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The gang hadn't gotten back yet, but nothing had happened. Buffy still remained sleeping, but she was getting even worse. Her skin was getting pale, her fever had spiked, and she was weakened so dramatically. Angel got up and went to the sink to wet a cloth. The cold water would help somewhat, but it wouldn't be enough. Angel walked back to Buffy's side and gently placed the cloth on her forehead. Buffy willed her eyelids to open as much as possible. All she could do was squint. Her body was hurting her more than ever and she could tell by the look on Angel's face that she was getting worse.

"How bad is it?" said Buffy. Although she couldn't show her fear, she felt it and it was building up.

"You got a bit more worse." said Angel. He helped Buffy's hand and gently stroked the palm of her hand with his thumb. "They should be back soon." Angel knew what Buffy was thinking. The others were on their way back, after the uneventful meet up with Dagadon. Buffy laid there and gently nodded her head, with what little strength she had. "I'll be right back, I'm going to check the library to see if they're back, ok." said Angel and with another weak nod Angel went off to the library. He walked through the doors and still it remained empty. Angel walked up to the table and just saw all the books they were going through. Angel knew that everyone was doing their best, but it had to be better. Angel wasn't going to lose Buffy, he would die for her if he had to. Angel and Buffy would spend eternity with each other. Angel's thoughts were interrupted when the library door opened up. The gang came in and they looked beat up.

"Did you get it?" said Angel. He walked up to the group and they shook their heads.

"They escaped and said they would arrive to see Buffy fall soon." said Willow in a saddened tone.

"How is Buffy?" said Giles to Angel. Angel looked down and didn't want to say.

"She's gotten worse and she has little strength." said Angel as he waved for the others to follow him. They went out into the hall and into the nurse's office where Buffy was sleeping. Everyone gathered around the weakened slayer. At the sight of seeing her best friend laying there, Willow began to cry. Xander held Willow close and comforted her as best he could.

"By gosh. She is worsening, soon she'll be worse and then…" said Giles, but he couldn't finish his sentence. "We need to figure this out once in for all. They are giving us the slip around and it is intended to stop." Giles was very serious.

"There is nothing left." said Xander. "Buffy's going to die, which means we need to prepare to fight on our own."

"What the hell is wrong with you." said Angel angered at the remark Xander spewed out of his mouth.

"It's true." said Xander as he didn't want to say it, but it's what he was feeling.

"She has fought through so much and now everyone is giving up on her." add Angel. "Well, I won't." He looked down and saw that Buffy still remained asleep.

"We're not all like you Xander, we don't give up so easily." said Willow backing Angel up. She thought Xander would be different, but apparently he was showing his true colors.

"I'm just telling you." said Xander with a smart ass comment. He leaned against the wall and hung his head.

"Damn it Xander enough." said Giles enraged by it as well. "Buffy wouldn't give up so we don't give up on her. Now, either you stay positive or other repercussions will be enforced." By repercussions, Giles meant that Angel would kick his ass for his attitude.

Knowing Xander, he didn't want to get his ass kicked, especially by Angel. Xander pondered his thoughts for the moment. He didn't mean to be negative, but he felt just like the other which was fearful. "Hey, I'm sorry." said Xander sympathetically. "I don't want to give up, it's just that I'm afraid ok." He looked around to all the people in the room. They had an expression of understanding.

"Xander, we all are afraid, but we're not giving up." said Willow and she walked up to Xander and gave him a hug. Xander knew that she had forgiven him for his outburst.

"Angel I know Buffy means the world to you. No hard feelings." said Xander hoping that he wouldn't hold that outburst against him.

"No hard feelings." said Angel as he shook Xander's hand. Angel turned back to Buffy and just stared at her for a moment. Angel then turned back to the others and he led them out to the library. Angel knew Buffy would be ok for a few minutes, plus the library was just across from the nurse's office. As they entered the library, they began speaking of plans.

"I know where we can find vampstein, but Buffy definitely won't be left alone." said Willow. Earlier after the meet up, Willow had a vision of vampstein. He was alone and she recognized the place he was at. Dagadon wasn't near him, but he wouldn't be alone. The place he was held up in was the Bronze. The Bronze had been closed for maintenance, so no one would be there.

"Ok, so where is he Will?" said Xander.

"He's at the Bronze and alone." said Willow as she continued explaining. "Dagadon won't be with him, but now is our only chance." said Willow.

"Do you have a clue to the time he will be there?" said Giles.

"From what I could see, the clock read 8:23 pm but he could arrive sooner for all we know." said Willow.

"It's 7:15 pm right now, which gives us about an hour. We need to get there and surprise him when he walks in." said Giles as the pieces of the plan fell together.

"Ok, I am staying with Buffy. If Dagadon is coming, she can't be left defenseless." said Angel. "I'm the best shot at slowing him down if not stopping him."

"Ok, let's put the plan into action." said Xander as he rubbed his hands together.

"Alright." said Giles as he and the gang walked out the door and into the night. Angel grabbed some weapons and headed back to Buffy. He got into the office and she still remained asleep which was good, because he needed her to rest. Angel carefully and quietly set down the weapons on one of the spare beds. He was ready for Dagadon and it would be a fight that Dagadon wished he never should have started.

The gang ran up to the Bronze. Giles looked to his watch and saw that it was 7:32, that was good timing and he knew that they needed to set up fast. They opened the front door to the Bronze and it was empty, as it should be right now. They walked up to the dance floor and set down the equipment. "Ok, Willow I need you to be up high on the second level. We need aerial coverage." said Giles and Willow nodded. She grabbed what she needed and went to her post. She didn't have a lot of items on her, but all the big stuff was in her magic.

"Xander I need you near the back entrance, in case our friend decides to creep up on us." said Giles and Xander nodded and took off to the back. Xander found a few boxes and amps that would provide him with some cover. Giles set up his position behind the stage and was ready for this fight. The gang luckily was able to keep in communication with each other by walky talkies. 8 o'clock rolled around and a sound was heard from the front entrance. Willow looked down and saw vampstein entering the building. Her instincts were right on the money.

"Giles come in Giles." whispered Willow as she didn't want to give away her position.

"Yes, Willow?" whispered Giles.

"He's here and no one came with him. He's walking to the dance floor." said Willow as she watched as vampstein made his way to the dance floor. He set the book down on a nearby table and just sat on the floor in what looked like meditation.

"Ok let's go." said Giles and the others heard and knew what the order meant. Giles crept out from behind stage, but remained in the shadows. He held up a cross bow ready to fire at any moment. Xander came out from the back and stood near the dim lit bar. Willow slowly made her way down to the landing area on the stairs. Vampstein wasn't aware of what was going on and continued to sit. Giles could see all of the gang's positions and then gave a signal to move in. Vampstein heard the shuffling of feet and turned around to see Xander standing in front of him with a stake in his hand. Vampstein panicked and tried to run the other way but was met by Willow with a stake in her hand too. Then vampstein backed up and was met by Giles holding the crossbow. Vampstein knew that this would be it for him, but he wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"Well, well leaving so soon friend." said Xander in a sarcastic manner.

"Who said anything about leaving." said Vampstein and he kicked Xander in the leg. Xander stumbled and was holding his leg. Vampstein started to run, but Willow quickly chanted a spell and vampstein was sent flying back against the stage floor. Giles ran up to the vamp and fired a shot, but vampstein was just quick enough to miss. He rolled off stage and ran straight or Willow. He knocked her over and was about to kick her when Xander punched vampstein square across the face. He stumbled backwards by proceeded to fight. Giles crept up behind vampstein and struck him on the head. He fell to the floor, Willow and Xander quickly pinned him down. Giles walked up to the struggling vamp and asked one thing before dusting him.

"Where is he?" said Giles as he pointed the crossbow at the vamp.

"He'll be on his way there, but you can't stop him." said vampstein as he tried to slip the grips o Xander and Willow but was failing.

"I don't think so." said Giles and with the squeeze of the trigger he shot the vamp in the chest and he was gone.

"Well now we don't have to deal with him again." said Xander to the job well done. Willow turned and saw the book lying on the table. She walked over to it and picked it up.

"We got to get this back to cure Buffy." said Willow and the others nodded in agreement. They began to walk to the door when suddenly they were stopped by a force field of some kind. They tried to walk up to the door again, but failed again.

"Dagadon must have known that we were coming and set a field here. He must not want us near the school." said Giles as he mentally kicked himself. He should have known that capturing vampstein shouldn't have been that easy.

"Well from what I know, the force field will dissipate when Dagadon is dealt with." said Willow.

"I hope that is soon." said Giles.

"Right now, we need to search for the reversal spell and then the removal spell. We have the book so that's a score." said Willow trying to be optimistic.

"That's right so let's start then shall we." said Giles as they sat down at the gang's favorite table and opened the book.

"Lucky for you guys I know Italian." said Willow. Right now they focused on the tasks at hand, finding the spells and performing them.

Back at the school, Angel remained in the nurse's office. He had turned off the lights and had a small candle lit on the table. He didn't want to give away his position and Buffy's. Now light escaped the window on the door, but light could certainly be seen on the other side. Angel sat next Buffy and thought of the good things. He thought of how Buffy would be ok and the surprise he had for her. All of that kept him calmed. Angel looked down to Buffy and just stared. He would make Dagadon pay and that would be soon.

Outside of the school, a shadow walked onto the campus. It was Dagadon. He stopped for a moment and thought to himself 'Today is the day the slayer will be gone.' A creepy and evil smiled plagued his face as he walked up the steps and entered the school. Dagadon let the door slam behind him, he wanted to make it known that he was present.

Angel heard the door slam and knew that someone was lurking. He looked out the window and saw a large figure walking the hallway. Angel knew it was Dagadon, but had to find a way to lure him away from Buffy. Angel looked back to Buffy and kissed her lips before leaving. "I love you Buffy." Angel whispered into her ear and he quietly walked up to the door. He cracked the door slightly and could see that Dagadon had went down another hall. Angel quietly closed the door behind him and walked up to the library doors. Angel knew he would have to make some noise to get the demon's attention. Angel began to bang on lockers and yell. Dagadon heard this and rushed to the origin of the noise. Angel saw the shadow and made his way to the library, but also wanted to make sure that Dagadon would follow. Dagadon turned the corner and saw a figure enter the library, he made his way into the library. Angel stood near the table with his back turned to Dagadon. Angel had his vampire face on which meant business. Dagadon entered and just stood for a moment.

"So you're the one making all the noise." said Dagadon.

Angel laughed to himself hearing his remark. "So you're the one who is trying to drain the slayer." said Angel as he turned around to face Dagadon.

"Well if it isn't Angelus." said Dagadon as he smiled evilly.

"It's Angel." said Angel and he growled. Dagadon yelled and the two ran at each other and began the fight. Angel kicked Dagadon and punched him. Dagadon was getting fed up, so he sent a blast at Angel. The blast hit the ground and caused Angel to fall, but Angel quickly got back up. Angel jumped and slammed down on Dagadon's face. Dagadon yelled and put his hand to his face. Angel took this opportunity to kick Dagadon in the gut. Dagadon stumbled back and landed in the hall. Angel came out and Dagadon jumped at Angel, but Angel was quick to dodge the attack. Angel kicked him in the back of the head and sent him flying to the ground.


With the gang. Willow flipped through the book as fast as she could. She had to read each spell carefully as she didn't want to mess up.

"Can you go any fast Will?" said Xander being impatient.

"I'm going as fast as I can and I really don't want to screw up." said Willow beginning to get mad at Xander. She flipped through the book and knew she was coming close. She could feel it.


Angel walked up to Dagadon, but was kicked and landed backwards. Dagadon sprung up and grabbed Angel by the collar. Angel was struggling to get the grip to loosen, but knew that this wouldn't stop him. Angel kicked Dagadon which caused him to release one of his hands. Angel then punched Dagadon which he was then dropped to the floor. Angel got up and went full force at him. Dagadon wasn't giving in that easily. Dagadon could sense the slayer was nearby and found it in the direction of the nurse's office. Angel saw the look on the demon's ace and quickly attacked. Angel picked up Dagadon and flung him in the opposite direction into a set of lockers. Dagadon had a very angered look on his face as he charged at Angel. Angel took the hit and was sent flying backwards. He fell back and was temporarily unable to get up. Dagadon made his way to the door, but was stopped by Angel sweep kicking him. Dagadon fell to the ground flat on his face. "You'll never stop me." said Dagadon.

"We'll see about that." said Angel as he kicked him in the face.


"Found it!" cried Willow with joy. The others looked to Willow and they lit up with hope.

"Good job." said Xander.

"Ok, how do you perform it?" said Giles. Time was running out and they needed to get this done as quickly as possible.

"I just need to read it and then I'll perform it." said Willow as she read the spell in her thoughts. It sounded about right. This was the spell that would do it.


Dagadon recovered quickly from the kick and punched Angel across the face. Angel was knocked down for a moment. Dagadon got up and opened the door. He saw the slayer lying on the bed in bad condition. "Now you'll pay for your past slayer." said Dagadon grinning an evil smile. Buffy heard the racket going on outside and now she could barely open her eyes. She could make out that Dagadon was there.


"Here it goes." said Willow as she began to chant. "Invertire il transferimento, lascia l'host recuperare e diventare ancora una volta. Lasciate che il beneficiario di ritorno allo stato indebolito a cui era prima." Which translates to "Reverse the transfer, let the host regain and become back once again. Let the taker return to the weakened state to which he was before."


Just as Dagadon was about to attack, something happened. He was stuck in his place and moments later a ball of light came out from Dagadon and was floating in the air. Buffy could see the ball of light and smiled. The light went into Buffy and the amulet lit up blue. The spell had been broken and Buffy was getting all her power back. She didn't feel weak or sick anymore, she felt like herself. Buffy sprang up out of the bed and stood in her stance. "You must be the one who wanted to kill me." said Buffy as she stared down Dagadon.

"It can't be possible. Only someone who can do spells could have cast that." said Dagadon becoming ever so enraged.

"It is possible and now I'm going to kick your ass." said Buffy as she punched Dagadon a multiple times in the face and the kicked him. He landed outside in the hall. Dagadon must have had some of his own strength left, because he got up and slammed into Buffy. Buffy lay on the floor for a moment and was about to be struck by Dagadon when suddenly Angel ran and knocked him to the floor. Angel turned around to see Buffy. Angel smiled a big smile and ran up to Buffy and hugged her and Buffy held onto Angel.

"You're ok." said Angel with happiness.

"I am now." said Buffy as they continued to hug and then were interrupted by Dagadon getting up. Angel and Buffy jumped out of the way as Dagadon charged at them. Angel turned around and saw two of the swords lying on the floor. Angel quickly picked up the swords and thre one to Buffy.

"Ready?" said Angel as he turned to Buffy.

"Ready." said Buffy as they both had their swords and charged at Dagadon. Dagadon managed to land a couple of hits, but then was met with a sword. Angel slashed Dagadon across the chest and Buffy cut off his head. The body of Dagadon was on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood. Angel and Buffy dropped their swords on the floor and just looked down to the demon.

"Good bye creepy." said Buffy in a better mood to the once mean demon.

"You'll never have to see him again." said Angel as he turned to Buffy and wrapped his arms around her. Buffy leaned into Angel's embrace and felt comfortable. "I love you so much Buffy." said Angel as he looked down to Buffy. Buffy smiled "I love you so much Angel." said Buffy and they leaned in to kiss. Kissing each other felt so good. They were both glad that this mess was over.


After Willow was the spell, she felt the sense of the force field disappear. "He's gone." said Willow with excitement. "Which means… Angel and Buffy defeated him." Willow was getting happier by the second.

"That's fantastic." said Giles as he felt a tremendous pressure lift from his shoulders.

"Great, so now can we come home." said Xander eager to leave.

"Yes, but let me do the removal spell first." said Willow as she spoke. "Toglierel'amuletodall'host." said Willow which meant "Remove the amulet from the host."

"Ok, now can we go." said Xander.

"Yes." said Willow with joy written all over her face. The gang left and were happy.

Angel and Buffy prepared to leave, but needed to make a call first.

"Hello." said Giles on Willow's phone.

"Giles, it's Angel." said Angel as he had his arm wrapped around Buffy. Buffy smiled at Angel while he talked.

"Angel, is she ok?" said Giles.

"Yes and I think you should ask her yourself." said Angel with a smile as he handed Buffy the phone.

"Hi Giles." said Buffy in a happy voice.

"Buffy are you ok?" said Giles.

"Yes and he's gone. I'm back to being me." said Buffy as she looked up to Angel and he kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm so happy. Go home, we'll see you soon." said Giles.

"Ok, tell the others the same." said Buffy.

"Ok, goodbye." said Giles. The call ended.

Buffy handed Angel his phone and they walked out of the school in each other's arms. "Let's get you home." said Angel with a sweet grin on his face.

"Ok, but... I don't think I can walk all the way there." said Buffy teasingly.

"Well, we'll have to do something about that won't we." said Angel as he scooped Buffy up. Buffy giggled and couldn't help but stare into Angel's eyes.

"You're my prince." said Buffy into Angel's ear. She had her arms around his neck and snuggled her head closer.

"You are my princess Buffy." said Angel as he smiled down to Buffy. In the next moment, they were off on their way home.

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