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After two or three days of being out of school and slaying, Buffy finally was back at school. As she walked through the halls of school, she met up with Xander and Willow.

"Hey guys." said Buffy as she walked up to her locker.

"Buffy, your back." said Xander with excitement, maybe too much excitement.

"How you feeling Buffy?" said Willow

"I feel better and I'm ready to get back into action." said Buffy as she unlocked her locker, grabbed what she needed, and closed it.

"Do you think Giles will let you go? I mean you did just get back and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want you to rush into it." said Willow

"Giles has to let me get back. The head thing was just a minor setback, but I'm ok." said Buffy as she began to walk with her friends to class.

"Ok, so how about we Bronze it up tonight. I mean before patrolling." said Xander doing a little dance as they walked.

"Sounds good to me." said Willow. "It'll give me a chance to hear some of the new stuff Oz and his band were working on."

"Yeah sounds good." said Buffy as they walked." I have to meet Giles in 5 minutes to discuss something. I'll meet up with you guys in a while, ok?" she said as she began walking in the direction of the Library.

"Ok, see you later." said Xander and Willow as they all went off into their separate directions. Buffy arrived at the Library and entered. As she walked in, she began to look for Giles.

"Giles" said Buffy calling his name. "Hello, Giles."

Giles poked his head out from behind his office door. "Hello Buffy." said Giles as he walked out with a hand full of books. He walked towards Buffy and stumbled forward. All the books were falling out of his hands, but luckily Buffy caught the books just in time before they could fall on the floor. "Thank you Buffy." said Giles as they began to set the books on the table.

"No problem. So what did you need to discuss with me Giles?" said Buffy as she sat on the table awaiting an answer from her Watcher.

"First welcome back. Second is now that you are back we'll need to begin training again." said Giles as he looked to his slayer and then back down to his books.

"Does this mean I get to train today?" said Buffy

"Yes. I just want you to take it easy. A hit to the head is cause for some caution." said Giles explaining his concern.

"I know Giles, but I feel fine. A normal person would take longer to recover, but I'm the slayer. I heal in tremendously good time." said Buffy as she tried to reassure Giles.

"As long as you're ok. So, will you be patrolling tonight?" said Giles

"Yes, but before that, I'll be meeting the others at the Bronze." said Buffy.

"Ok, but remember you are the slayer and for now, evil doesn't rest. You always have to be prepared." said Giles

"I know Giles. I won't be there that long, just for a little bit, having some fun." said Buffy

"Ok. So meet me here after lunch for regular training." said Giles

"Will do Giles." said Buffy as she walked out of the Library and to her classes.

So far today was the usual, long, boring, and eventless. At lunch the gang sat down and talked about what tonight would hold for them.

"Tonight I want to dance and maybe try to woe Cordelia." said Xander as he smiled at the thought. Upon hearing this, Buffy and Willow gave Xander a look. "What?!" said Xander wondering what the looks were for.

"Well I plan on listening to Oz and maybe do something afterwards." said Willow as she pictured herself and Oz.

"I for one just want to relax and just hang out." said Buffy as she ate her lunch and the others did the same.

"Is Angel going to be there?" said Willow with a smile creeping on her face.

"I called Angel just before French and he said he'd meet there." said Buffy as she smiled about the thought of Angel.

"Ok, do we really need to talk about the two of you?" said Xander always trying to divert the conversation from Buffy to him.

"Shut up Xander and leave them alone. You know all you ever talk about is Cordelia." said Willow causing Xander to stutter.

"I…uh…you see…uh…" said Xander embarrassed as his friend called him out on his actions.

"That's what I thought." said Willow as she went back to eating her chocolate pudding.

"After the Bronze, Angel and I are going patrolling." said Buffy

"So I take it that means Giles said yes." said Willow wondering.

"Giles ok'd it, but he said to take it easy." said Buffy. "Oh! Speaking of Giles, I have to go. Giles and I are training. So I'll see you guys later." said Buffy as she got up and left.

"Do I really talk about Cordelia all the time?" said Xander wanting to know the truth.

"What do you think Xander?" said Willow smiling and rolling her eyes. Xander was oblivious to how much he talked about Cordelia and him. With that, Xander did not even bother to answer that question.

In the Library, Giles was suited up in preparation for training. Buffy walked into the Library changed into her work out gear. "Ready?" said Giles as he held up the hand gloves, ready for Buffy to fight. With a quick nod, Buffy began her attack. She kicked Giles' padded gloves and caused Giles to stumble backwards. Giles got back into position as Buffy continued to assault the padding. She kicked and punched until Giles told her to stop. "Well done Buffy. I guess that injury didn't really affect your fighting skills." said Giles as he took off his gloves and prepared for some weapons training. Giles got two swords and through one to Buffy. She caught the sword and stood in a stance. Without warning, Giles went for the attack, but Buffy was quick and was very aware. She blocked his sword with her own and swept it away. Buffy's sword began to clash with Giles's sword. The metal of the wards clanged as they hit up against each other. As this continued, Buffy corned Giles and went for the final strike. She tapped Giles with her sword thus ending their training. "Well done Buffy. No more training for the day." said Giles as he breathed a sigh of relief as his slayer was done.

"See you later Giles. I'll tell you how patrol went tomorrow." said Buffy grabbing her back pack and heading out the door. School was over and Buffy headed home to change. When she finished, she headed to the Bronze just as the sunset.

Inside the Bronze, Oz's band was playing and Willow sat at the gang's favorite table as she watched her boyfriend. Xander walked up to the table and handed Willow her drink.

"Here's your tea Will." said Xander, but Willow didn't respond. She just continued to watch Oz perform.

"Willow" said Xander in a whispering tone.

"Oh. What?" said Willow as she was broken away from her focus.

"Tea Willow." said Xander as he sat down next to his best friend.

"Thanks. So when do you think Buffy will be here?" said Willow changing the conversation.

"She should or who knows maybe some action is happening between her and Angel." said Xander with a curious look on his face. Just as Xander said that, Buffy walked in.

"Now Xander I believe that is our business. And no we haven't had any action today yet, ok." said Buffy as she sat down at the table next to her friends.

"Hey Buffy. It looks like a cat got Xander's tongue." said Willow cracking a joke as they turned to Xander. The expression on Xander's face was like a loss of words. His mouth was down to the floor.

"Heeyy Buffy, where's Angel?" said Xander with a shaky voice knowing that he shouldn't have been going into personal business.

"Angel will be here soon. So anything happen?" said Buffy

"Oz's band has some good songs and I think they are very good." said Willow as she redirected her attention for a moment to Oz.

"Now Willow, are you sure it's not Oz that you were watching?" said Xander question her.

"Oh be quiet Xander." said Willow not paying attention to Xander's comments.

"At least she is happy Xander. So she can freely check out her boyfriend if she wants." said Buffy defending Willow.

"You mean like you Buffy." said Xander cracking up laughing. Little did Xander know was that Angel was coming up behind him.

"Xander mind your own business." said Angel as he walked around the table and put his arms around Buffy.

"Hi Angel." said Buffy as she looked up to her boyfriend.

"Hi Buffy." said Angel as he looked down to her and they shared a sweet kiss. Xander just rolled his eyes and didn't watch. Seeing this, Willow elbowed Xander and made him quit with the faces.

"I take it Giles is letting you go out tonight." said Angel as he sat down next to Buffy.

"Yeah, but he's still a little cautious." said Buffy. "He said I could patrol tonight, but not to overdo it." said Buffy.

"So you have to patrol tonight? Man that sucks." said Xander as his mood changed.

"Yes, but not yet. I told Giles I wanted to relax before I get to it." said Buffy explaining to Xander.

"So, when will we go patrolling then?" said Willow wondering when they would have to leave the Bronze's electrifying atmosphere.

"Tonight, it's going to just be Angel and I patrolling. I thought you guys could take the night off. Giles even agreed with it. If we need you then we'll contact you, but you guys are free." said Buffy.

"Are you sure about this Buffy?" said Willow a bit concerned.

"Yes I am sure. I'll have Angel with me and he would never let anything happen." said Buffy as she looked to Angel.

"Never." said Angel as he took Buffy's hand and looked into her eyes.

Willow and Xander didn't say anything but exchange a look.

"Ok you guys, let's enjoy the time we have now before we depart. So let's dance." said Buffy as she and Angel got up from their seats and walked onto the dance floor.

"Well there's no time like the present." said Xander "Want to dance Will?"

"No offense Xander, but you aren't the best slow dancer." said Willow " When Oz gets a break, I'm going to spend some time with him."

"Fine then, I'll just go solo tonight, since Cordelia is out of town." said Xander sounding offended.

Everyone danced under the dim lights and enjoyed the time. Soon after a few dances Angel and Buffy had to leave for patrol. They went back to the cemetery and did a scan of the area.

"After patrolling want come back to the mansion and stay awhile." said Angel as they continued walking through the quiet cemetery.

"Yes, I would love that. Tomorrow is the weekend and I really have no plans other than to spend my time with you." said Buffy sweetly to Angel.

Just then, a light came from a small tomb. There was a shadow lurking around and knowing it was a vamp. Angel and Buffy went closer to investigate. As they got closer their suspicions were confirmed, a vamp was raiding the tomb.

"Don't you vamps know to leave the dead alone." said Buffy as the vamp was startled and turned around and gave a growl. The vamp had two matching amulets in his hand and by the looks of it, plans on taking them. Just then, two other vamps came out from behind him and let out a similar growl. Angel turned vampire and let out a fearsome growl. With that, Buffy and Angel began attacking. Angel took on the two vamps, as he punched and kicked them. Buffy took on the other vamp, we call him vampstein considering he looked like Albert Einstein except for the vampire ordeal.

"You look like a smart vampire, now hand the amulets over." said Buffy to Vampstein, but refused the offer. He attempted to kick Buffy, but she blocked his attack and punched him across the face. The vamp flew to the floor and dropped one of the amulets. Just as Buffy was going to finish him off, one of the other vamps came up from behind Buffy and grabbed her and flung her into the wall. With this opportunity, vampstein fled, but didn't bother to see that he had dropped the other amulet. Buffy got up and began attacking. She hit the vamp across the face and kicked. The vamp flew backwards onto the floor, Buffy sprung up and staked the vamp. In an instant he was gone. Buffy turned around and saw Angel had just staked the other.

"You ok?" said Angel as he walked to Buffy.

"Yeah, but the other vamp got away." said Buffy

"By the looks of it he'll be coming back to look for the amulet he forgot." said Angel as he bent down and picked up the amulet from the floor.

"Let's drop this off to Giles and call this night done." said Buffy as they walked out of the tomb and to the library. Knowing, patrolling would be uneventful after this. Buffy and Angel gave Giles the amulet for further examination.

"So there were two of these amulets?" said Giles as he further studied the amulet. It was silver and round. In the center were two lions. One lion had a sword through it and the other holding the sword. At the center was a red ruby gem.

"Yes, but Vampstein was too busy to notice the other one missing." said Buffy.

"Vampstein?" asked Giles with a confused look on his face.

"He looked like a dead version of Einstein." said Buffy explaining the name she gave the little runaway vampire.

"I'll look further into this, is there anything else you can tell me?" said Giles

"I remember that the tomb that was robbed belonged to someone named James Xavier, I think his name was." said Buffy trying to remember anything else.

"James Xavier was a man who was a great believer in the magic arts. He made amulets and such things that could cause things to happen. He created a pair of amulets that could possibly transfer energy or power from one body to another. It could cause vulnerability and you could become more susceptible to injury. " said Giles explaining.

"Why would someone want to do that?" said Buffy.

"You could use it against the person whom it was taken from, but as long as the amulet was worn by both. I'm not sure if this is the set, but I'll do some research on it." said Giles

"Ok, call me tomorrow Giles with anything and I'll be over sometime in the evening." said Buffy as she and Angel left. They arrived at the mansion and went inside. Angel started a fire and Buffy sat down pondering what information Giles had given her. 'If these amulets got into the wrong hands, who knows what would happen.' thought Buffy.

"What are you thinking about?" said Angel as he sat down next to Buffy on the couch. He noticed Buffy was in thought.

"Oh. I was just thinking about what if the amulets got into the wrong hands. I think that there would be hell unleashed." said Buffy as she told Angel.

"Well we know don't know if they are the amulets, but if they are, they are in good hands." said Angel reassuring Buffy, that the amulets would be safe from the vamps who tried to steal them.

"We'll know more tomorrow. But for now I'm going to stop talking about them." said Buffy as she declared she'd stop talking about the amulets.

"Besides everything else, are you hungry?" said Angel.

"Nah, not really. But I am in the mood for kissing my oh so hot vampire boyfriend." said Buffy with a playful smile on her face as she moved closer to Angel.

"Really, because I was thinking the same thing." said Angel as he wrapped his arms around Buffy and they began to kiss. Before they really got into it, they looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you Buffy." said Angel staring into Buffy's eyes.

"I love you Angel." said Buffy as she stared into Angel's eyes and they began to kiss. The kiss became more intense and soon they found each other making their way to Angel's bedroom. They laid down on the bed and continued to kiss. After an intense session of kissing, they laid down next to each other. They didn't make love that night, but they would soon again. Buffy fell asleep in Angel's arms. She dreamt of her and Angel and no more demons to slay. Just her and Angel. That made her quite happy. Angel laid their just listening to the steady breathing of Buffy. Nothing would disturb that moment. Angel kissed Buffy on the forehead, then closed his eyes and fell asleep for a while. He knew sunrise would be soon, but he and Buffy would be here.

Right now they wouldn't worry about the amulets. What is important was each other.

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