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Night was falling and the team was still split up. Dagadon and Jackal soon fled back to their hide out and left the Atoch wandering around. They all needed to find a way out and take down the creatures.

Buffy sat on a camping chair as she loaded ammo into the empty guns. What could they do now, but wait for the right moment to strike. Angel had found a back room that must have been a break room or something like that. Giles had fallen asleep from the wait, which left Angel and Buffy awake.

"What can we do?" said Buffy as she noticed Angel sitting next to the locked door. Angel turned and saw the concentration on Buffy's face. He walked over and knelt down next to her.

"We need to know what as much as we can about the Atoch." said Angel and he continued. "I know that they have a bad temper. The few things that that make them vulnerable would be that they can't see in the dark." Buffy watched as Angel was getting at something. "They don't have the great ability to see in the night, considering it is part Bull."

"That does make sense." said Buffy as she continued to follow. Angel nodded and smiled as he saw that Buffy knew what he meant. "What else can we use to bring them down?" Buffy asked.

"Small attacks really won't take them down. If there is enough force it'll weaken it and then go in for the strike." said Angel and with his extensive knowledge, he knew they might have a chance to beat this. "You can't attack them head on, because of course they might expect it." Angel finished.

"We're going to have to get creative with this." said Buffy as she smiled and knew that this would be one hell of a time. Angel looked to her and knew that look; it was time to get started. Buffy got up and went over to Giles, but before waking him up, she heard him mumbling in his sleep.

"…I do rather like your cookies…Joyce…" mumbled Giles an then he let out a snore. Buffy couldn't help but giggle. She also wondered what cookies Giles was talking about. Buffy waved for Angel to come over and see this.

"On three, we wake him up." said Buffy and Angel nodded in agreement. Buffy held up her hand and signaled out one, two, three.

"What would I do…without the…" said Giles mumbling on unaware of what was happening.

"Giles wake up!" Buffy whispered loudly and Angel shook the chair, both laughing at it. Giles' eyes were wide open and he was freaked out by the awakening.

"What?! What happened?" Giles looked around and felt like they were in danger.

"Wake up Giles." said Buffy as she smiled and then was about to confront him. "By the way, what cookies of my mom's do you like?" said Buffy and the look on Giles' face was priceless. He began turning a bright red and he started to fiddle with his glasses.

"That was nothing." said Giles as he was trying to turn the subject onto something else.

"Giles admit it, you have the hots for my mom." said Buffy as she looked a 'really' expression. It was funny, but the thought of Giles and her mom just made her turn away.

"Off topic. What was it that you were meaning to tell me?" Giles cut the chatter and got down to business.

"We have a plan on how to take down the Atoch." said Buffy and Giles leaned in closer as Angel began speaking and Buffy soon started off as well. A plan was coming together for the three of them, but what were the others trying to do.

In the Library, everyone was busy doing something. Willow, Oz, and Cordelia were looking through all the bookshelves to find what they needed to defeat the Atoch. Faith sat around toying with her weapons, Spike pulled out another cigar and lit it up, and Xander was asleep. He was face down on the table and drooling all over the books that were scattered there.

Faith turned around and walked up to the table. She slammed her gun on the table in an effort to wake Xander up. "Sleeping beauty, wake up." said Faith and Xander was alert and stunned by the sound.

"Are we under attack?" Xander asked as he looked around and held a book close to him. He noticed he gripped a book and threw it back on the table.

"No but your snoring would certainly blow our cover." said Spike as he sat on top of the Library counter. He puffed some of the smoke and let the small white rings disappear in the air.

"Has anyone found anything that could help us defeat these…things?" said Xander asked as he looked to the others who were in search of some answers. Willow came down with a book in her hands and she managed to not walk into anyone, or anything for that matter.

"I've been trying to find out what this creature is, but still nothing." said Willow and then she walked up to the table and put the book down frustratingly. On the other side of the table, Spike chuckled slightly and caused Willow to get angrier. "What's so funny Spike?" Willow said in an angered voice.

"Nothing…Other than that I know what the answer to your problem is." said Spike and he puffed out a small plume of smoke. From what Willow just heard, she felt like she was going to put her hands around Spike throat and hurt him.

"What?! You knew this whole time and didn't bother to say anything?" said Willow as she began marching up to Spike and put her finger in his face. Spike found it amusing and didn't take offense to it.

"I just wanted to be sure if I my instincts were right." said Spike and then in the lowest whisper continued. "Which I always am." He smiled and then was met with Willow's furious eyes. She swat his cigar out of his hand and it landed on the floor, with just the slightest bits of ash coming off of it. "What was that for?" said Spike.

"Stop screwing around and tell us what you know damn it." said Willow as she was on the verge of ripping Spike's head off.

"Fine, fine I will." said Spike. He walked up to the table and sat on the top of it. "Those things are called Atochs. They are one of the most ferocious creatures." said Spike and he looked around and everyone looked to be in shock.

"What else?" said Willow as she needed to know if there was more to know.

"I have fought against some back some hundred years ago. But the person who knows them best is not here." said Spike and he knew they were dying to know who he was.

"Who is it?" Xander asked from the chair next to Cordelia.

"Angel." said Spike and everyone did not guess that it was Angel. "Yeah, he knows every aspect of how to take those bloody bitches down. He knows how to fight them and that is something that is keeping them alive." Spike finished.

"Do you know how to take down one of those Atoch thingies?" asked Xander. Spike was glad that that question was finally being asked.

"I do, but I'm nowhere close to being as good as Angel. I'll show all of you the tricks of the trade." said Spike and he got an unexpected reaction.

"Let's kick ass or we'll all be down on the ground." said Faith as she stood up on top of the table and cocked her rifle. Everyone looked to each other and knew that this was what they were going to need to learn. If they couldn't learn it from Angel, then they might as well try from the next best person.

As Buffy clung to her gun along with Angel and Giles, they were waiting for a good moment to venture outside. Buffy peaked through the window and saw that the coast was clear. All that she could see was the buildings that stood around them and the cars that were left untouched. Buffy turned and nodded her head to Angel and he nodded back. They were ready to leave and begin. Buffy quietly opened the front entrance and crept out of the building, all the while being vigilant of every little movement and noise. Angel followed behind her and then Giles proceeded out last. They ran to the side of the building where a little ally provided them with coverage. Angel pointed to the side ladder and Buffy knew what to do. One by one, they made their way to the rough top and they had a better view of Sunnydale. They crouched down and the only thing that was providing light was the bright moon which was an amazing pale white.

"Do you see them?" Buffy whispered as she was looking in the direction of the school. Giles was looking near the neighborhoods and Angel was looking in the direction of the cemetery.

"Nothing yet." said Angel as he continued to search in the distance. Giles was doing the same, so he must have not seen one yet. As Buffy looked around, something in the distance caught her attention. Asleep in front of the Bronze, was an Atoch and boy was this one big.

"I found one." Buffy whispered and Angel turned and went to Buffy's side. She looked through the binoculars and double checked to be sure that she was sure.

"Where is it?" Angel asked as he crouched next to her. Buffy pointed at the Bronze and without the binoculars, Angel saw the creature. Giles crawled over and saw what they were both looking at.

"This could be our only chance to take this thing down." said Buffy as she turned. Angel thought for a second and he knew deep down that she was right. Giles looked like he was not enjoying hearing this, but who would.

"If we strike, we can't be on the ground. We need to remain on the rooftops and if really necessary, we do a ground assault." Angel laid it out to them. They had to be careful how they attacked and brought this thing down, because the others could go and hunt them down. The last thing that they needed was being surrounded by the other Atochs.

"Right." said Buffy and with that they all gathered their artillery and began making their way to the creature.

They jumped from rooftop to rooftop, making sure that they were neither seen nor heard. As they landed on the building right across the street from the Bronze, they began setting up guns and taking out all the provisions they were going to need. Buffy had the scythe at her side. That weapon had been with her a while and had helped her slay some of the hardest opponents that she and the gang have come up against. Angel saw how she gazed at the weapon and he knew how much it meant to her. Set up was done and boy did they have a lot of fire power. Sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades, crossbows, swords, stakes, you name it. They held their positions as they all aligned the scopes and their aim on the sleeping creature.

"We're going to do this very quietly. If it gets out of hand we'll probably need to attack." said Angel as this was critical and they had to get this done. As they all waited for the sign to fire, everyone was on the edge and we're gripping the triggers. At any moment they were going to have to fire at this thing, but they were all in agreement on one thing. The town, the people, everyone needed them to keep things safe. Buffy aimed right in the center of the Atochs head, ready to blast the rounds of ammo right at it. Angel knew how to handle these creatures, but he was hoping that he would not have to again. Giles was hoping that all of this was over with now so that he could return to his normal life as Watcher. Nothing was insight or around so that gave them the opportunity. Angel held his hand up, which meant to get ready, and they all took position. Sweat was trickling on Giles' forehead as he waited. With the small wave of Angel's hand, they began firing. Bullets fired and shot at the Atoch and the shell casings were falling. The Atoch was growling out in pain and anger as bullets hit and struck its body.

"Keep going. He's not going down that easily." said Angel as he was reloading his weapon while the others kept on firing. The Atoch looked like it was going down, but who was it kidding. Little splatters of blood came from its wounds but that didn't stop it from doing what no one anticipated. The Atoch stood up on its hind legs and began scaling the side of the Bronze. It reached the top and let out a blood curdling yell. It began running and jumped from rooftop to rooftop as it was inching its way towards the group. They continued to fire at it and managed to slow it down. It was a few buildings away from them and panic was arising.

"What do we do?" asked Giles as he fired another few shots at it. An idea popped into Buffy's head. She set her gun down and in the bag she pulled out to military grade grenades.

"Everyone run!" yelled Buffy as she pulled the two pins from the grenades and dropped them on the roof top. Giles jumped to the next roof top with the bags of weapons strapped to his shoulders. He landed on his stomach and kept his head down. Angel jumped and swung onto the ledge of the roof. He hung there and the next thing he saw was Buffy jumping, but she began falling. Angel reached out and caught her arm as she looked up and smiled at her dear fiancée with appreciation. The Atoch had reached the rooftop and was met with two huge explosions in its face. It screamed and cried out as the rooftop collapsed underneath it. The explosions were brief but made an impact. Buffy had her eyes clenched shut, Angel held on to Buffy and the ledge, and Giles hoped that that was that. Angel swung Buffy to the top and he jumped down to the bottom. He held out his arms and was ready for Buffy to come down.

"Buffy jump down, I'll catch you." said Angel as he looked up to Buffy, whom was looking down at the fire charred roof. All that she could see was the smoke from the explosion and the debris that was scattered on the ground. She turned around and swiftly but carefully jumped down and landed in Angel's strong and gentle arms. Angel held her close and smiled, but then they had to cut it short when Giles was coming down the building.

"Well that was…that was…do you think we got it?" Giles asked as he didn't know how to put his thoughts into order. Angel set Buffy down and they both began walking towards the building that the Atoch fell into.

"I would think it would be, considering we used grenades and a hell of a lot of fire power." said Buffy as she walked up to the door and managed to open it. "But we got to be vigilant and keep our guard up." She said as they all walked into the building cautiously. Whatever was in this place was gone now. They all saw the pile of debris and parts of the roof surrounded by small flames. Taking a closer look they saw what looked to be a hoof underneath the pile and they knew that it was one of them.

"I think it's gone." said Buffy as she looked closer, but the suddenly a paw was rapidly swiping at the debris that was covering it. Buffy backed up and the next second later out came the Atoch and mad as hell. It ran and swiped at the three of them and the only thing that came to mind was to jump out of the way. "Damn it, this thing just doesn't give up." said Buffy as she slammed into the wall.

Angel cocked the rifle and as the Atoch hurdled in their direction. When it came close enough, Angel shot it between the eyes. It fell to the ground and black blood oozed out of the bullet wound of its head. Point blank range should have taken it out, but there was no telling what this thing was capable of. He began to move around as it was right in front them. Without taking a moment to think about it, Buffy reached for her scythe and buried it in the back of its head, bringing it down. Buffy chopped at its head and blood was smearing all over. When Buffy stopped, all that was left of the creature was the body and the head that was practically hanging off its body. Buffy dropped the scythe on the floor and wiped her forehead of the sweat that was trickling down. Angel walked up to Buffy and put a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and gave him a look he knew all so well. He leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. They hadn't gotten the chance to do that since this Dagadon fiasco began again. Giles gave them a moment alone as they needed it. The two let their lips absorb each sweet and love filled moment. When they stopped and turned to see what they were going to need to do about the Atoch.

"What do we do now?" asked Buffy as she thought what they could do with the body. Angel didn't have to think about it. He grabbed some debris and whatever he could and piled it around the creature. He pulled out a lighter and threw it on the pile and let it burn.

"It won't come back. That's kind of the only way to finish it." said Angel as he stood back and watched the fire blaze. It took some time and a load of artillery to take this down, but they weren't done. Four more of those creatures still remained and it would be a battle to fight them. But first things first, they needed to locate the others and prepare them for what was to come.

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