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In a dark underground tomb, only lit by a couple of small torches, lived the demon. Dagadon was weak and sat upon the cold ground. He had been trapped down in this disaster of a place. He became weakened and trapped down here since the late 1700s. He had been roaming Italy, when a slayer crossed paths with him. The slayer had weakened him and trapped him in this forsaken place.

Dagadon sat on the floor thinking of how all that had happened, when he suddenly heard a noise. "What do you want?!" yelled Dagadon with anger and frustration.

"It is only me sire." said vampstein as he slowly made his way into the light, as he did not want to upset his master.

"What have you found?" replied Dagadon

"I found the other amulet and I know where the book of Xavier is." said vampstein relaying the information to Dagadon.

This is exactly what Dagadon wanted to hear. "Now this slayer will pay for what the past slayer has done." said Dagadon as he attempted to get up, but failed. He was still very weakened. "The only way that we'll defeat the slayer and regain my power is to drain the slayer." he said

"How do we get the amulet on her though? She's won't fall for our tricks." said vampstein as he became very worried.

"Find a way. Besides, once it's on her, she can't escape it. The only way to take it off is to do the spell from the book." said Dagadon

"What if they find the book before we do?" said vampstein. All he was doing was question his master and Dagadon was like a short fuse.

"Well start looking! The sooner we get this taken care of the sooner I can get back to my revenge." demanded Dagadon "Now GO!".

"Yes sir, right away." said vampstein as he quickly fled the presence of the angry demon.

"Soon slayer, soon." was the last thing Dagadon before falling unconscious.


Buffy arrived at home. It was about 2 a.m. and she wasn't quite tired. Buffy went up to her room and changed into her comfortable clothes. She sat down on her bed, when suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello." said Buffy

"Buffy?" said Giles his voice sounded serious, but you could hear that it was tinted with some panic.

"What's wrong Giles?" said Buffy. She had just seen Giles a while ago, but something was up if he called right after they left.

"Vampstein was here. He must have known that the other amulet was here." said Giles

"Did he get it? Did he say or do anything?" said Buffy growing more and more concerned.

"He didn't get it. He tried to run up to me, but I stopped him with the crucifix. He told me 'Soon Dagadon would rise and the slayer will fall'. He must have come up with a plan already." said Giles

"So, what do we do now?" said Buffy

"We must relocate the amulet and get to the book before they can find them. I fear that they might know where the books' location is." said Giles

"I can head down to the cemetery and get it before dawn." said Buffy.

"Ok, but be safe." said Giles.

"Ok Giles." said Buffy and the line went dead.

Buffy got up from her bed and changed back into another set of clothes. She went down stairs and was about to leave. She called Angel before she left.

"Hello." said Angel

"Angel." said Buffy with a hint of fear in her voice.

"Buffy what's wrong? What happened?" said Angel becoming concerned.

"Can you meet me at the cemetery as soon as you can?" said Buffy

"Yeah. What happened?" said Angel

"Giles had a run in with vampstein. He didn't let him get the amulet, but he thinks that he found out about where the book is." said Buffy

"Ok. I'm on my way." said Angel

"Ok." said Buffy.

After they hung up, Buffy quickly made her way out the door and in the direction of the cemetery. She knew that if this encounter just happened, then there was a small window of time to get to the book. Buffy arrived at the James Xavier's tomb and it seemed to be untouched. Buffy heard something behind her and turned around to find Angel. She was so glad to see him.

"I came as fast as I could." said Angel as they entered the tomb with a flashlight.

"We have to get the book and fast. I think someone is on their way here to get the book." said Buffy as she pointed the light at the burial chamber next to James Xavier's. Buffy kicked the wall, but it didn't even budge. Angel stood by Buffy and they both kicked into the wall. There was now a small gaping hole. As they shined the light, they could see the book, wrapped up in a cloth that looked to be very old. Angel reached in and grabbed the book. He removed the cover and found that the cover matched the description of the amulets.

"This is the book." said Angel as he looked to Buffy. Buffy found herself feeling a bit panic-stricken.

"We got to hide this somewhere." said Buffy as she looked at the book once more.

"I don't think the library is the safest place right now, especially if vampstein knows that the amulet was there." said Angel

"You're right." said Buffy "I think that we need to gather the others and figure out what to do." said Angel

"I'll call Giles and the others. I hope we don't have another run in with our little friend." said Buffy as she pulled out her phone and called the others. Angel and Buffy had the others meet them at Buffy's house. Vampstein hadn't been there and didn't know that Buffy lives there.

"Ok, so what do we got so far?" said Xander as they all sat down in the dining room. Willow sat next to Xander on the right side of the table, Angel and Buffy sat together on the left, and Giles was at the head of the table. At this time they all needed a plan.

"We have a crazed demon that's out to steal Buffy's power." said Giles.

"We need to hide the book and the amulet in a new place. Vampstein has already found out about where they were." said Buffy.

"But where though?" said Xander.

"That's why we're here Xander. What did you think we were doing baking cookies." said Willow frustrated at the obliviousness of Xander.

"Hey, no need to get sarcastic." said Xander trying to defend himself.

"Enough, alright. Now we really need to come up with a plan." said Giles as he had enough of their bickering. Immediately the two went silent.

"There is a place back at the mansion that could keep them hidden." said Angel suggesting his idea. "They don't know where that is, so that would be a plus."

"I think that idea will work. Guys?" said Buffy.

"It would be safe with Angel." said Giles showing his agreement.

"Yeah." said Willow.

"Whatever." said Xander still mad about the previous confrontation.

"We'll need to move them as soon as we can. Since it's almost dawn, we could do this in the evening." said Giles in confirmation. "I guess with that, we all need to rest up and prepare."

Giles, Willow, and Xander got up and left. The meeting was over and Angel and Buffy were the only ones left in the house. Buffy sat down and thought for a moment. Boy was this day long. Angel saw that she was stressed out and took the opportunity to talk to her.

"What's on your mind?" said Angel as he sat next to Buffy. Buffy leaned her head on Angel's shoulder and Angel wrapped his arms around Buffy.

"This day is just getting better and better. Now the crazed demon knows where the stuff is." said Buffy as she felt frustrated at the demon.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be ok. Everything will be hidden at the mansion and we'll defeat Dagadon." said Angel reassuring her.

"I hope so." said Buffy.

"I will not let anything happen to you. You mean so much to me. I love you and nothing will ever change that." said Angel sweetly.

"I love too Angel. You make me feel so much better and safe. You mean so much to me." said Buffy as she rested her head against his chest. Angel rested his head on Buffy's and closed his eyes. He could just sit here forever and not move. All he needed was Buffy and his life was complete.

"Now I need you to get some rest. If we want to kill Dagadon we'll need to be charged up." said Angel looking down at Buffy. He looked into her eyes and couldn't stop.

"Ok. I better let you get some rest too." said Buffy as they both got up. Angel opened the front door, but before leaving he needed to tell Buffy something.

"When this is all over, I have a surprise for you." said Angel with a grin upon his face.

"Do I get a hint?" said Buffy curiously.

"Now it wouldn't be a surprise of I told you." said Angel.

"Ok. Goodnight." said Buffy as she leaned up and kissed Angel.

"Goodnight Buffy." said Angel as they shared one more kiss. Angel left home and Buffy headed upstairs to her room. As she laid down, she looked at the claddagh ring Angel had given her. He loves her so much and knew that. She loves him with all her heart and knew that Angel would always be there, no matter what. "I love you Angel." Buffy whispered and kissed the ring. She drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Buffy woke up and felt rested. Her mother would be returning today from San Diego. The phone rang and Buffy wondered who it could be calling.

"Hello." said Buffy

"Buffy it's me." said the other person on the phone.

"Mom. Aren't you suppose to be coming back today?" said Buffy

"Apparently not. There is a bad storm that is about to hit and all flights have been cancelled." said Joyce.

"Did they say how long they would be grounded for?" said Buffy

"They said it could be anywhere from 3 to 5 days till everything gets back into motion." said Joyce.

"That sucks." said Buffy.

"I know, but I'll be home when this clears up. How's everything going?" said Joyce changing the subject.

"No, just the usual." said Buffy.

"Ok. Well, be safe and I'll call you soon." said Joyce.

"Ok mom. Bye." said Buffy as her mom hung up.

Buffy didn't want to tell her mom about the demon activity going on. The last thing she wanted to do was worry her mom. It's better that her mother stays out of town a little longer so she could stay away from the cross-fire. Buffy got up and prepared for the day. She took a shower, got dress, and headed down stairs. It would be a while till they had to meet with Giles and retrieve the amulet and book. Buffy decided to go outside for a little walk. As she walked around the neighborhood, she noticed all the people out. Kids playing with their friends, adults just enjoying the day, and heck even dogs were enjoying the sunny weather. They all didn't know what was going on, they didn't know of the growing danger that was here. They all were carefree and happy, and Buffy wanted to keep it that way. Buffy went back home and just practiced on her slaying skills for a little while. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Sunset came around and Buffy went to the library to meet Giles. As she got there, it was empty. She was there early just in case any unexpected visitors dropped by. She sat in Giles' office to keep close to the amulet and book. She sat there and just thought, until she was pulled away from her thoughts by a thump. She got up and stuck her head out from behind the door. Nothing was there, but she did hear a noise. She walked up to some of the bookshelves in the back of the library. Nothing yet, until she had seen a book lying on the floor. It must of fallen off of the shelf, but how? Buffy didn't think twice about it, instead she just picked up the book and put it back.

"I wonder what could have done that." said Buffy thinking to herself. She walked to the front of the shelves and towards the steps, when suddenly something struck her. Buffy fell to the ground, unconscious. Standing behind her, with a large book in his hands, was vampstein. He had struck Buffy in the back of the head. He set the book down and ran to Giles's office to get the precious items. He broke into Giles' desk and took the amulet and Xavier's book. He gave a wicked grin and headed back out to where Buffy laid unconscious. He knelt down next to Buffy and slipped the amulet around her neck. He then opened up the book turned to "l'incantesimo di collocamento" which meant 'The placement spell' and read:

"Posizionare questo amulet su questo host. Per che non deve essere rimosso fino a quando letto l'incantesimo di rimozione." Which translated from Italian to:

'Place this amulet on this host. To that shall not be removed until read the spell of removal.' On the amulet, the lions' eyes lit up a bright yellow and then faded. With that vampstein fled back to Dagadon. He knew that he would be pleased to hear of the news. He knew that Dagadon wouldn't have the transfer spell performed right away, he wanted vampstein to do just the placement spell. He wanted to send that as a message that soon the spell would be done.

Buffy was still unconscious in the library. Somebody would finder her there soon and find out what happened to her. Till then, Buffy was helpless.

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