group. One jumped from behind and slammed into Angel. He got up and kicked one of the soldiers in the face. Angel reached into his jacket pocket and grabbed a small pistol and he aimed for the heart. The soldier bled out black blood as it yelled out, but Angel shot it in the head and smashed its skull. Angel turned around to see how everyone was doing and so far, they were managing.

"How are you holding Buffy?" Angel asked as dodged the swords that were being swung at him. He kicked one of them in the heads and took its sword. He swung the sword and cut its head off.

"Holding up." shouted Buffy as she pushed back a soldier and then grabbed a scythe and yanked its head off.

On the other side of the battle field, Spike and Faith partnered up and took on their group of soldiers.

"This things are really beginning to piss me off." said Spike and he swung the shot gun that was strapped around him. He fired at the group and managed to take a few out while Faith did everything with a crossbow and pure instinct. Spike was surrounded by five of them and began the fire fight all over again. He too had his game face on and threw a hook shot to one of the soldiers while firing off rounds at the oncoming crowd. All the bodies fell as they received multiple gun shots to the head and torso. "Now that is what I'm talking about." He smiled and then was interrupted by a mad Faith.

"Pretty boy, how about some help over here." said Faith as she was on the ground and managed to kick a soldier where the sun-don't-shine. It immobilized for a moment, but just enough time to give Faith the opportunity to spring up and reach her crossbow. She pulled the trigger and shot right at his heart. Spike came up from behind and blew its head off.

"Glad to help." said Spike as he walked past her and Faith just rolled her eyes. In the distance, Xander and Cordelia were fighting off a smaller wave of Lagorthini. Cordelia was screaming her head off as Xander tried to keep both of them alive. Xander had an axe in his hand and managed to swing and catch a soldier in the chest. It fell to the ground, but Xander insisted on trying to chop it up.

"Cordy, if you're not going to help out here, go into the library and at least grab more ammunition." yelled Xander and Cordelia felt hurt by his tone.

"Fine. I see why everyone calls you an ass." said Cordelia as she turned away from the fight and ran.

"Women." said Xander and he turned around and his axe clashed with another's sword. He ran out of ammo earlier, because of his lack of conservation. All he had was an axe and a group of deranged dead guys out to kill them. Xander blocked the sword that managed to push the soldier back and chopped into his head. The axe went straight down the top of its skull and Xander ripped back out. Blood oozed out of the dead soldiers head and Xander thought he was going to pass out, but he couldn't.

Willow, Oz, and Giles had the upper hand considering she was a witch, he was a werewolf, and Giles was an excellent swordsman. Willow chanted spells that caused a shockwave of energy to knock them off their feet. Giles and Oz went in and cleaned house. Oz went in and ripped into each soldier he encountered with his bare claws and canine sharp teeth. Giles slashed and cut off a few heads himself and managed to keep himself in rather goof condition.

"You're doing great guys." said Willow as she turned around and sent tiny explosions at a few stay soldiers. The impact was enough to blow their heads off, but this was just a small taste of what was happening. As Giles jammed his sword into one of their heads and twisted it. They had eliminated all of the ones in their group, but that was far from what else was there.

Buffy was backed into a tree, but was not giving in that easily. She swung and punched a soldier in the face and then kicked it backwards. Her only remaining weapon was her scythe, but it was on the ground feet away from her. She had to get it or else she'd be in trouble. She put her skills to use and she fought with just her hands. Buffy caught one in the stomach, but was met by a small blow to the head. She stumbled back against the tree as she wiped away the trickle of blood that came from the wound on her lip. She was enraged and that only made her work harder. She jumped and threw down two soldiers and rolled across the grass to reach her scythe. She flipped back and jumped onto her feet and swung the scythe. It caught the side of a soldier's head and she pulled it off and yanked its head off with it. Blood dripped from the scythe as she shook the head off and took out the rest of her group. Everyone ran to the middle of the grass and was covered in sweat and of course not their blood.

Dagadon didn't make a move, but just looked at the field before him and all of the bloodshed that was caused by the slayer. He just sat there and did absolutely nothing.

"What are you going to do now? All of your army has been taken out." said Buffy as she yelled out to Dagadon.

"You would think so." said Dagadon. Buffy's face fell and everyone else was in shock. The ground began to quake and in the distances sounds of galloping was heard. Out came a few creatures that were bull-like, but stood on two hooves. They had claws for hands and they were running towards them.

"Giles, what is that thing?" Buffy yelled in panic as they all stood there for, but a moment. Giles couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"The most feared creatures, the Atochs." said Giles. It was part bull, part other vicious animal, but totally feared all together. Everyone ran and didn't look back to see the crowd of 5 Atochs running. Angel, Buffy, and Giles ran through the streets of town, but was met by an Atoch. It dragged its hooves and charged at them.

"Get out of the way!" yelled Angel as it ran at them and they jumped out of the way. It slid and turned itself around only appearing angrier. It ran at the again and they needed to find something to hit it with. There was a shovel that was in an alley that would be perfect for it. Buffy picked it up and as it was running again, she slammed the shovel in its facing, hitting its snout. It fell back, but was only stunned. It stood up on both and towered over them. It picked up Buffy and screamed at her. Its grip was so tight around Buffy's neck that her head was burning her. "Let her go!" yelled Angel as he ran and slammed into it. It flew back and landed hard to the ground and Buffy was slammed into the pavement. The Atoch got up and charged at Angel. Giles ran over to Buffy and tried to help her up.

"Buffy are you ok?" Giles asked as he was quite alarmed by the fall she took. Buffy tried to stand up but she fell back down to her knees. Her leg was cut up and was cause for her fall. Giles firmly gripped her arms and held her up.

"We got to find somewhere to hide," said Buffy as she limped. Angel stood in the path of the Atoch and waited for the right time to move. It was a few yards away and at the last second Angel moved out of the way. It crashed into the wall of a building and shook the building. Angel ran until he found Buffy and Giles ducked down behind a car.

"We've got to find shelter before the Atoch gets out." said Angel as he saw the bleeding on Buffy's leg and knew that they needed to do this right now. He looked around and the sporting goods store was the only place closest to them. Angel picked Buffy up and looked from behind the car and noticed that the Atoch was trying to free itself. "Now!" Angel yelled and he ran with Giles right behind him. They crossed the road and Angel ran in through where the entrance to the store was. Giles came in from behind and just in time.

"We need to bored the doors and windows up as fast as we can." said Giles. Angel set Buffy down as far back as he could and ran back to the front and started grabbing what he could to close the windows up. He grabbed the wood off the gun display cases and grabbed medal stakes to hammer them into the wall. They figured they only had a few moments before the Atoch started searching. Angel finished the windows and Giles was enclosing the door and barricading it shut. They pushed shelves and into the door and put as much wait against the door until they felt it would hold. A loud snorting sound came from outside and they knew that it was free.

"The Atochs free." said Giles in panic, but Angel maintained his cool.

"Everything should hold. As long as it can't track us down, we'll be safe for now." said Angel and they ran to the back of the store. Angel crouched down next to Buffy and held her close. Giles knelt down next to them. Sounds of huffing and puffing came from outside and they all went quiet. They waited and waited until they heard the Atoch run off to some other part of town. Angel got up and looked out of the small space between the wood pieces.

"It's gone." said Angel as he double checked and went back to the back.

"I think it'd be best if we stay here for now." said Giles and they were all in agreement. Buffy's face winced in pain from the major cut on her leg. Angel looked down and quickly searched the store for something to bandage her wound. He came back shortly with a medical kit and medical alcohol.

"Let's fix you up, shall we." said Angel as he smiled and Buffy of course trusted Angel. He rolled her left pan leg up and the large cut was on her thigh. It was really irritated and was still bleeding. Angel opened the alcohol of and slowly poured it onto the open wound. Buffy slightly jolted from the stinging feeling. Angel poured enough on and then grabbed gauze and bandaged it down to her leg. He then grabbed a piece of cloth and tied it around her thigh to make sure that it was secure and that the blood clotted.

"Thanks Angel." said Buffy as she needed help getting up off the floor. Angel held her up and she took it slow to walk around. They figured since they were here they needed gather what they could. Angel looked behind the case and saw some grenades in the display case. What kind of store sells grenades? Apparently a store that plans on annihilating animal and not shooting animals. He grabbed them and fumbled through the cases finding ammunition for the guns in the display case. Buffy saw the guns and broke the cases with an oar to a kayak. She grabbed the five guns in the case and placed them on the counter. This was some heavy artillery and it would be a help. Giles found some knives and blades and gathered all of them and set them on one of the camping display tables. They set everything down and they figured they had enough to do some damage.

After the Atoch arrived, everyone had split up and ran. Willow, Oz, Xander, Spike, and Faith ran into the most obvious place that had weapons for them, the library. They ran through the halls and reached the library where they found Cordelia sitting down spreading out the ammunition. "What are you guys doing?" asked Cordelia as she saw them all running inside. They threw down their things and pushed books shelves and filing cabinets against the library doors. Willow ran up to the table and set down the empty guns.

"That damn idiot Dagadon unleashed the Atochs." said Spike as he jammed a filing cabinet into the doors. They could hear sounds coming from down the hall and worked even faster. They needed to cover the windows on the door so that nothing could see them.

"Willow a little protection spell would be good." said Xander as he ran around the library.

"Right." said Willow and she started chanting something and an invisible force field surrounded the library and the outer walls of it. It weakened Willow a bit, but nothing that she couldn't handle. They did everything they could and they grabbed their things and started working around the other exposed areas. They sealed up the windows and put all of their artillery together on the table. There was a pounding against the door and they all backed away next to the table.

"That thing is not going to get in here." said Faith as she cocked her gun and that meant business. The sound had subsided and then went away all together. Oz had turned back into his human self and sat down to regain his strength.

"We can't leave yet. We'll have to wait it out." said Oz. Willow came down and sat down next to him and covered him with a cover. Willow brought spare clothes for him and had them in Giles office, so Oz went and changed. All they could do was sit down and wait till the time was right for them to go back out there.

"Do you think to Angel and Buffy?" asked Faith as she wondered what happened to her and her guy.

"Knowing them, they'll be fine. You have the slayer and the strongest vampire together. They're a very strong force." said Spike as he looked through his pockets for a smoke. But, he didn't find anything.

While everyone was hidden, the Atochs were roaming the streets trying to find them all. Dagadon managed to watch from a far and was pleased with the progress that he had made.

"Dagadon, they haven't found them yet." said Jackal a bit concerned.

"Don't worry they'll have to come out eventually. That should be soon." said Dagadon in a deep voice and just revealed his gruesome smile. This was the beginning of a battle that was going to be a challenge. With the Atoch roaming the streets the gang was going to have to come up with a plan, even if they were split up.

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