Hey, everyone. I know it's been a while… I am sorry for that. I'm just can't continue writing right now. The story will be on hiatus, and I will try my best to continue it. I'll probably start writing when summer comes. School is stressful. Plus, I'm not in the mood for anything… I've lost interest for a lot of my favorite television shows, school, writing, acting, singing, and I'm even losing interest in hanging with friends, reading, and eating… Those were things I would always do. I don't know about anything anymore. I'm just so confused.

But this little announcement was just for those who were wondering about this story. As I said previously, I will try to continue it. I have an idea for another story, but I'll probably write it over the summer.

I am terribly and truly sorry for making you guys wait so long and then making you wait even longer.

- Bailee